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Featured Assetto Corsa: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and Nurburgring Sprint released

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Herbie, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. Herbie


    Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.jpg
    Kunos Simulazioni have released a new version of Assetto Corsa. The popular PC racing simulator now includes the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG car and the Nürburgring Sprint Layout circuit.

    The dev team have been working on the delivering next release which is available for free right now with all the announcements and changelog listed below.

    Purchase Assetto Corsa from our webshop with 10% discount for premium members.

    Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
    The new version includes the most wanted Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG: even if the release of the first Mercedes-Benz model licensed for Assetto Corsa was previously scheduled to be included in Assetto Corsa 1.0, we have decided to reward all our fans for the terrific support they gave us during this year, including this content in the current release.

    Nurburgring Sprint Layout
    The Sprint layout of Nurburgring GP circuit, ideal for quick races and events, is also available as free update. This version includes also some features under the hood that will allow our development team to test the overall compatibility with the aim to release a candidate beta version of Assetto Corsa within some weeks. More details will come soon
    • In-game apps must now be enabled in the game's launcher under Options > General
    • Added new car Mercedes SLS
    • Added new track Nurburgring Sprint
    • Tyre model modifications, more direct and "alive" FFB on all cars. We advice less FF "effects"
    • AI modifications for Mercedes SLS AMG & McLaren MP4 12C street
    • fixed drag race
    • all cars with H pattern manual gearbox, when used with paddles, can now enable autocut-off autoblip assist properly. The timings are slower than what you can achieve with an H shifter hardware.
    • Fixed multiplayer leaderboard logic
    • Fixeg bugs in multiplayer GUI
    • Overlay leaderboard implemented (Press F9 to cycle between 4 different modes)
    • Fixed horn & lights in multiplayer
    • Graphics & CPU Performance improvements
    • Multiplayer Blacklist system improved
    • Intro video at first launch, possible to disable it from options
    • Replay Size reduced
    • Replay frame interpolation improved
    • Time Attack : fixed crash when trying to load open tracks & lap estimation formula improved
    • Setup Force Feedback setting page improved
    • ksEditor : notify when skinned mesh is imported with a wrong scale
    • ksEditor : fixed IN/OUT camera normalized start-end position not rendering on spline during camera editing
    • Fixed small random flashes during gameplay
    • Added dedicated leaderboard APP
    • Updated TAB key ingame leaderboard with a new look and functions
    • Skidmarks start shape fixed and rendering is now faster
    • Python apps can be enabled / disabled from the launcher
    • Fixed bug "return to pits and lap counting in some special cases"
    • Added Python camera control
    • Fixed tyres jittering at low speeds
    • Fixed missing wheels when AI car brake its engine and goes to pits
    • Physics related rules : now cars must respect their defined set of rules in order to run on the track
    • Track cameras now place the car in the middle of the screen
    • Post Process App selector : fixed loading of default ppEffects.ini
    • AI improvements
    • Improved Drag AI
    • Skidmarks are now disabled when setting World Detail to minimum
    • - Dynamic track randomness now less pronounced
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  2. Herbie


    When is the first Mercedes SLS on Nürburg Sprint Club Race? ;)
  3. I was so hyped for SPA track, but it seens like a great update. :)
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2014
  4. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    is this update live now as im not seeing it on steam?

    edit: now live for me
  5. - Tyre model modifications, more direct and "alive" FFB on all cars. We advice less FF "effects"

    ==> THIS ! Is it possible? xD
  6. yeah it live but I am in update queued:mad:
  7. Update queued? Must be related to something else because theres no such thing as update queue on steam
    There is a "Download" section in steam, go there you might see more ;)
  8. I have 2 questions here:

    1. "Tyre model modifications, more direct and "alive" FFB on all cars. We advice less FF "effects" -- Is this mean i should lower a little bit my logitech "Overall Effects"'s value ??

    2. "all cars with H pattern manual gearbox, when used with paddles, can now enable autocut-off autoblip assist properly. The timings are slower than what you can achieve with an H shifter hardware" -- I guess i know what is autoblip assist but whats is autocut-off ?? By the way this do nothing for who play with "Pro" right ??

    Thanks first.
  9. 1 / It is just my 0.2 cents, but I would say he is talking about the "canned" ffb effects (Road effects, slip effects and kerb effects).

    2 / I also think it does nothing for who plays on "pro" setup
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  10. Thanks!
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  11. If thats true then its has nothing to do with me since i never use those so call "canned" effects .. for some reason those effect make me slower :whistling:

    Thanks again.
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  12. I used them but apart from big rattle on my g27 it was not really enhancing the experience xD
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  13. OMG the SLS is SICK!!!! Is there a club room set up yet?
  14. Is the FFB really different? and Tyre model?
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  15. haven't compared anything...only took the SLS for a spin around burg short and it drives amazing.
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  16. I actually wondering the very same thing too :D May be its my DFGT wheel but most of the time i dont feel like i racing a real car .. dont know how to describe how i feel but its far from "Real" ...
  17. I am myself very happy with the feeling of the FFB. It is still a little under iracing for me, where i feel the bumps of the road a little more.

    But it is mostly about finding the right settings I think ! For me what did the trick was just adding a little damping, but I don't know anything about DFGT I am sorry
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  18. Didn´t have the time to test much, but...


    ...updated Mclaren GT3 dashboard with the correct font. :inlove::D

    Looking forward to try some multiplayer action later today with the improved FFB!
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  19. Hahahaha this is the most important thing from the update :p
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  20. Yeah may be but example the Lotus 98T i feel the steering like very loose .. the ffb dont come right away after i turn the wheel .. the ffb come a little bit later like it actually has some deadzone .. make it so difficulty to do sharp turn.
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