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Assetto Corsa forum site closed for temporary maintenance

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Bernd Graf, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. A few moments ago (12:15 CST) Kunos Simulazioni put up a notice closing their forum site for what is called "maintenance." Posting, commenting, and reading messages and threads is temporarily suspended.

    On the bright side...could this mean we are really close to the release of 1.1 DLC content?
  2. Tomaz Selcan

    Tomaz Selcan

    I still don't know if this was a mistake or something went wrong.
  3. Not only that, we had a botched 1.1 beta update on steam half-hour ago. rolled back to 1.0.5.

  4. Yeah, I narrowly missed updating to the beta-turned-mistake-gamma 1.1 update. It appears there is incomplete code in that update, seems from what people are saying either a Kunos tease or mistake. The last time Kunos closed the forum site was just prior to 0.1 update. I smell a DLC...
  5. TTM75


    They probably remove all posts about beta v1.1..
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  6. me 2.
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  7. either mistake or master troll :D
    no, surely just an honest error/mistake. probably weeks from completion still.
  8. Tomaz Selcan

    Tomaz Selcan

    It was a mistake
  9. Somewhere there are either major yucks or major ****s going on at Vallelunga somewhere...:giggle:
  10. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
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    Looks like it's back up.
  11. I think Kunos published part of the DLC beta to public by accident. So they revert back to the released/patched version. Man, that has been a big messup. Now there is going to be a lot of people yelling about getting back that content that does not belong to them.

    I will just wait to get home at night and hope to have a nice stable patched update which looks very promising.
  12. on their tweeter-feed thing, they've confirmed that it was "a wrong deployment of an old beta instead of 1.0.5"
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