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Tracks Aspertsham, public roads in Bavaria 0.6

Track for Assetto Corsa

  1. THL


    THL submitted a new resource:

    Aspertsham, public roads in Bavaria - Track for Assetto Corsa

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  2. Love your GPL work, looking forward to v1.0 :)
  3. Great track even though a little short.
  4. Looks great!
    Will this track support races against multiple ai?
  5. Wie dahoam :)
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  6. Hugely fun track, one of the few that really give a great sense of speed! Very similar to country roads here in Aberdeenshire (not enough potholes though ;))

    Massive charm and character, just needs a little polish here and there. Otherwise, fantastic track. Great for screenshots too :D
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  8. I agree, loads of fun!

    Some minor things:
    Track map is not working properly (I noticed there is a hotfix for this by another user)
    Most of the surfaces are valid track, like the grass fields
    The timing gates don't span wide enough on some places, since the lap counter doesn't function when going into a field at certain places. I'd rather have an invalid time than no time at all (and falling a lap behind)

    I hope you can improve on that. Otherwise, great track. Will definately be testing it out with more cars (did VW Polo WRC and MX5 ND sofar).
  9. Thanks for this beauty! I live in Bavaria myself and I'm really amazed by this track! Lovely details and realistic feeling!
    Would be really cool to have free roam with other roads extended, one day ;)

    Keep on mate, Prost :D
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  10. Awesome track, looking very realistic. Love it to test cars and cruising around :) Thank you.
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  11. aphidgod

    'bout to cut some sh-- up with my crab hand. Premium

    So beautiful, great work so far.
  12. Richtig genial. Das erinnert mich an daheim in Bayern. Ich hoffe die Strecke wird noch ein wenig größer. Absolut genial gemacht! Spitzenarbeit.. Dankeschön
  13. THL


    Thank you! Glad you like it. To answer your question: It's planned, but I think it will not be in a very near future.
  14. THL


    Thank you for the hints. Surfaces are not correct except asphalt. I think this will be solved in the next update. Maybe timing gates are still to near on both sides. I will chance that too.
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  15. THL


    Thank you. Extensions are planned (a kloane Betonstraß kannt se ausgeh;-), but they will take some time. First of all I want to focus upon improving existing things.
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  16. Des war a gschmeidige g´schicht :) daugt ma voigas de Streckn....is echt a mords Gaudi, vor allem mit de oidn Kistn :D wennst a moi Zeit und Lust host, gabats no de scheene Landschaft bei Hohenpeißenberg wo de ADAC Oberland Rally friara war :)
    vielleicht hob i irgenwann a moi Bock zum basteln!

    In diesem Sinne, lass scheppan und merci no a moi!!!
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  17. Andrew

    Life is Short–Talk Fast ! Staff Premium

    Okay, the posts above have been fun ( especially when you can read Bavarian German ) . But please, from now on: Keep it english. At least we are an english speaking webside and community. Thank you very much. :thumbsup:
    PS: Normaly I have to delete those non-english posts, but.......Nö, keine Lust....lol ;)
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  18. If you need any help, let me know.
    Thanks, looking forward to it :)
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  19. This track is awesome ! Thank you m8, the level of detail on the finished parts of the track is stunning.

    I drove almoast the whole map and realy hope you gona extend the track or give us more variations of it.
    I hotlaped it a lot and ended up by hiting 1:19 with the zonda r, it was so much fun.
    What are your best times with which car ?

    Thanks for all your hard work !
  20. Love it so Far!, One question though how do i get this track to show on the server Manager so i can play with friends.