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Cars ASR Formula F310 SRPL Shaders - Game Stock Car Extreme 1.1

ASR Formula F310 SRPL Shaders - Game Stock Car Extreme

  1. Sderenno submitted a new resource:

    ASR Formula F310 SRPL Shaders - Game Stock Car Extreme - ASR Formula F310 SRPL Shaders - Game Stock Car Extreme

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  2. What is different in this version compared to the first ? Different/better shaders ?
  3. for me, I like this version better. I think the paint looks better. But they both look great. Some may prefer the original better. The original looks better in a race where it is Sunset. Something about how the sun reflects off of the paint. Maybe because is the original shader in the game
  4. This mod is fantastic btw. Thanks a lot. My only gipe is the ffb is a little light. I bumped it up a few notches in realfeal though. Also for some reason when I try to make a custom rFm for this mod, no matter what I name it, it crashes the game. No biggie though.
  5. Thank you for this car. FFB with DD Servo Wheel is fantastic. I hope and wish the whole F1 1992 season from ASR comes in the Game.
  6. We're working on High details cars for 91->94 season, every car will be released first on RF2, then on GSC/rFactor. It is an hard work, but appreciation from people is a big stimulus to go on
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  7. hex


    But F1 1992 v2.1 has already been released for GSCE long time ago.
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  8. and the ones that are in rf2 now are fantastic
  9. I know. But all the F1 1992 Mods are not fine to drive with DD Servo Wheels. FFB is like rubber around the steering. In rFactor 2 it is really great. Because of that i wish a F1 1992 Mod from ASR in GSC. I love the Mods from ASR.
  10. hex


    @GTR2.74 Oh, now I understand what you meant :)

    Just a hint: if anyone gets this kind of problems:
    go to both .gen (not the spinner one) files and change every Reflect=True to
  11. ???
  12. hex


    OMG, what now? :cautious:
  13. Hey Man, my English is not good enough to discuss with you but i try. Sorry for that. Google translator is ****. What i ment is that in fast Corners 4-5 gear the FFB is like a Center spring.
    F1 Cars from ASR always fine. 4-5 gear Corners good FFB.
    Graphics are fine. I haven´t an issue like Picture you are posted. Hope you understand me.:)
  14. hex


    I posted this picture for everyone, not you in particular, and that has nothing to do with your problem :)
  15. thanks boys, finish other jobs and fix this reflection problem, then upload updated version
  16. Screenshots?
  17. Aah Ok.:)
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