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Assetto Corsa developers, are they really this childish?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Tommi Ylén, Jan 10, 2017.

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  1. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    R3E & AMS Club Manager Staff Premium

    I find it incredible that Stefano is actually getting some support over this matter. Yes, he's a very talented developer. Yes, Assetto Corsa is his baby. Yes, it's a bloody good sim. Yes, we can all understand being passionate and wanting to defend something you've poured your heart and soul into. For me, none of those things are up for debate.

    But the long and short of it is that his behaviour was nothing short of disgusting, and there's no excuse for it. You can get angry, heated, and passionate while still maintaining manners and respect, and certainly without resorting to outright flaming. End of.
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  2. Turk


    I guess it's possible to get angry while still being respectful but I haven't seen much of that in the real world and I come from a country where you call your friends cunts. It could also be said that you don't have to get upset about something some guy you've never met said on the internet. Why bother getting upset about it?
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  3. mister dog

    mister dog

    Sources say the guys over @ PRC spontaneously jizzed in their pants today.

    I thought the holiday break made Stefano relaxed, but it seems he is getting right into business :D.
    I pretty much agree with what @Ross Garland says above, to get agitated is one thing but you need to hold back on personal insults. Forum rule 1.01 for everyone out there basically.

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  4. ouvert


    yep ... I blame internet ... :)
  5. PhilS13


    Seems to me you basically want a tyre who keeps delivering a big increase of lateral grip when under an increase in vertical load and a "squarer" friction circle. Both these things afaik are easily achievable without going crazy on LS_EXPX or anything else.
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  6. Stereo


    Just to add, values close to 0 (but not 0 itself) have basically no load sensitivity in the other sense - they provide a constant peak lateral force at any load, eg. if you set fz0 = 3000 and dy_ref=1, you'll have a peak of 3000N lateral force regardless what force is on the tire, so car weight and aero do nothing.

    Values below 0 invert the curve, higher loads = lower overall forces.
  7. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    Administrator Staff Premium

    Let me start by giving a public tip to Kunos. Go to your forum profile and disable your private messages and stop communicating if you aren't capable of having a normal mature conversation with your fans, customers and criticasters.

    Secondly regardless of who is wrong or right I am not happy that thread was started today after I explained to the OP per email why it won't help.

    The thread will get out of hand. People will break our forum rules and posts will be edited or deleted which contain abusive content and RD will be called the nazi moderators because of it.

    Nothing good comes from this endless bickering about a private conversations between two people that aren't even actively participating in this discussion anymore that has now gone public.

    Not defending Stefano here as I have had my moments with him (and Marco) as well but we all know by now he and many other sim racing devs and ceo's are not the fun guys to go to for a good text chat about their products. A real life face to face conversation however is surprisingly entertaining and informative.

    Stefano sometimes comes across like an odd one. But you need to be an odd one to create a great video game like Assetto Corsa.

    100% perfect people aren't capable of creating a special video game.

    With that let's end the discussion here as it will not be resolved.

    iPhone. iTypos. iApologise.
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