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Featured Assetto Corsa Community Blog - Console Patch Preview

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Paul Jeffrey, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    AC Console Fix Preview.jpg
    Kunos Simulazioni have announced a patch is very close to release for the console version of popular racing simulation Assetto Corsa. Many fans have been highly vocal about the issues found in the recent console edition of the game, and will be very relieved to find Kunos are close to deploying a fix to many of the problems currently experienced by players.

    As part of the now semi regular community blog articles, Kunos have confirmed the long hours put into fixing the issues experienced by console users of the game have paid off, and a patch to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 releases will be deployed in the near future.

    Highlights from the patch announcement include the studios intentions to address several issues such as the screen tearing problems and ongoing FPS performance difficulties. Other areas due to receive Kunos attention include work to balance the offline AI, including the addition of two new difficulty levels – 'Very Easy' and 'Very Hard'.

    Check out the full Community Blog posting for September below:

    "Firstly, we just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has shown us their support over the last few weeks! We are so unbelievably grateful to have such passionate players who spend many, many hours a week playing Assetto Corsa and take the time to chat to us across social media. It means so much to the team!

    So, what’s new? Well, we wanted to give you guys an insight into SOME of the things to expect as part of our next update on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, due later this month.
    • Framerate will be smoother and screen tearing issues have been resolved.
    • Players will be able to select their starting position in the race options screen.
    • On launching Assetto Corsa, the game will recognise the device you are using, when selecting the ‘X’ (PlayStation 4) or ‘A’ (Xbox One) button in the start screen.
    • Thrustmaster T80, T100 and TH8 shifter functionality has been improved.
    • A new option which allows the player to set the visual steering lock to any degree is coming.
    • 2 additional difficulty levels – 'Very Easy' and 'Very Hard'.
    • AI strengths have been re-balanced, in response to community feedback.
    A full list of additions, fixes and features will be published in due course.

    On behalf of the whole team, we want to thank our community for their incredible enthusiasm, passion and patience! Be rest assured, Assetto Corsa 1.0 on PS4/XB1 is just the start. As we’ve said numerous times before, we fully intend on building on these foundations, going forward. We’re excited and we hope you guys are too!"

    Assetto Corsa is available to purchase for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 now.

    AC Console Fix Preview 2.jpg

    Check out the Assetto Corsa sub forum here at RaceDepartment. The place to go for AC news and discussions at your fingertips. We hold a substantial, quality, modding database of all the best released and WIP mod content for the sim. Head over to our downloads section to see what we have on offer today. As well as the great chat, latest news, download items and setup advice, we also host some pretty epic club and league racing events. Its superb fun and a great way to get the most from the game. Check it all out now!

    Glad to hear AC for console is being developed and improved following the recent issues? Looking forward to the patch? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Good to know they are working on it and trying to get the problems sorted out. Shame they didn't wait originally but maybe they were under pressure from another source to release as soon as possible.

    I did feel bad for Kunos when I looked at some YouTube videos. The "reviews" (in other words someone who plays arcade games all day long) were pretty scathing. Why play the game in 3rd person view seems stupid anyway. They play the game for 5 minutes and then brand it rubbish.

    The problem is when one person tells the world the game is bad, other people listen and don't buy it :rolleyes:

    I love AC, great sim. I'm quick in it (against the AI anyway!) but it's certainly up there with the best :thumbsup:

    ....but maybe not quite as good as GTR2...;):p
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  3. Vincent.C

    Another WEC driver ! Premium

    Introducing new difficulty level : Very Easy (thx :D)

    What happens Stefano ? You just have to say : "Learn to drive".
    Why downgrading AI difficulty ?
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  4. Does the PC version will follow with the same kind of patch ? :O_o:
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  5. Do yourselves a favour, add the above to your ignore list rather than feed them.
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  6. what???
    where is the troll?
    they just quote what devs said few weeks ago...
    you cannot called "troll" everyone you disagree with or put him on the ignore list....this is way too easy and childish man.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2016
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  7. linux guy attacking the developer by claiming they are downgrading AI difficulty, when they are in fact expanding the available range of difficulty to bring it closer to the PC one. previously console easiest setting was equivilent to 86% on the PC, where you can go as low as 80%, now console will have the option of going to 80, but also the option of going to harder then currently available. i.e. they are making the console version closer to the PC one in terms of available difficulty.

    Deathstrokes whole post history is nonsense (conspiring that console will cause pc to get dumbed down) and this one is no different, the console is getting patched to bring it closer to the PC, why would that trigger a change to the PC version. just nonsense trolling or some difficulty with reading (probably the former based on post history).

    anyway thats my opinion, take it or leave it, im out of this thread...
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  8. Rami

    #20 FinnTeam Premium

    Is difficulty really that much harder on console? Because in pc version AI is pretty easy to beat even in 100% strenght.
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  9. Vincent.C

    Another WEC driver ! Premium

    Not an attack, just a statement

    Can you post your sources ?

    According Stefano (again) : [concerning AC console port] it's not even copy/paste it's literally the SAME code :). (linked screenshot). So can you explain 86% = 80% ?

    Here, an interesting first post : http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/ai-difficulty.36615/
    Day 1 (and a day before), people are already trying racing against the AI before discovering/learn tracks and cars physics. Just crazzy to read 12 hours later : AI is too strong.


    Attached Files:

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  10. looool, so they said" this is not a simple copy/paste, this is the SAME code" between console and pc (see attached files on the post above)
    so...same code but different result in AI speed?
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2016
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  11. Quote was regarding physics realism in general. Are you asserting that a discrepancy in AI behavior at a given setting or the expansion of available difficulty levels is evidence of a dumbed down sim?
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  12. WTF ! This screenshoot

    As we said, now, there are some differences between console and PC code.
    We can see that the console cannot stay at the level of PC, and now the dev team is forced to dev an other code and way of developpement of their own game.

    The following of console dev, will be very interesting...
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2016
  13. how many times before downgrading AI difficulty wiil be not enough and they have to casualize the game physics?
    as we said since the beginning we are afraid by the feedback of console users in months to come.

    this guys seems to be able to win against AI on console after hours and hours and hundreds laps done on a specific track.
    that's what we all do on assetto corsa on pc, practice and practice again

    are console users ready to drive hundreds laps on the same track?
    did they practiced enough?
    no, it's better turn down difficulty, and the ...very easy mode appears
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2016
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  14. Vincent.C

    Another WEC driver ! Premium

    I assert nothing about a dumbed down sim. I just said "developers prefer follow console users feedback instead replying with this dev sentence: Learn to drive. Even if AI is equivalent to 86% on PC, it's not so strong with a correct setup and 10 training laps.
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  15. by the way i'm wondering why the new " very easy mode" appeared while kunos just have to patch it with the SAME code as the pc use...:O_o:
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2016
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  16. For information this is what i've said :




    Now, i can see that, the dev team told us that the game was a "copy/past" of PC game (with
    screen). If i'm right, on PC, we don't have any problem of higher or lower IA difficulty. That's very surprising to see this kind of patch and its content.
    And that's the first step about the subject we had created :

    We are worried about the console player's comunity will destroy the game because of theirs casual way of practice this game.

    They buy the game.
    They install the game.
    Some of thems will buy a wheel and stuff to improve the experience (around 10 %).
    They launch the game day one.
    Some bugs appeared (it's normal for a day one game nowadays).
    The dev team create a new patch to correct the day one launch.
    The console comunity players launch the game.
    Some of thems will practice 1st and after will go out of multiplayer or race expérience.
    They don't know how this ****ing beautiful game is realistic and hard.
    They think and agreed between themselves that the game is too hard
    They post out of official forum and cry a lot...
    The dev team understand and change the difficulty of the game.

    It appears firstly that the dev code between console and PC are the same code.
    SO WHERE IS THE PROBLEM ? WHY THE DEV TEAM CHANGED the IA difficulty if it's the same code ?
    Isn't it because of casual players and practice and knowledge of console community out of simulations games ?
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2016
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  17. lol i assume the dev is saying the code that controls AI behaviour is the same on console as PC (at the point they had to stop work and release.) on PC we can adjust the AI difficulty/behaviour between 80<100% on console they have a different UI without the 80<100% slider and with presets instead eg. easy (86%) or hard. all still within the 80<100% difficulty/behaviour we have on PC and now they are getting very easy (probs 80%) and very hard (probs 100%) again... still within the range of difficulty of the PC version just with more presets.

    how does adding a few extra presets so the console players can use more of the full range of difficulty equate to different AI code?
  18. omg, .. there's really something wrong with mankind

    what exactly is the problem with adding very easy difficulty, if you don't have to use it ??? what exactly is a problem with that? how does that affect you if you are happy with playing at 100% ???
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  19. what are you talking about?

    this conversation has begun few weeks ago on other topics.
    read the whole thing and comment, or don't read because you don't care ( that i can understand) and do not comment
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  20. kunos

    Kunos Simulazioni

    It's amazing how something so easy can become so hard to understand for some people. Internet really has a gift ,by allowing everybody to comment, it really shows how <snip>the average joe can be.

    Not convinced? All you have to do is read the comments that will come after this :p.. they will all prove my point exactly, one by one :D
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 13, 2016
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