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ask to donate AC.

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Naliport Halulam, Nov 15, 2013.

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  1. hello !

    anyone can donate AC for me ?, I have no way to buy from internet atm and as a hard fan of simgame I cannot wait to test and report bugs to the devs of this great game to make it the best sim ever:D, of course i dont ask this for free because i have tow never used game ( bioshock infinite, and far cry blood dragon ) to exchange with who interested.

    I hope you can understant me. :)

    and thx in advance.
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  2. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    Is it ok if I gatecrash this and ask for a ferrari 458? I can swap 2 hyundai getz cars - one blue, one red.:thumbsup:;)
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  3. hehe no prob, but i have only an mini toy ferrari :p.

    no serieusly thx for respond :D.
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  4. Mapu


    you may have more luck on steam - this is a sim-racing community after all ;)
  5. yea but only simracer like me and you can understand me. :)
  6. Hopfuly can someone make me happy with AC :x3:.
  7. You should enter the RD prize give away competition - they are offering a copy of Assetto Corsa as the prize.
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  8. But you need to be a Premium Member! Maybe some one would like to donate the membership for him?!
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  9. a lot of thx for you guys :), so i need to be a premium member to enter competition :cry:.

    ok I will wait for someone who can help me :laugh:.
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  10. I am currently not in a position to help but maybe if you gave some reasons why you want AC and what kind of rig you have that is going to waste without it then maybe somebody might be compelled to be charitable.
  11. I want AC because I follow it since almost 1 year and when I watched video and read all those positive commente about AC,it feel like this sim have all what a active simracer want, and ofc i like to report bug and make some suggestion to help devs:).

    I call myself simracer because i play LFS dayly since 7 years despite lack of devloppement, but its still very good sim and all most of lfs community are very impressed by AC:confused:.

    for me assetto corsa is like LFS but without all disavantage that have on lfs ( graphics, real cars,....).:thumbsup:

    that's why I said only simracer can understand me :D.

    and sorry for my bad and poor english.
  12. I need a million dollars. Thanks in advance.
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  13. I perfectly understand you, but i dont ask this for free because i have 2 never used game if someone accept exchange.
  14. So you had a year to prepare buying AC :p

    I'd gift it to you if I had a full job(finishing study etc...):sleep:
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  15. thx my freind you have already gift to me your support :D.
  16. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    I was in the same situation 2 years ago.
    On another site some friends asked me if i can be Safety Car for their championship...
    Well "sure" i said..."but i dont have the car so i cant be of any help..."
    "Well.." they said.."Because you agreed to help us we will make it a gift for you"...
    Well,even if it was just a few bucks ...it was not about that,it was about the things that others are willing to do for you...Sometimes you can be a total stranger and recive some help and sometime you have to deserve it...
    Firstly,to show us your serious,you could change you nickname with your real name and become a licensed member....because there is no use of having the game if you dont use it to join races or championships at RD wich off course cant happend if you dont use your real name....:)
    Good luck:thumbsup:
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  17. love your post :D, just am used to use nickname with all my favorite forum and if necessary i will show my real name and become licensed or why not premium member if i will get credit card or something similar in the near future.
    I know am very direct with my request but i dont ask this donation for free and i know better than anyone in this life you can't get anything for free directly.

    ps: is the Licensed status have any relation with my actual playing sim ( LFS ) ?
  18. I don't want to be rude but you joined today and the first thing you do is asking if someone gives you Assetto Corsa?

    If you really waited one year and you have no money .. you can't tell me that you can't get 35 Euros in that long time together. And if it's about payment methods I recommend to closely look on Steam they offer so many that you will find one that's fitting you for sure.
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  19. If he had just saved a dollar a day for 35 days.... he'd have the game.
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  20. I know, this is not a give i have game to exchange with who interessted, and i already cheked all steam payement methode and I was very interesting by paysafecard but no store and all others methode are no compatible too with my actual living country bank ( Algeria ).

    you are right aboute my first post on this forum and i am sorry for this, but I follow all sim news since i started playing LFS :D.

    ps: ah licence membership are not compatible with LFS :(.
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