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Featured Assetto Corsa: 2015 and Beyond

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Chris, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. First, guys swear AC has the most accurate cars. Until guys find out values are copied across cars to churn out DLC.

    Then, they backpedal and say "well AC has the best driving feel!" Until real race car drivers show up and are like "naw, this is really simplified, they might be dumbing it down for the console release."

    The fanboys backpedal further and say "well at least Kunos care about the community!" But of course, they conveniently leave out the recent crackdown on criticism.

    And when this is brought up, again they backpedal into something like "it's the best modding platform." Meanwhile the guys from Virtua Simulazioni - hands down the best AC mod team - are in this thread ripping on the physics flaws. For good measure, they point out that Kunos has suspiciously made it difficult to find documentation on certain aspects required for a good mod.

    Foaming at the mouth, the AC guys backpedal again into "you just don't understand the purpose of AC!" It is as if your conservative aunt has been baited into the "God works in mysterious ways" or "you just need to study the Bible harder" argument when she can't answer simple questions about Christianity.

    I at least understood the pCars shilling; the goal was to make a decent ROI. Here? It's like this press release was a letter from Santa.

    It's funny, all the guys who sing the praises of AC are the guys with expensive wheels Frapsing themselves running slow solo laps on YouTube. For everyone who enjoys competing, like on Race2Play, AC events routinely have the lowest attendance by far, and most on the forums say "naw, not touching this, game is a hotlap sim with too much forced DLC purchases."

    But I mean, with how bad pCars was, nobody noticed the other option was just as bad.
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  2. kunos

    Kunos Simulazioni

    TBH the vast majority of AC users is playing the game right now enjoying it and the news.. it looks to me like the only one "foaming" is some losers that has nothing more productive to do than spend the first hours of the new year to spam more angry nonsense on his "blog".

    but ya.. perhaps it's just me, but I wouldn't count on it.
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  3. A simulator game cannot have 10 deep level developers working on the physics engine or on the cars simulation. All the sims, iracing, gsce, pcars, rf2, rre, ac have 1-2 core devs who do all the important simulation work. Otherwise it wouldn't work cause difficulties of understanding and ideas would arise, or final results would be too inconsistent.
    Maybe even forza and gt have 300 workers for graphics and assets, but very few working on the actual simulation of cars. Maybe they have extra programmers for certain game features, but not for the physics engine or cars.
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  4. The accuracy of the car's physics modelling doesn't affect the user in a racing simulator?
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  5. Tobias Röhner

    Tobias Röhner
    Germany's greatest Indycar Fan. Premium

    Well, in the case of the 650S, I jumped in, did a few laps and my first thought was that it felt like an upgraded version of the MP4-12C, which it is. I did not worry about which parameters in the physics.ini affect that. I only care about what happens on the track. I really don't care what's under the hood.
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  6. I just want to whine that for the last few hours I've been racing AC online and I have some annoying issue. Servers are FULL.
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  7. But others might care. Can't see what's wrong, really.
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  8. Tobias Röhner

    Tobias Röhner
    Germany's greatest Indycar Fan. Premium

    Well, look at this thread. I see a whole lot wrong. Things getting blow out of proportion, people arguing semantics, baseless speculations... I can do without it.
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  9. you're calling people losers and idiots, why? I don't believe the stuff you say too on the internet.
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  10. Don't take my words as 100% truth, everyone has a different feel for simracing, I personally know some IRL race drivers who say AC feels more realistic than before, but they've also driven different cars to what I have driven. I guess it's down to personal feelings.
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  11. In my experience most people who love AC, just live the feel of driving cars in AC. They aren't concerned about nitpicking physics or analyzing the minutae because they are too busy driving and enjoying the game. The point that you and other armchair sim developers continuously miss out on is that we simply don't care if AC isn't perfect on physics or graphics or anything else because we enjoy it. We like it. It's fun, for us. We smile when we drive. Do you smile when you drive? Luckily for us, all those other wonderful sims with great physics and racing action are also available for us. Most of us can afford to shell out a few hundred bucks for games so it's not like we paid large sums of money for our pc's and our peripherals and can only afford 1 single game.

    It's fine to have discussion on the finer points of each game but what you and others like you do isn't really discussion for it's own sake, you want to "win". I think the real issue is that it really sticks in the craw of you armchair sim developers, is that so many people can really enjoy driving and racing in a game that isn't up to your lofty sim standards. It bugs the crap out of you to see us posting up Youtube videos driving hotlaps or racing in AC because it's not right that we should have so much fun in a less than perfect sim. Secretly you really want hundreds of thousands of people to go out and start playing rF2 or iRacing or whatever you're Sim of the Gods so that we can validate your choices for you.

    You can go on and on and on about how fake AC is, how simple it is, how dumb we all are for having fun with it, but the bottom line is, you will never convince anyone on the internet of anything in this regard, and I think I speak for all AC fans on this, because we just don't care. We are sim racing to have fun, to enjoy the experience and we like AC, darn some of us love AC. And you know what else? We can like and love other games at the same time. You may not know this, it'll be hard to believe at first so you might want to sit down, but most of my sim racing friends also play various combinations of iRacing, rF2, Project Cars, GSCE and more. I know this will probably burst one of your blood vessels but some of us also enjoy (look away kids if you're in Stage 3 of Fanboyism)Gran Turismo and Forza:confused::confused:.

    It's a New Year. Try turning over a new leaf and just enjoying each game for what it is. You'll never win any of these battles on the internet so try winning a few on the track instead. Smile once in a while, it's good for the soul:geek:
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  12. Directly competing doesn't equate to similar business strategies. As well, they're still independently developed, with no outside help. Publishing does nothing with the actual development of the game and simply helps market and produce the game. They rarely effect anything that actually has to do with creating the game in any way outside of producing the physical distribution.

    I'm not sure how another company acquiring more employees proves my point wrong, when my point wasn't that hiring more people doesn't get more work done - it does. My point was that simply hiring more people doesn't equate to more work being done right away, especially with an independent development team.

    Let me clarify:

    Many people think that hiring more employees produces more content/fixes problems faster, but that just isn't the case. There's much more to hiring new employees than finding a person, hiring them, and giving them a computer to do their work. For example, the developer must be introduced to the project and how they operate. How the project managers operate. How problems are resolved. How new content is introduced. And more importantly, what other people are working on so they know of the situation.

    This is only part of what is involved in hiring a new developer, and especially with an independent company that doesn't have the same resources as a multi million dollar company developing a franchise license, things take time. It can easily take a month for a new developer in a new company to get acquainted enough to begin actually being useful to that company. So as I said, hiring people is just the start of the process and isn't going to magically make a company start producing more content or fix problems faster.

    One last thing I'd like to add. The reason this is slightly different for game development than most other businesses is because game development is typically a very different process for different development companies. And especially in an independent company their processes will likely not be as standardized as a major development company, so things will take more time for new hires to be capable of doing what they're hired to do.

    I hope this clears things. My point is simply to inform people that there's far more to hiring a new developer for a team in hopes that the person can produce more content or fix problems faster. Far too many people bitch and moan about game development without a clue about what it requires, and so much of that ignorance is easily fixed by informing people of what's actually going on behind the scenes in development.
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  13. If other devs take note of how many corners AC was able to cut while retaining a group of apologists, we'll get to a pointvwhere every game is just as unfinished.
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  14. Hey, James having a slow day at PRC? Decided to see if you could have some fun criticising AC at RD on this glorious first day of 2016?
    Anything new to say or just a rehash on what you keep rambling on and on at PRC? You really sound like a broken record.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2016
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  15. Tomi

    ”Maximum Attack!” Premium

    I couldn't agree more:thumbsup:

    TBH I really don't give a rats ass if some value in ini file is different comparing to real life as far it feels good on track.

    And when some guys here who understand car engineering and game modding say everything is wrong in this game it creates wrong conceptions. Peoples start to belive that's true and what felt good before, is now just totally arcade.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2016
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  16. Many people like AC for its care to accurate simulation of cars and tracks. And then how realistic it can be behind the wheel. Sounds and graphics realism are also part of that. And that's why we support Kunos and AC, because we appreciate their work, even when flaws exist, they can have the motivation to work it out. Because they created their own sim games for the passion of cars simulation, not to make make money and run away. Even if everyone has that desire of one day running away :p

    But I agree with you that some people aren't happy when other people playing AC are happy and having fun racing. If they are incapable of the same, other sims maybe can offer them what their ideals are. If not one single sim is up to their standards, then they should quit sim racing and focus on other things.
    Is funny how some complain when certain AC users buy expensive equipment or make nice youtube videos. They interpret this as the whole of AC user base is doing the same and not actually racing. They also fail to see that in other sims exist others who focus on youtube or just driving by themselves.
    They also fail to see that not as many people as they think are actually using the big list of features they think should be standard for every sim ever made. So they think without that big list, people are incapable of having fun or using well the simulator game. They get so tangled in what's missing they forget to appreciate and enjoy what's already there. This doesn't mean people can't suggest improvements and report issues, but there's more to enjoying a game than not enjoying it for what's missing.
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  17. What I find most funny is that nobody cares about PRC because they are like cancer but everybody posts about them (meaning that they also read them), developers included :D
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  18. To stay informed, you need to read both the information and disinformation.
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  19. What's the point of a racing sim if there isn't an overall quest for accuracy?

    Imagine X-Plane or Prepar3D puts out an Airbus A380 that flies like a LearJet. Are all the Flight Sim guys supposed to just deal with it and "stop being armchair developers trying to ruin other people's fun?"

    Cause that's the path we're on.
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  20. Informed about what?