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Featured Assetto Corsa: First footage of Zandvoort and Toyota GT86

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Chris, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Chris
    Staff Member Premium Member

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society

    The first moving pictures of Zandvoort and the Toyota GT86 have appeared online early this morning when Stefano Casillo - Kunos Simulazioni's head honcho - was broadcasting the sixth installment in a series of live coding sessions.

    These livestreams are somewhat of a groundbreaking venture as very few developers, in any gaming genre, have actually provided a livestream for their methods and thought processes when developing their software. The videos are insightful as to the possible future direction that Assetto Corsa could take, and the current state of development and progress that the game is in. Casillo structures the videos by dedicating approximately 60-90 minutes to coding, and then a further 30 minutes to answering questions that viewers put to him in the live chatbox.

    In the video above, one viewer asks if it is possible for Casillo to perform a demo-lap around the much anticipated circuit park Zandvoort, which is due for arrival in the next patch. Casillo happily obliges, and loads up the circuit, ready to be tackled with the Toyota GT86 - another highly anticipated piece of content from the Italian developers.


    Kunos are well known in the simracing world for their incredibly accurate track representation thanks to laser-scanning technology. However, in the previous livestream, Casillo revealed that Zandvoort would not be a laser-scanned version, but would in fact be purchased from a modder and brought up to Official content standards by their track designer guru, Simone Trevisiol. A huge amount of uproar followed with some customers even reduced to withdrawing all future modding efforts of their own from Assetto Corsa, in what was a slight knee-jerk overreaction. Based on the footage above, the track looks exactly like the same fantastic quality content that Kunos are renowned for. They really have done another stellar job here.

    Version 1.2 of Assetto Corsa is scheduled for release at the end of July, and will include the aforementioned content plus many more additional (and long overdue) features to the multiplayer system and the single player experience, most notably AI optimizations. So be sure to stick and stay with RaceDepartment.com for all the reaction and thoughts on the update in the coming weeks.
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  2. Chris
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    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society

    Sorry guys, for some reason if you're on a tablet or phone the video at the top doesn't seem to jump straight to the preview of Zandvoort.
    If you go to 1:18:00, then you can see it :)

    Should work fine on desktop though :)
  3. I am so very impressed that they actually do this and dont melt down after every live stream as people have a tendency to go ape if they dont hear exactly what they want.

    The fact that he shows his thought process and the issues that can and cant be tackled in a simple frank discussion without PR speak creeping in is refreshing to say the least.

    Besides the bouncy cars were epic!
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  4. Did anyone else spot the ks_ruf_rt12r above the ks_toyota_gt86? And also the nissan gtr street.
    Then I spotted the ks_glickenhaus_scg003 (shown at Inside Sim Racing console gameplay preview), ks_lamborghini_aventador, ks_lamborghini_countach, then gallardo something, huracan gt3, and miura sv.

    Which doesn't mean much, just cars already talked before from Kunos, are more likely still well in progress for the graphics, sounds, and physics.

    And confirmed, Stefano doesn't care about any car, only cares about the Ferrari 250 GTO :cool: (but not on the files, I take the guess it isn't licensed yet).
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  5. no laser scan is a disappointment, but hopefully that trend won't follow.
    looking forward to brands hatch.
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  6. Torcano
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    LOL, he was so cool with it. Someone asks to show the track and he instantly went "yeah sure"... no hesitation at all. Such a sweet dev. :thumbsup:
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  7. Stefano U R Z BEST!
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  8. Brilliant - so refreshing to see the DEV's and their attitude and approach to there creation. It's already a fantastic game, with the addition of better AI and MP enhancements - it's going to be the "standard" by which all other sims will be measured. Keep up the work Kunos :)
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  9. awe. SOME!
  10. Looks really good, should be a lot of fun. Thanks.
  11. That forum was full of embarrassing neckbeard cringe. I'm impressed how the Kunos team had kept their cool reading through those 30 something pages of self-entitlement.
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  12. Leynad777
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    No, it isn´t or what would you prefer: 15 laserscanned tracks or 15 laserscanned tracks plus 5 high quality but not-laserscanned? :O_o:

    Brands Hatch will be laserscanned as well as Barcelona. If Zandvoort will be accepted, they will add Paul Ricard and Donington Park next. :thumbsup:
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  13. Marian Zelenka
    Premium Member

    Marian Zelenka
    The downforce is strong with this one.

    If tracks will be well made and work with AI then I have no problem with non laser scanned tracks.
  14. Glaurung
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    True, sadly the official AC forum was assaulted by hordes of talibans, blaming that this track was bought from a modder and not directly created by Kunos with laserscan aid.
    Definitely, if part of the Kunos staff, I would not be so patient and tolerant.
  15. I would have lost my ****. I felt angry reading some of those comments. It appears that most of them don't know about Trento-Bodain and Monza 1966. I would like to see how they react when they find out those two tracks weren't laser scanned.
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  16. still a big fan of the game.
    The scanned tracks are/were a big asset - setting it apart from the rest of the racing games in that respect; it is great to know that the track you are lapping is dimensionally perfect. Comparing the scanned tracks in AC with some other titles shows how large the differences can be.

    Unfortunately, as AC has gone to console they need a hell of a lot more tracks, and it's obviously not viable to scan them all.
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  17. Glaurung
    Staff Member Premium Member


    With their team size I think they can afford max 3 laser scanned tracks every year.
    The need for more tracks is important for PC users as well.
    Then the fact that we'd rather pay for a Kunos track is pointless, because every one has his track priorities, just to mention I'd prefer an other Hill Climb (this one :rolleyes:: http://eng.verzegnis.net/)
    Definitely it's a matter of choice what track they can create via laserscan as Kunos, and what they have to buy from modders and revamp by Simone, obviously only high quality stuff like Donington or Paul Ricard or, better, the historic versions of the most famous tracks.
  18. Are all AC's tracks laser scanned, apart from Trento and Monza '66?
  19. I could care less about any first footage. Give us 1.2, which is long overdue.

    "If Zandvoort will be accepted...", what is this supposed to mean? If folks don't care for Zandvoort then they're not adding the others?

    Gives us our update, is all I ask. Quit delaying, which is one thing AC is good at doing.

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  20. Leynad777
    Premium Member


    Maybe you didn't notice, but only a few tracks are accepted probably means, there are always crowdy servers you can play on. Even Silverstone isn't in this list for me, at least not here in Germany.