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Assetto Corsa assists question

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Gaz, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. Gaz

    PSN: GazCBG Premium


    Can anyone tell me if I can run ABS, auto gearbox and a some sort of braking/racing line in the corners, in Assetto Corsa, in all game modes including multiplayer?

    Also can the person in charge multiplayer, turn assists off, like other racing games?

    The braking/racing line is only till I get up to speed.
  2. bigbawmcgraw


    You can run any assists offline but in multiplayer it is decided by server configuration. Even if assists are on you can change them using Ctrl+A (ABS) & Ctrl+T (TC). If they are forced off by the server you cannot use them. You'll find that most servers have stability control and auto clutch disabled.
    You can turn on racing line online, there are no restrictions server-side for that.
  3. Ho3n3r


    That depends on the dedicated server settings, as bigbawbmcgraw pointed out - you could theoretically have a different setting each time you visit a new server.

    Besides, I've found that especially with Traction Control, I'm slower, not sure if it's implemented correctly in this game because it just bogs down massively.