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PC Assetto Corsa - Good idea

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by sti228, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. Hi. I watched this video and like it very much :) Someone know how i can made this ?

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  2. This is so cool :thumbsup:
  3. Y U NO HEEL N TOE ?
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  4. Mapu

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  5. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
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    Or green
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  6. If someone know how to make something like this let me know :) This one is impressive !

  7. I find it to be very difficult to do with the g25/27 pedals honestly
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  8. Jempy

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    One of the author's answer at YouTube:

    Thank You! i'm yploading a series of videos from now on! Subscribe if you like! In a few days im goning to make a video "behind the scenes" ;) lol
    Thanks Again!
  9. I read this long time ago, but still no new video from him :(
  10. Probably made with blender, http://www.blender.org/, it's impressive software and available for anyone to use if you have the time and patience to learn.
  11. You will need a lot of green cloth and some more or less expensive video editing software.

  12. Mapu

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    this one is even easier... thanks to the static camera

    all you have to do is to record yourself driving in the correct camera angle

    at the same time you have to record the in game video clip
    (or you have to make sure you have the correct time frame in the replay so it fits the movements)

    then copy that recording of yourself as a layer above the in game video into the software

    crop the recording of yourself so it fits into the in game video and car (inside of car)


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  13. I imagine the other one's not too bad either with good greenscreen software, tracking motion in the footage and inserting the greenscreen static relative to a specific object seems like something they would have support for.
  14. Video author use Adobe after effects for editing (as he mentioned). I have no skeels for this. So, only way is to wait tutorial from him.