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PC Assetto Corsa: In-Game Showroom Video

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Bram, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. Bram

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    Bram Hengeveld submitted a new blog post:

    Assetto Corsa: In-Game Showroom Video

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  2. Really needs easing when the camera changes direction and a sort of free cam mode where you can just fly around at a slow speed.

    Mind you I'd rather be driving cars than looking at them ,though I'm sure this will make the game more appealing to many people which can only be a good thing!
  3. Mapu

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    i like this, with a free cam added i am going to adore my car skins from up close :D
  4. One of the big ideas behind this showroom is that it uses the ingame engine. This is VERY helpful for modders to look at their vehicles and evaluate them.
    In rFactor 1 this showroom was a separate model and didn't use the ingame engine so the showroom was of no real use.
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  5. Mapu

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  6. Awesome, the Huayra looks stunning and is just so perfectly modelled!
  7. :rolleyes: My new spaceship! Absolutely stunning!
  8. Sweet would be cool if you could rev it in that showrroom :cool:

    Can't wait to see what other people will build for showrooms, this could be really cool.
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  9. same **** as forza 4 useless thing to try sell to people
  10. difference is in forza you can't make cars yourself but hey it is your opinion...;)
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  11. Shotsighted ey? :)

    The showroom is a pretty handy tool for modders, and people who like to make Skins. Especially as you can cycle through skins real time, I'd imagine this is a great tool to judge to your skins!

    And even better if people can make their own personalized garage to drool at the cars they made themselves. Rather epic I'd say.
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  12. Part of what made TDU so fun for me was getting in the cars and getting a different look at the interiors; Maybe I'm less of a "serious sim-racer" because I think this is a neat feature and am glad Kunos are thinking of features outside the "hardcore" box.
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  13. I like this feature as well.
    Kunos just made this as "pure cars fans".
    Really nice to be abble to see new skins, new cars, etc...in high details.
    It helps to imagine what I'm driving.
    It increases the realism, in my opinion.
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  14. sorry for coming across like a troll guys. My own opinion i actually should have kept to myself, all the excellent modders in the community do very good jobs and i do now realise this tool would be a good thing to use and this should have no comparison to forza 4 at all. Much respect to the the modding community and all the great work these developers give us sim racers :)
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  15. This looks like a great feature and as a bonus there's no Jeremy Clarkson.