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Featured Assetto Corsa Porsche Pictures - Latest Batch Released

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Paul Jeffrey, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Assetto Corsa Porsche DLC 2.jpg
    Kunos Simulazioni have already revealed the simulation will be adding the first of three Porsche DLC packages on October 25th, and now the studio have released some further images showing off three of the cars on-track within the game.

    Following the massive announcement that Kunos secured the rights to recreate the legendary Porsche brand for Assetto Corsa, the Italian studio have gone on to confirm 24 new cars will be added to the simulation, 21 of which will be chargeable as part of three DLC packages beginning October 25th. Volume One DLC will add the 911 Carrera S, 935 Moby Dick, 918 Spyder, Cayman GT4 Clubsport, 718 Cayman S, 917/30 and 1974 911 Carrera RSR 3.0 and retail for 6.99 Eur across all three platforms.

    Assetto Corsa Porsche DLC 1.jpg

    To lighten the financial load on players looking to purchase all three DLC's, Kunos have confirmed a Season Pass DLC package, allowing players to pick up all three Porsche volumes for 15 eur, a saving of 28% on the separate purchase price.

    Assetto Corsa Porsche DLC 3.jpg

    In other Assetto Corsa news, it is expected that the new update will also add the first free Porsche vehicle, the Porsche Panamera G2. Also coming as part of the latest update will be a 1960's version of the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit, known at the time for its fast sweeping curves and challenging layout, a firm favourite amongst drivers of that era.

    The Assetto Corsa sub forum here at RaceDepartment is the place to go for all the latest news and discussions regarding the sim. We have a substantial mod archive, community created setups and some pretty epic club and league racing events.

    Well we know its coming on October 25th, and we now know what cars will be included. Are you looking forward to the first Porsche DLC package for Assetto Corsa? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Absolutely!
    My first job out of school was as a VW/Audi/Porsche Technician.
    I fixed and drove the brand for years, so this car I anticipate more than any other in AC.
    Let's hope it is accurate and gives me even a bit of the feeling I got years ago, the first time I drove a 930 at speed.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2016
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  3. If we only had Sonoma to top the festivities :-D
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  4. Leynad777


    Was really hot to get this DLC and hoped for this week, but AMS is so much fun to drive and every time i switch to AC, i really miss something there. Still great, but i would prefer the AMS physics-FFB-translation, rubber marbles and day & night:whistling:
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  5. Was really looking forward for this DLC but on October 25th the Farming Simulator 17 gets unleashed too.
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  6. Bert Austen

    Bert Austen
    Pedal tho the metal Men Premium

    Cool the legendary Moby Dick Porsche....looking forward to the nice cars to come,, we AC owners are Lucky with the updates....... Dirt Rally & Project Cars....a shame the do no more updates :(
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  7. group 5 woot woot!
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  8. I can't wait any longer . I have been one of the few who purchased the game still under developing , I allways believed in this game and they never let me down . at the beginning I was playing with my laptop and AC is the reason why i made a new PC all by myself . Now I am happy with my hardware and entusiastic abt the game , i saw it growing like a baby , from the first days to the masterpiece it has become today . I've had many racing game before but this one is a step ahead of everyone else , I am proud of Kunos and proud of my foresight and proud of my little laptop who made me felt in love with this game , I don't care what the people says : free content , rain , dlc costs .... I really don't care , this is internet , where people likes to troll and show the worst of themselves . I can only say "thank you guys and never stop updating your work because you made something special "
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  9. I wonder if they will be able to simulate the four wheel steering from the 918 and newer 911s.
  10. Emerson Meyer

    Emerson Meyer
    Keep Fighting Premium

  11. It's already supported.
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  12. Care to elaborate?
  13. aphidgod

    'bout to cut some sh-- up with my crab hand. Premium

    It was introduced along with the Japanese pack, it's used in the R34 and I believe the RX7.
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  14. Cool, I know both had it as an option, didn't know they had it in the game.
  15. Having a hard time deciding between buying the Porsche DLC or Goat Simulator.... :p:D
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  16. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing Premium


    If the game is good enough to make two guys build a PC because of it. They've definitely done something special.
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  17. Three, mine is a POS but still, built for AC :D
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  18. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend

    I had already built my system for rFactor 2 but I have recently upgraded the case and GTX 1070 to play this with more cars and better frames at max settings. So technically another build.
    Looking forward to all the Porsche DLC and will be getting the season pass cause it's an absolute steal at the price their asking for.

    I too bought this title on early access as soon as it was on Steam. AMS is taking up more of my time lately but I always stick this on for some challenges or few online races during the week.
    Top title being made better all the time. BIG thank you to Kunos for giving us this top sim and for the constant work behind the scenes making it even more awesome.
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  19. Sunny Sky Speed

    Sunny Sky Speed
    You will never see me again, it's final now. Bye Premium

    Same here, early access buyer 2014. It has been a love-hate relationship, but that was due to my mindset and mentality, expecting the game too much being like Gran Turismo (what can I say, I have played that since I was a baby). Now it's just part of my life, like my dog.....love to have it around and sometimes play with it....just me and my dog, just me and my AC....love it. I think it has become personal for the true fans and we are being spoilt now honestly.
    Keep it going Kunos.
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  20. Celestiale


    370Z has it as well. Also in the game
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