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Assetto Corsa and Fraps (rec) problems

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Dux, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. Dux


    I was changing the video/graphic options in the game and whenever i try to record something using fraps, whole picture is blinking (increasing brightness and decreasing) very fast and very short, randomly appearing, not that i cannot see where i am going.

    Anyone have a clue what might be? I tried some combinations in the graphic's settings so far now nothing
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  3. Dux


    Thanks, but any help/solution for my problem friend :/ ?
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  4. Too bad i really have no clue for stuff like this, or if you dont mind i suggest you try record with something else first to see if the problem persist, example Bandicam.
    A list of your pc spec is very welcome too for others who try to help, i mean who know if that actually cause by too less available free ram or something like that :)
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  5. Dux


    Yeah of course, i have:
    GeForce GTX550 Ti
    I5 processor
    8 gb ram (DDR3 or 1 i cannot say it)

    The problem is the game was fine, but recently i opened up the PC and cleaned from dust (nothing damaged) now it's silent and faster. So i tweaked some of the video/graphic settings :D

    I was trying a lot of combinations but nothing was good, it's cause of something i have changed i am sure, nothing involved with the PC spec.
  6. How about trying out Action! as the recording software? I think it's a lot better in terms of quality and performance. Try giving a shot.
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  7. If you believe its the in-game video/graphic settings that you had change cause this problem then why not make it all back to default & see if that solve the problem ??
    How about the other game ?? No problem recording with fraps ??
  8. Dux


    I turned on B4 no problems, Batman Arkham Origins, no problem, put everything on high no problems, tried rF2 no problems, turned on AC, there it is hehe, thank you guys i am playing now with the a.filtering in AC i think i can solve it, i will say if that will work, who knows someone might have help from this
  9. Good then, pls share your racing video if you going to make any :)
  10. Dux


    Turned off Fast Approximate Anti-Alising, it worked :notworthy:
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  11. Strange, I have that maxed and fraps works fine.
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