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Cars ASR Formula Open Wheel Classic - Williams FW16 0.5b

ASR Formula Open Wheel Classic - Williams FW16

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  1. Thanks for this, a perfect gift for my birthday!
  2. Yes, i know, infact is 0.5 beta version
  3. I apologise if that came across as me moaning Sdrenno I appreciate all the hard work you and your team do.

    I know its only 0.5 version I just was not sure if you were aware of it. I am fan of Renault so I was looking forward to hearing that lovely V10. Its sounds great from the outside and the handling etc are very well done. I look forward to your future updates. :)
  4. Probably I should write what we want to improve and what can be considered a final version, thanks anyway.
  5. Carbody and sound is early beta,
    tires, suspension , physic and cockpit is nearly to final version
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  6. Great mod :thumbsup: Thanks again.;)

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