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Article about "3d Laser Scanning"

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by carloscasas, Apr 20, 2016.

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  1. xnorb


    "Now the question is, do you still think 14,95 dollars is a lot of money?"
    Well, of course. Other sims also have laserscanned tracks and sell them for way less.

    A quick google search showed that you can rent scanners for about 3000$ per week (http://greatlakesgeomatics.com/services/3d-scanner-rental), let's say you send 5 people on track for a week. 5000$ for travel, 3000$ hotel, 1000$ car rent, 1000$ track fee (i have no clue on that one) 2000$ other expenses. Sums up to 15.000$

    You could put employee costs, studio rental, track license and what not into that equation, but those are costs you have to pay anyways no matter if you laserscan a track or not.
  2. I have no problem with iRacing pricing. You get what you pay for. You are not buying a game that will be obsolete in 2 years when they come out with the next version. You are getting a continuously updated racing simulation with the most realistic tracks and cars available. And when you buy the tracks and cars, it is a one time purchase for life.

    I have never paid full price for anything at iRacing. They are always offering half price on memberships and discounts when you buy content in bulk. They also have $100 credit for $75 which I always take advantage of. So I only pay $7.85 for those tracks and that is a bargain for me.
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  3. xnorb


    You can optimize the costs, no doubt. But this is not about iRacings overall pricing but how much laserscanning could possibly affect track costs. Which i hopefully have pointed out to have pretty low impact.

    Other sims also release laserscanned tracks but ask way less for them.
  4. "Laser" scanning is easy to do these days. There is a technic that creates a 3D image from pictures. It's a free app for all mobile phones called 123D Catch from autodesk.
    You can create the picture sequence with any camera and put it in the PC version...

    If you put the result (fbx) in a moddeling program you can have some nice results. There are some holes to fill in, but it creates a nice reference to get started.

    I did these "scans" in 2 min. The app sends the pictures to autodesks. And after a few hours you'll get the rendered mesh back that you can download. That you can open in a 3D moddeling program.

    Well yeah, it's not real laser scanning and there are some holes to fill in. But the result is a nice reference to start with. :)

    Edit: for ingame: in the end the laser scanning is your reference. The 1mm mesh needs to be reduced... A lot... :(
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