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Featured Assetto Corsa: Mercedes-Benz C9 trailer & new onboard cameras

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Alex Franchini, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. Kunos Simulazioni posted a new update on their Facebook page about the upcoming Dream Pack DLC and 1.1 update for Assetto Corsa.

    In the trailer above you can take a look at one of the most eagerly awaited cars from the Dream Pack, that is, the Mercedes-Benz C9. The C9 appears here in its low-drag LM version and will feature a variable turbo boost.

    Kunos also revealed a couple of new onboard cameras (activated by pressing F6). The new viewpoints will allow players to add more variety to their replays, and you can take a sneak peek at them in the screenshots below.

    Furthermore, in another post, the devs just revealed that there will be a special "Touristenfahrten" mode for the upcoming Nordschleife track, contained in the Dream Pack. This mode will replicate the experience of a tourist track day at the Green Hell, and will take laptimes from bridge to bridge without the need for an outlap.

    The new fog and overcast weather settings are also visible in the new images: personally, I think it looks great and that it brings some aesthetic variety to a sim that's way too sunny! What do you think of them?

    1509264_1089658537727130_3712640828645250949_n.jpg 10996433_1089658194393831_1754344086164590984_n.jpg 11035477_1089658437727140_6505598097349627171_n.jpg
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  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    Some additional shots of the Touristenfahrten and some cars (courtesy of the official AC FaceBook page):

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  3. Torcano

    Premium Member

    One more day... just have to endure this hype pain for one more day. I don't think my body can cope with this amount of pressure. :inlove:
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  4. They're feeding the hype very well. I want to see Evo DTM trailer too doe.
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  5. Ridiculously cheap price for that much content. Great stuff.
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  6. Can't wait.
    Personally i can't say if i'm more hyped for the dream pack or for the 1.1 update.
    In the end, i'm just hyped a lot. XD
  7. Maybe cheap but it's still money!!:(
  8. They haven't shown off any of the things coming to v1.1 like the "weather" though
  9. Yes indeed, i just trust their dev blog. Don't think they're lying...
  10. They're not lying. It's not dynamic weather (I think), it's just a setting that adds several degrees of fog or overcast weather. I tried it when they accidentally released the 1.1 beta. There was no big fps hit if I'm not mistaken, and it was pretty effective.
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  11. Chances are that fps will improve with fog. Less distance view, less (or missing) glare, no sun rays etc. Yes more clouds maybe, but just that i think...
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  12. Sadly yes, there's no free lunch with those cars. But still, the price is quite good for the amount of stuff included.
  13. The Dreampack is cheap, but i paid the full 45 Euro for a game that is very weak in very important suspects. The AI (i would prefer to call them bots, because no intelligence spottet) is killing the fun of offline-races and without leaderboards and chasing ghosts of better drivers it isn´t motivating enough for hot lapping as well. Nice physics alone isn´t enough.

    I never played the MP because i didn´t bought it for MP. I hope that 1.1 is giving me a proper racing sim especially a descent enough AI. Until that i did and i will spend the most racing time with R3E, which has the very best AI, very best sound, awesome physics and ffb, leaderboards with ghost chasing, championchips, 24 tracks with variations and i remember only one game crash within 170 hours of gaming and many dozens in AC within a much less time. With 1.1 and the Dream Pack i hope AC get´s much closer.

    Anybody have a clou at what time will be the release respectively what´s common for pre purchased games?
  14. 18:00hrs gmt i think
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  15. I just bought it so happy :D
  16. Yes, you are right and i took this day off for no reason now :whistling:
    But i will find some nice R3E-tracks for the day, i think:)
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  17. Must be some food virus that's making me sick...and I've read its very contagious.

    Better call in sick from work so I don't infect the population.
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  18. @Anindo, where can we find/purchase R3E? Didn't find it in steam. Thanks (sorry for OT).
  19. Yep, I just want it to be sooner. I've got school tomorrow