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PC Assetto Corsa AI Setups

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by gilles13, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. Hi all

    i`ve been asking myself for a while: can you force the AI in AC too use a setup?
    I found a post on the SteamCommunity which said that you can but the guy who wrote this is very bad in english so i don`t understand a crap of it :)

    Marty [​IMG] 9 apr 2014 om 9:52vm
    You can load a setup of yours into the setups folder

    Go here to see how its done with the M3 Gt2 notice a setup for Silverstone national too :) I wonder what track is coming next then.


    To force ai to use any setup make one yourself then go to this setups folder create a folder under the car name as in the user setups. Then just name the setup by the track and the AI will use this set each time on this track except for special events where they may be forced to use other setups from within the event itself.

    I have tested this with a few cars and it works so you can race AI with the same setup which makes them a bit more competitive. Im sure soon the devs will add a force to AI setup from within the game setup screen as that would be the easiest way,

    If anybody knows how to do this please tell me.

  2. I think it's pretty clear already. What is it that you dont understand with it? Install directory would normally be c:\program files\steam and so on
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  3. I tried that but it didn't work
  4. Oh I didnt try it myself. But the explanation seems quite cleer. Maybe it doesnt work since latest updates or something, I dont know.
  5. Edu Martinez

    Edu Martinez
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  6. The reason why i asked this is:
    The BR macras mod AI doesnt go over 201 KMH so i had the idea to change that to a higher final drive ratio but sadly enough it didn`t work :(
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  7. Apatride

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    I'll have to try it to confirm but in case it helps, my understanding is that you create a file named:
    You copy/paste the content of your own setup file and the AI will start using this setup. That can be quite interesting but while it might force the AI to use a setup, I doubt it will for the AI to actually adapt to that setup so I would expect lots of crashes and/or under-performance.