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Assetto Corsa on Steam Greenlight - vote for it!

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by betterstranger, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. As everybody knows you can support Asetto Corsa on Steam Greenlight and make it possible for AC to be released on Steam. This should help Kunos Simulazioni further development of the title.


    But the main reason of posting this thread is the fact, that I wanted to share with you some interesting infos from SG forum:

    How did they get liscensing rights for the cars? I mean, how could an indie, steam greenlight title, get liscensing for top notch sports cars? Something doesn't seem right, as cool as it looks.

    Kunos Simulazioni
    @[DDPH]chunkapie We got the licenses working very hard with great passion. I can assure you the car manufacturers at first didn't even wanted to talk with us, but we insisted and slowly, showing them demo after demo of the game they all started to be interested. We get all our money from old projects, invested on official content. We don't try to be rich, we just love this work and we just want to keep doing what we do. The only way to achieve this is by creating a quality project that people love and buy. No other way around it.

    how good will the career be? .. I usually prefer playing alone, then MP .. and I don't want just collect cars

    Kunos Simulazioni
    There is no career planed for now. All cars will be unlocked from start. You will be able to do championships offline and race weekends, but there is no career. Maybe we will add career scenarios later if everything goes according to plan.

    Zedux 22
    how many votes do we have right now Kunos Simulazioni? and how many do we need? I vote yes because it's worth it!

    Kunos Simulazioni
    We don't have the slightest idea how many votes are needed. Steam doesn't pubblish specific information about this. We just go on and on, hoping to do lot's of noise so that Steam decides AC is worth it.
    You support is much appreciated guys.

    Taisent [FR]
    French and Linux version ?

    Kunos Simulazioni
    Sorry no linux version of the game is planed.
    French version of the game will be available with v1.0 Also the whole UI is easy to translate by anybody, so virtually all languages could be available in Assetto Corsa with the help of the community.

    sara_bear 24
    Wondering if this is get the whole game when you buy or a pay for the cars you want game?

    Kunos Simulazioni
    @sara_bear Yes this game will have a fixed price and gets you all the cars we have announced for the first version. More additional content will follow, some free, some at a price.

    If you find any new infos from Kunos, please post them!
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  2. Allready voted and hope they make it through the selection.
    Good luck Kunos!
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  3. Pisses me off
  4. I've got no words for this. Blind iracing zombie-idiots, that's very very sad indeed.
  5. There´s a lot of morons on the iracing forum.
    In fact "a lot" is an understatement, never seen anything like it on other forums.
  6. I have to disagree with you, Hampus. The iRacing community is one of the best in sim racing. Sure every community has a cult of die hard fans/nutters, but that's to be expected.
  7. I would instead of classifying them as die hard fans/nutters to dumb illiterate rednecks.


    Those type of guys.

    Obviously not saying everyone is, i agree there´s great information and great people but the ratio of morons/sane fully functioning people is far smaller then at other forums.
    Like this one for example.

    And also to clarify, not speaking about strictly Americans, i mean rednecks in a more of a personality way.
    Basically monkeys with a language and the IQ of a plant.
  8. Even though I am only a precious few working brain cells away from being a dumb illiterate redneck myself, I must agree with Hampus......Saying that a majority of the forum posters over there have the IQ of a plant is doing a disservice to plants.

    The only reason iracing decided to join Steam Greenlight is to counter the publicity gained by AC....There is no other reason for them to even be there and there is not even one response by a Dev Team member in 16 pages of discussion.

    On a very off topic side note, Muddin' in an old truck is an absolute blast!!!!!
  9. Personaly i have no interest in a subscription based game, so i voted no to iRacing myself.
  10. Well, if you go to iRacing's GL you can see that they're taking pretty hard hit from users on forum. I'd say that gives somehow satisfaction after this AC downvoting by their fanboys and as they decided to use Kunos' popularity to get new $/members/fame but all in all that's a pretty bad for everyone - simracing&community, iRacing and especially for Kunos&AC. It's a lose-lose situation for everyone and that's the most sad thing about it.

    If iRacing would put statements like Kunos (who asked for support for both AC&iR) on Twitter and on their forums it would surely be massive lift for everyone.
    But sadly it looks like that is not a case for them.
  11. I thought nobody could see the votes? Anyway there is still the question on how many that is, for example if they had one no vote and now it is two then well whatever but if it was 500 and now 1000 than that is pretty disappointing...

    And why should I vote no for any indie game? If I am not interested I simply don't vote at all? I see no reason to the no vote on Greenlight at all... I really hope AC makes it so Steam, that will be huge, fingers crossed... And by the way there is a LOT more activity on the AC steampage, the iRacing one is pretty much dead :p

    Yeah quite a different approach ehh... And to be honest the iRacing system is simply not for Steam it doesn't make any sense at all.......
  12. With or without steam AC is poised to blow iRacing out of the stadium, it smells of iFear :).
  13. Done and done.
  14. The part that annoys me is, if any of you guys follow the Kunos guys on Twitter you will see that they are supportive of other dev teams, both Tim ( ISI ) and Aris were talking, Tim congratulating Kunos on the release of the TD. These guys are setting an example.

    Aris even tweeted for guys to support iRacings Steam Greenlight campaign. It's a shame right now that the sim community is so twisted and see everything other than they like as a threat.

    I have alot of rF2 subs on my channel and every AC video i upload within say 2 mins it has 4 or 5 dislikes instantly. I have noticed alot of AC videos getting alot of dislikes on Youtube. It's a shame the community are not quite as grown up as the devs.

    The tweet from Aris is really dissapointing i think and i hope it doesn't ruin the chances of Steam.
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  15. Except the people who submitted the game?
  16. Marian Zelenka

    Marian Zelenka
    The downforce is strong with this one. Premium

    I don't get it, what's the point of bringing iRacing on Steam? Who would care? Providing the subscription system stays the way it is. I thought Greenlight is to help small developers. :(

    "Would you buy this game if it were available in Steam?"

    I don't understand how that could be possible. You can't buy it, just subscribe to it.

    I voted fo AC, but personaly I'd like to have it outside Steam.
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  17. Don't think it will be tied to Steam, a la Race; it's simply another sales platform for it to be on, no downsides for anyone.

    I'd prefer to have it on Steam, so I hope they make it :)
  18. Craig Booth

    Craig Booth

    1. To take someone limelight off AC.

    2. It's free advertising for 100 bucks or so on GL. I mean its even called iRacing.com, instead of iRacing.
  19. [​IMG]

    You know who this guy is? here the answer: http://members.iracing.com/jforum/user/profile/10034.page

    That was posted before iR went on Steam. On Aris' twitter page there are other post from Kevin, and he also wrote this http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/129485071/846945955397797000/ (Elod's post) yesterday.

    IMO simracing community loves to fight itself, when you read comments like this, you understand this is a useless battle...:

    -GreenLight should be for upcoming indie games. Not games that have been out 5 years and is only here to advertise their website. iRacing.com, I thought it was called iRacing!
    -An absolute NO until they drop the subscription system. Cool game otherwise
    -Absolute garbage sim. Shitty tyre model

    ...people just can't understand, they love to fight eachother. On DI.net there are people who say iR has done a declaration of war to AC, and moderators do nothing. So sad.
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