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Assetto Corsa killed F1 2013

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Zeljko Gusatovic, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. I have all F1 games and I've played them with great enthusiasm since day one on legend without any assist. However, I've always felt that the game was an extension of Grid and oddly enough F1 2013 is the most Grid-like release, in my opinion. I can't quite get the setups right and I suffer of oversteer no matter what I do (especially in the rain).

    I've been playing Assetto Corsa the last couple of weeks and all I can say is that I'm really lovin' it!
    It looks good, it feels good, it feels complete although it is still beta. Heck, it feels more complete than any F1 20xx game! It is the most realistic sim game out there!

    Tonight I've returned to F1 2013 and I can't stop laughing/crying! I feel so distanced from the car and I have no feel of the throttle and everything feels wrong and toyish

    I'm not trying to start an 'I hate CM and F1 2013' thread/discussion. I simply want to share the fact that as long as games like Assetto Corsa exist and the F1 series doesn't go 100% in the sim direction, I simply can't return to this game anymore.

    I'm actually sadden by this because I have spent and enjoyed so many hours, days months on the F1 series, but AC has raised the bar by quite a margin. It feels like going back to Mario Karts!

    Goodbye F1. May our roads cross again in the future:cry:
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  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    I see them as totally different games, aimed at different markets.

    If you have had months of fun with these F1 games, then there is no real reason not to have more fun, the game hasn't changed.

    I love Assetto too (so far), and because it's brand new it tends to get more of my attention.

    So it's not a special disillusionment with F1 2013 that I have, it's just anticipation of what's to comes in Assetto, especially as we are drip fed the game a bit at a time, and each morsel is quite tasty. :)
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  3. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    F1 2013 killed F1 2013.

    It didn't need help from anywhere else.

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  4. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim
    Premium Member

    Comparing F1 2013 and AC is a crime :D
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  5. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    Lol I have to admit, I haven't even thought about F1 2013 since getting AC.

    I've loved the F1 games over the years and they've given me so much enjoyment, but AC is just so much better that I don't think I'll ever go back.
  6. I know that the two games aren't quite comparable and I doing my best not to. I was trying to describe the feeling of driving F1 2013 after AC and I'm having a hard time readjusting myself to F1.

    I had problems adjusting to F1 2013 from the start. There were some cool new features but somehow I feel more disconnected from the car than I did in F1 2012. I have a feeling that 2013 was made for console and controller using players. A good example is the sudden graphical steering correction in mid corner while I'm holding my wheel pretty steady.
    In the beginning I reacted by countersteering and I always end up in the gravel trap or a wall.

    AC fulfills my need of realism and great graphics in such way F1 never will.
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  7. "Assetto Corsa killed F1 2013"? No. Or at least not yet.
    Why, you might ask? It's simple - multiplayer.
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  8. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    Well for me, considering I only ever used two game modes in F1 (Career + TT), Assetto Corsa has surpassed F1 quite easily. Lol
  9. You're absolutely correct. It's just a matter of (short) time before AC gives F1 the death punch!
  10. I think Ac has killed the market of the car simulation for pc ...it's the best sim I ever used.......
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  11. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    Premium Member

    This may be true for some PC gamers. But for those on consoles F1 2013 is the best F1 game release to date I think.
    Can you race in F1 cars against the F1 drivers in Assetto Corsa?
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  12. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    I think you know the answer to that already ..... :whistling:
  13. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    Premium Member

    Maybe it's a bit of a loaded question.... lol

    Assetto Corsa is probably a great driving experience, I have no idea. The appeal of the F1 games to me is that i can race the circuits i see every season against the drivers/cars i see every season. I'm a product of my TV viewing habits i guess. On top of that, there is this great racing community with organized leagues of like minded people that i can pit my game driving skills against on a regular basis.

    So, Assetto Corsa hasn't killed F1 2013 in my view. :)
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  14. Agree with all.....and yes Codies need to move more towards a sim mode with F1 2014. Badly! :) Assetto Corsa to date is touch boring though. No proper game modes, no career, let's wait how things pan out. THe driving model is pretty awesome though. iRacing on Steroids=Assetto Corsa
  15. "Assetto Corsa killed F1 2013" It's a great BULLSHIT!
    Really, these are totally different games, one cannot compare them, like the sky and ground.
    AC - is a game, like there are millions of them.
    F1 20** by CM - only one, not to compare - the life itself!
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  16. Chill, vitply;)

    I would say it's the other way around - F1 20xx (besides the F1 licence) feels like many other games and AC is one of the kind!
  17. Yep, one car at a time on the track...can't argue with that. ;)
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  18. Assetto Corsa is great, but i miss the season option. It's boring to drive around on the same tracks all the time.
  19. One thing that's bugged me every single sim I tried. The clutch never feels right. Is it a matter of setting it up properly, or will it always feel like a button that needs to be pressed before changing gears?