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Assetto Corsa Logitech DFGT Settings

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Lazarou, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Lazarou


    As there is no official wheel thread for this popular wheel. These are my wheel settings after a lot of testing and help from Stuart Whitehead aka The Moose and JRantajoki confirming them. Hope they help in the wilderness that is wheel settings.

    Also dont make make my mistake and make sure you select the Assetto Corsa launcher rather than just an Assetto icon from the game folder, thats if you are using a game specific profile.

    Logitech Profiler Settings

    Overall Effects: 100%
    Spring Effects: 0%
    Damper Effects: 0 or (100% only if you want damping)
    Centering: 0 (un-checked)
    Degrees: 900
    Allow Game: Checked

    In Game

    Gain: 65
    Filter: 0
    Damping: 0

    EDIT 26/12/14

    ****Updated settings****

    Last edited: Jan 21, 2015
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  2. Thanks for that!
    Have you changed something after last FFB update?
  3. The only changes I've made since the update are with the effects sliders.

    Generally i prefer "pure" FFB in my games but i have added a little bit on the sliders.
    10% Kerbs
    20% Road
    10% Slip

    I find that just gives everything a little more feel around the centre of the wheel which was lacking a bit at the gain level i use (55%)
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  4. Lazarou


    Very similar to you Stuart. I have settled on 10% on all the new settings. The FFB is much improved now so you dont need to add much more to get a real nice setup.
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  5. Thanks guys. I'll try that when I get home.
  6. Do i have to manually set the rotation degrees for each car?
    because though i've checked to allow the game to change the wheel settings, the rotation still stays at 900°.
  7. Stelios


    No, the game does it for you, it is using the real life factory rotation of each car.
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  8. yeah, thats what i am wondering about.
    ingame i still can turn the wheel 900°, there is no lock at - for example - 450° like in rfactor
  9. I set my DFGT profiler specific setting for AC like this --

    but still what i got in game is the Global setting which is like this --

    In short the specific setting not working for some reason, any solution for this ??
    Thanks first :coffee:
  10. Hi, you could try going on Options->Global Profiler Settings->Apply Persistent Profile and choose the AC one you made and test if it works.
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  11. Aristotelis

    Kunos Simulazioni

    Can I suggest that for logitech wheels, you use slightly less than 100% (95-90 will do) in Overall Effects Strength.
    I've found that this eliminates wiggling and vibration of the wheel

    Also @LazyBug make sure your specific profile points at acs.exe and not assettocorsa.exe
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  12. I'm having some problems with my DFGT in Assetto Corsa:

    - I cannot assign any button to the clutch pedal, it appears to only accept a full axis not a on/off switch. Obviously the DFGT comes only with 2 pedals no clutch. I thought maybe this works as designed, but then some people on the RSR timing site are posting times with a DFGT without auto-clutch, same cars where I cannot get them into gear without using auto-clutch? Do they perhaps have a separate pedals set?

    - I cannot assign any buttons to anything actually - not even look left/right. Anyone managed to?
  13. Alot of people with DFGT have upgraded their pedals....I am using CSR Elites and don't know how I played anything without them for over a year....The wheel will last for years but anybody that hasn't really needs to get better pedals as soon as they can.
    I never use them but I believe I have glance left and right assigned to the L2 and R2 buttons and headlights mapped to L3
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  14. I believe the "Enable Center Spring" should be checked - even if it is set to zero, both in Global and game profiles. I'm not sure that will fix your issue though
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2014
  15. I have "Enable Center Spring" unchecked and set to zero
  16. Do the pedals work directly with the DFGT?
  17. They are USB and go straight into computer.
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  18. Lazarou


    I have also have CSR elites with the DFGT, well worth the investment.
  19. I wish a CSR Elite because i don't want to change my DFGT, but i don't know how many games support multi controllers? What is happening when you wish to play a game without multi support?
  20. Lazarou


    I have not found one yet! I have tried most driving games on PC and this setup works with them all.

    I think its only when you get to three controllers, i.e a shifter as well when there may be issues.