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WIP Ascari Race Resort

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by liquido, May 10, 2010.

  1. We are proud to show our progress in this project, we will be June 5 Ascari to take action and make more photos, after the visit to the circuit we will terminate the trace modeling with altimetry and steeps.

    Still much work to do and this project will export to Rfactor and GTR2, in principle, so we work hard to finish it deserves.

    I leave a video link and the current status in case anyone wants to test it, we need Beta testers.



    comparative video:




  2. Hi Guys,

    First of all great work by watching the videos. :doublethumb:

    finally Ascari will become available .

    I'd like to be a BETA tester i've got GTR 2 / Evo and rFactor as games.

    i've downloaded the track for GTR2 but can't get it running. :confused:
    Loading screen works fine but came not further than garage.
    Car has no ground

    hope this makes sense

  3. I really like the tall grass effect you've achieved. Is that from one of the readily available X-Packs or did you create a new texture for Ascari?
  4. Thanks for the reply and the "tip" (car has no ground), we try to solve the GTR2 and upload it again... sorry for that.

    we post here every update and download links.
  5. Right now most of textures are from Great Britain Xpack and Ennisfargis Xpack, all grass textures are from Great Britain Xpack... jay_p_666 great contribution.

    i will go to the real circuit on 5 june, i will spent all the day, making photos, videos, ride ascari as copilot 20€ (i haven`t 300€)... i love details, so we inquire of the measures of all ripples, on the walls, final details of the pits and the pitlane.

    the truth is that we get real photo textures Ascari, but I doubt we get a better texture of dried herbs Ascari jay_p_666 work comes to us like a glove.

  6. I've converted the Rfactor track myself and it's working fine, if you want the files liquido please sent an PM with your @mail

    it's working for GTR2 and Race07/Evolution.

    only thing is loading screens and appearance in track selection which i do not have correct ... in progress as we speak :cool:
  7. issue 2:

    Some (most) cars have their pit box under the track. So you can't do anythng when you click drive. You are under the track, and you can't drive, you are just falling down.

    This is something different from the first issue where I couln't start at all in GTR2
    Evo has the same problem.

  8. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    If this is in the rFactor version (and possibly others), it could have something to do with the TDF file. That, or the material name for the textures used as track surface isnt set as 'roada' or 'roadb'. There are others, but these are the main two.

  9. Thank you very much for the help, my email is clavicula@gmail.com

    the truth is that I'm learning with this circuit Rfactor details, such as position in the garage, pits, fast online ..... GTR2 conversion of the other person is doing, I only work in BTB and Rfactor or RBR, RBR know better ... this means that to make mistakes, but we stop to do a good job.

    now we are a little stand, for exam time, but after the June 5 back to work.

    Bazurrik see you control this world better than me, thanks for reporting errors, no joke, it helps.

    In the new version box building will be collided and special care that the cars do not fall into the underworld.

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  10. cool, when my PC is fixed I will try.

    Can you put up the update for evo (and maybe gtr2 too for those who play it?)

  11. motrogash9000 is really busy with others proyects in real life, so we need help with the conversion... can you help us?
  12. New Update on Ascari Race Resort, there is a lot of work to do... hope you like the updates.

    The circuit is much closer to reality than before, acctually I have more than 1k photos from the real circuit.

    My intention is to finish it before GranTurismo 6 comes out, I think I have enought time.

    enjoy and please tell me if you find something wrong.

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  13. New Update Oct 2012

    Passing the project to Blender I could fix many things, but this is the first circuit I do long for Rfactor and tarry a while to leave well optimized .... you should know that for me the most important is the 3D model and the definitions of the materials, the look does not matter much.

    Asphalt has a type of grip for the entire track, the lines have a different grip, the grip of the loopholes is also different, as well as the floor of the box .... the lawn area that touches the road (about 20cm) behaves differently to grass that dominates the circuit, I have some sewers end up being a problem if you go over.

    If anyone tells me I have to rearrange some area, I will decorate, but do not think I will spend too much time over this, my intention is to take it to Rfactor 2, if someone wants to do a conversion is free to use my work, provided that not commercial profit you can do what you want with Ascari.

    A greeting.




    Download :

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  14. Which one is the link for Ascari for Race07?
  15. There is not a version for Race07 ready.

    if you can do the conversion or if you want any thing from this proyect, you only need to ask for and i will provide everything I have.

    Rigth now I only have a Rfactor 1 version runing and it is not finished.
  16. Hi Liquido,

    I converted your Ascari track to Race'07 years ago by accident - I didn't know what I was doing, but it worked.

    It's a personal fav and I wonder if you have an update or some later work done on it that may be added to improve it?
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