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Assetto Corsa Fanatec CSW Settings

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Dirk Cleiren, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Is someone using a Fanatec Club Sport Wheel? if so can you pls post your settings?

  2. I'm pretty much using the settings recommended on the AC forum:

    In AC -> Controls -> Advanced
    Gain: 60% (play with this value until the FFB clips. A bit of clipping on high loads is normal, don't worry)
    Damping: 0.10 - 0.30 (according to your tastes) - I'm using 0.20

    On the BMW rim
    SEN: off
    FF: 100
    SHO: 100 (if you want to use the vibration inside the rim)
    ABS: off
    LIN: off
    DEA: off
    DRI: 001 (try 0 too)
    For: 100 or more (play with this value according to your tastes and feeling) I'm using 110
    Spr: 0
    Dpr: 100 (play with this value according to your tastes and feeling) I'm using 30
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  3. Great thanks i try this when i get home
  4. I do find myself making small adjustments for different cars so hopefully in the full release there will be the option to set different FFB for each car.
  5. If I select the value 0 for SPr on my CSW, then all Force Feedback disappears, the wheel has no power at all.
    My wheel looks to work fine (I don't really know how is supposed to work - the right feel) if I turn SPr to 400!
    Is this has to do with any in game adjustments (like invert pedals or smth.) or my wheel is broken. (I have wrote to Fanatec, but still no reply)

    Edit: First time connecting a wheel to PC, and didn't knew that I have to install drivers:D, problem solved:laugh:
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  6. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    My wheel has seemed to go haywire yesterday as well. I posted up a video on here but nobody has replied to mine. I also contacted fanatec Ave hopefully I'll hear from them this week.

  7. Sad to hear you have this problem too. My wheel is only 2 months old!
    If I use the proposed (here on forum) settings my wheel obtains a huge dead-zone. AC becomes non drivable.
    (I'm very disappointed with Fanatec. Every product I have bought from them - 911GT3RS V2, CSP V1, CSP V2, CSW base, BMW rim - had small or huge problems. The only one - formula rim - is working fine, but I suppose this is because I almost do not use it!)

    Edit: As I wrote above, problem solved (installing drivers).
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  8. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    I got mine at the end of July and really only started using it during the past few weeks. It's the quality control that concerns me. I ended up choosing them because of the modability to the platform for the future. Hopefully we can get our stuff sorted soon. I received the bmw wheel with a disconnected padel shifter and it took about a week total to get it sorted with a new part. Although the response time could be faster, I was impressed with the customer service.
  9. Haha, the same situation here!!! My BMW rim was replaced because rev lights didn't work!
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  10. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    I wonder why my thread got deleted?
  11. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Which thread would that be @Leemstradamus as your posting history when it comes to thread creation shows up empty here: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/search/member?user_id=147253&content=thread

    Can be that its merged into a topic with the same subject. If it was this one about fanatec you can find it in the fanatec support thread in the hardware forums http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/fanatec-official-support-thread.556/page-52#post-1575459

    Make sure to check your post history via your profile if you cant find something :)
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  12. Fanatec Tuning Menu | SEn: OFF | FF: 100 | SHo: 100 | AbS: OFF | LIn: OFF | dEA: OFF | drI: 001 | For: 170 | SPr: OFF | dPr: OFF

    Fanatec Driver Menu | Wheel angle: 900° | Dampening strength: 100 %

    Fanatec Wheel Driver version: 174 | Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Firmware version: 037

    In Game | FFB Gain: 50%| Damping: 0.10 | Brake Gamma: 1.00
  13. After 0.2 update:

    Fanatec Tuning Menu | SEn: OFF | FF: 100 | SHo: 100 | AbS: OFF | LIn: OFF | dEA: OFF | drI: 001 | For: 170 | SPr: OFF | dPr: OFF

    Fanatec Driver Menu | Wheel angle: 900° | Dampening strength: 100 %

    Fanatec Wheel Driver version: 174 | Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Firmware version: 037

    In Game | FFB Gain: 50%| Damping: 20 % | Kerb Effect: 40 % | Road Effect: 40 %| Slip Effect: 20 % |Brake Gamma: 1.00
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  14. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    Center spring seemed to do the trick! Feel like such an idiot. Thanks for the help.
  15. Noel Spence

    Noel Spence

    thanks maurice these settings have transformed my experience with the wheel very nice , beers for you
  16. I was looking for a more detailed feedback around the center. After some adjustments I came up with these settings. YMMV but maybe it helps someone.
    AC ver. 0.3
    CSW with GT2 rim
    Driver: 177 Beta // Firmware: 037

    Driver Menu: Angle: 900° // Damping: 100%

    AC FFB menu: Gain: 60% // FIlter: 0% // Damping: 15% // Kerb: 45% // Road: 45% // Slip: 30%

    Fanatec tuning menu: SEN: off // FF: 100 // SHO: off // ABS: off // LIN: off // DEA: off // DRI: off // FOR: 100 // SPR: off // DPR: off
  17. i am having problems getting my wheels settings dialed in and the load cell braking seems like im never pressing hard enough to stop i have load cell turned up as far as it goes. steering is like if i get off in a turn the wheel just throws me from side to side i cant get control back and how do i get more grip in turns if someone could explain the settings that would help great
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  18. Hi check the firmware on your wheel is 037 it will show you this when you first turn the wheel on. Also use the 177. drivers for the wheel you will get them from fanatec site.
    If you do have them and its still the same try these settings this is what i use.
    Driver set to 900 the 0 for the damper on the wheel its self sen off ff 100 sho 50 abs 0 lin 0 dea 0 dri 0-1 for 80 spr 0 dpr 0 give that ago see what you think.
    Also in the driver settings make sure your brake pedal when pressed full is reaching 100% and if the brake dial is turned full one way turn turning it full the other way just to make sure you dont have it the wrong way around.
  19. JTS


    For braking, decrease the brake range to between 85-95% (I use 94%) in the control settings Main Controls tab and increase the "Brake Gamma" to 1.0+ (I use 1.06) in the advanced control tab.

    At 100% it felt like I had no brakes with my Clubsport Pedals. At 94% with 1.06 gamma, the pedals now feel natural.
  20. Robin


    With AC 1.0 I have been playing around with the BMW Z4 on Spa today with my brand new CSW v2 with BMW rim. :)

    These are the settings I am quite happy with as a baseline. Some tweaking will probably occur, but I'd though to share them anyway;

    Fanatec Driver 900 degrees and 100% damping.

    In AC:

    57% gain

    15% damping (default, didnt change will play with this more)

    0% filter

    Kerb effects 80% (they need to be firm IMO)

    Road effects 40% (still strong even on 40)

    Slip effects 50% (might be tweaked higher for more clear response, but I really like to have clear input about sliding, hence the higher setting)

    On the wheel:

    FF 100
    SHO 100
    L/n OFF
    DRI OFF (1 makes it too numb around the center while too snappy when FFB kicks in, making it a bit jerky on the cross-over from center to steering into a corner)

    FOR 100
    SPR 40 (OFF makes the wheel to light IMO)
    DPR 100 (I suspect this will affect the feedback from the Damping slider in the options. If I set that to 0% I feel no difference between DPR off or 100, so to have the percentage slider behave as percentage I leave this on 100. I might be wrong about this, though)

    Feedback is appreciated!
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2014