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Featured Assetto Corsa: new Mercedes-AMG GT3 license announced

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Alex Franchini, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. maxresdefault.jpg
    Kunos Simulazioni has announced the license for the new Mercedes-AMG GT3 car.

    The brief press release explains that Mercedes has been running testing sessions for its new GT3 car at the Vallelunga circuit.
    The Italian dev team made use of these tests to closely inspect the car and gather data.
    By the end of 2015 both real racing teams and us simracers will receive the racing car: we'll have to make do with a virtual version of it inside Assetto Corsa, but I suppose it's better than nothing.

    You can watch a video of the Vallelunga testing sessions below, and take a gander at the new, rather imposing Mercedes. Personally, I like it - it's more rounded than its current counterpart, and it looks, to me at least, more elegant and nimble.

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  2. Fantastic.... But can we please have the road-going version as well? I think I'm more interested in that.
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  3. i bet so, thats been the trend anyway
  4. Cool, looks better than the SLS.
    How about a 650S GT3 Kunos?
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  5. Mercedes, Audi, and BMW are kicking Porsche's Butt!
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  6. And Marco does not tease...

    This car is the best looking GT3 to date. I have always been a BMW fan, but this thing is just so angry! The road car actually looks less appealing than the GT3 variant to my eye. I think Kunos is doing something really cool to get these new licenses so close to the release of the actual car.

    So many are now complaining about "too many GT3s..." Oh please just go to hell. Anyone who says the difference between the GT3 cars is not apparent doesn't know any thing about driving. Each car is incredibly distinctive from the other, especially in the better games like iRacing, Assett0 Corsa, GSC, etc. who utilize state of the art physics modelling. Actually, when you think about it, we don't have much GT3 at all compared to some games. To date, we can drive:

    BMW M3 GT(2)
    Glickenhaus P4/5
    Ferrari 458 GT2
    Corvette C7.R GTLM
    BMW Z4 GT3
    McLaren 12C GT3
    Mercedes SLS GT3
    Nissan GT-R GT3
    Lotus Evora GT4

    That's it! Rather small number, if you don't include the URD mod. Quite frankly, I wouldn't mind seeing double that number since the league races are going to consist of mostly GT performance and formula car races in the first place.

    This new license proves that Mercedes is impressed with the accuracy of their SLS GT3 in Assetto Corsa. It handles just like the real thing. I'd like to see Marco get licenses for the Bentley GT3 and Continental road car, new BMW M6 GT3 and M6 road car, and bring Audi onboard. We've got Merc and BMW...let's make it a German trifecta!
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  7. eSEA One

    eSEA One
    eSEA One

    You want the street version! Up close and personal
    Mercedes-AMG GT.jpg
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  8. Now we need the 650s GT3, the new R8 GT3 (and the current one), the new M6 GT3, some American GT3's.

    The Mclaren P1 GTR and the LaFerrari FXXK are a must as well.

    And some people need to stop bitching about GT3 release ! A lot of us love GT3 cars !
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  9. Isn't the R8 GT3 all but confirmed? it won the vote in Kunos site.

    The Lambos are also coming...
  10. The hypercar race versions...meh, I could take them or leave them. Actually, I would have preferred the race versions to road versions, but since we have the road now, I'm happy with those. And we need the Ford GT GT3 badly...so many cool liveries for that car, American mid-engine.
  11. This is indeed an awesome looking car. But I think KS should leave cars to the community after seeing cars like the 787b and C7R (which was made by URD for KS) and focus on improving the game and making laser scanned tracks. I want Bathurst.
  12. Torcano


    Again... the people who make the cars do not code the game's features, they do not do sound, they do not do tracks. Asking the people that make cars to stop and improve other aspects of the game is like asking the janitor to stop doing his job and go teach theoretical physics. But yes, Bathurst would be a good addition for AC but I doubt it will happen anytime soon given that they have to go to the other end of the planet to grab data.

    And as far as "GT3 cars being too many" discussion goes, I'm all in for as many GT3s as possible but I would also prefer some more variety like the old GT1 cars which are quite bonkers and required some skill to keep on the edge. We already have Lambo and Ferrari in the books, so why not go for something mad insane like the Murcielago R-GT GT1 and the 550 GTS. :p
  13. THIS. This, VERY, very much!
    The problem however would be with finding and/or getting access to those cars, which today are...
    Well, what exactly happens to cars like that after they get retired? Do the "old" teams keep them, sell them, return to the manufacturer, all of the above?
  14. Falk Massmann

    Falk Massmann

    I would prefer AI fixes, multiplayer optimizations and all that´s missing over more content. The GT looks awesome though. Don´t get me wrong, I like new content If it is top quality like the cobra, Z4, SLS GT3. Just my 2 cents

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  15. Well.. Stefano and his programming department aren't the ones handling cars. At least not models, because him with Aris, they also do car physics.
  16. It seems you guys don't understand how a development team works... there are dedicated person for each task ! people that develop new models have nothing to do with other core element of the games !!!!

    Mod-edit: <snipped part of the content> you don't need to try to make your point by offending people.
  17. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Falk nicely says "I would prefer". We'll I totally agree with him regardless of the task and the size of the development team. I would prefer online fixes as well over more content that I don't need now.

    Nothing wrong with posting a kind request. Certainly not worth to go crazy over it. Relax, it's just a game.
  18. I would prefer they could fix the game, maybe that could make me to buy dream pack and some future dlc.
  19. Ryan_Lee


    Stephane Ratel (owner of the SRO Motorsports Group and Blancpain) owns a Murcielago GT1
  20. another great addition. huracan gt3 & Gallardo gt3 will also get a lot of miles. :thumbsup:
    it's turned into a wishlist thread a bit :whistling: gt3 cars are great - hope that old race cars don't get forgotten too.
    Ferrari 512s/m would be awesome, and some other can-am classics.