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PC Assetto Corsa [Fanaleds] 1.7.x (XML profile)

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by rocafella1978, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. rocafella1978

    Premium Member

    (updated to AC 1.7.5)
    will keep updating this XML file and keep posting it here, in the hopes that others, same like-sim racers and enthusiasts will edit and contribute to the XML for Assetto Corsa, RPM and etc. etc. you will see what is missing, I have added a lot of vehicles and :thumbsup:BIG BIG THANKS goes to "THOMAS CAMERON" and "magicaldog" :) who have hugely contributed and helped me throughout the process and understanding everything :thumbsup:

    once you download the attachment (.txt), rename it to ac.xml and place into the Fanaleds profile directory.

    to edit XML files, search online for free XML editors, there are plenty or them out there, this is the one i am using: http://xml-copy-editor.sourceforge.net

    good luck and hope we can make this work and fill in the blanks!

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  2. rocafella1978

    Premium Member

    here is a screenshot of FANALEDS settings:

    *** as soon as you start a "RACE" in Assetto Corsa, the LED's start working, did not work in "Practice" session, am testing more! ***
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  3. rocafella1978

    Premium Member

    alright, so found out if RPM's are higher by a little bit in FANALEDS, LED's on steering wheel will not work, so RPM's have to be correct, or very close to what actually car has/ engine does. more tests to be done, but that was quick to be found out with editing XML values per vehicle, example below:
    "first="4500" second="5000" third="5500" max="6000" shift="6000""
  4. Thanks for the efforts guys, I will be trying some other settings, but tbh, all this should really not be necessary. I think Kunos should just make the rev lights work, without others having to interfere...
    Other sims don't have trouble with this, why is AC limping behind ?
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  5. AMS doesn't have LEDs working at all on Fanaleds so my V1 never has rev lights playing it.
  6. rocafella1978

    Premium Member

    AMS and AC don't function with the Fanatec LED's/ lights, and as always must be politics...sadly for us simracers
  7. In AC they work each time Fanaleds updates them, until Kunos decides to bring a new patch, then it is broken again... In this version the rev lights don't even light up in the pitlane, as they did before,
    To be sure I reinstalled the new XML file (in OP), then tried all kinds of settings , lowered the RPM rate per car in Fanaleds by 2000 (Audi R8 LMS). I got zip...
    No rev lights in practice, no rev lights in race.
    And they do work in the Fanatec wheel Property page, in pCars and R3E.
    As I read, Stefano explained in his blog that getting the rev lights to work could interfere with other settings and produce more problems, so he just decided to NOT let them work :mad:
    Probably there are too little customers with FANATEC wheels. Rev lights on Logitech do work.
    It is not that we are asking for an arm or a leg, just get the rev lights to work from the start, without third parties having to tinker all the time.
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  8. rocafella1978

    Premium Member

    i think they should just come up with a "norm" so all genre or same "sim racing" software and hardware can use the same standards, that would be the easiest.
    what i weird is, that i have rev lights in races all the time with my XML file (attached in OP) any other XML i get nada/ zero. just have to play with RPM's and they work almost match the in-game rev lights/ LED's or RPM tachs.
    now, i decided to go ACTI Telemetry or Z1 Analyzer to get RPM's right ! at least in standard setting of gearing, but I can't get ACTI nor Z1 Analyzer to work at all :(
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  9. Hello an thanks for this ac.xml that works fine with my FANTEC CSW V2.
    I have several questions in order to understand and modify some data in this file :

    If i take for example this code line :

    <car type="ks_ferrari_488_gt3" first="4000" second="5000" third="6000" max="6700" shift="6700" final="6" threshold="98" angle="480" />

    If i understand well :
    - "first" matches to the 3 first yellow led on my Formula rim ?
    - "second" matches to the 3 second red led on my Formula rim ?
    - "third" matches to the 3 second blue led on my Formula rim ?

    is that right ?

    - About "final" what is it exactly (I presume it match to the last gear, no ?)

    What is "threshold" ?
    What is "angle" (Angle of rotation of the CSW wheel ?)

    Excuse my english and thanks for your answers
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  10. Thomas Cameron

    Thomas Cameron
    Don't give me your patter Premium Member

    Hi Mate,

    The threshold is the brake vibration motor,you can put this to 100 if you like on all cars it's my preference

    The 480 is the vehicle steering degrees of rotation for this car,this is the main reason I created this profile for Assetto Corsa so that fanaleds automatically changed the DoR for each vehicle on the fly.
    Doing so gives a more precise feeling in the steering in my opinion.

    To make sure it is doing what i intended turn your ingame degrees of rotation to 40 this way it gives control to fanaleds.

    Also fanaleds 2.4 doesn't work for this method you need to run 2.3i but you will lose the rpm leds.