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Apps ASSETTO CORSA F1 2015 TV STYLES (1920x1080) 1.0


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  1. cmon make it for 720p not everyone has a FullHD monitor -.-
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  2. I do what I can with my available time, so when I'll have time to do it for other resolutions I'll do. Thanks
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  3. okey thanks :)
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  4. [​IMG]
    I working for lower resolutions :)
  5. I'll upload an update in the next few days or week with different screen resolutions for everyone (for the TV styles, not for the HUD)
  6. MG


    Nice job :thumbsup:.
  7. there are these HUD 2015, for RF1 and rF2?
  8. It's only for Assetto Corsa.
  9. Nagyon jó! De Lehel, Hogy egy 5760x1080 felbontású Nekem? thanks ..:)

    As we are an english speaking community here at RaceDeparment, please try to write your post in.....english. ;)

    Sorry ..:) very good! But can you make a 5760x1080 resolution for me? thanks
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  10. any news for other resolutions?
  11. Where can I get monaco?? =)
  12. Who made the tutorial video private..?