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Arma 3

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hampus Andersson, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. http://www.arma3.com/alpha/briefing

    Man i can´t wait for this :)

    Included in the Alpha:
    • Stratis 20km2
    • 3 factions
    • 12 weapons
    • 8 vehicles
    • 2 multiplayer scenarios
    • 4 singleplayer showcases
    • Multiple weapon attachments
    • Customizable gear
    • Scenario editor
    • Modding
    System requirements (recommended):
    • Windows Vista SP2 - Windows 7 SP1
    • Intel Core i5 2300 / AMD Phenom II X4 940
    • Nvidia Geforce GTS 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7760
    • 1gb GPU Memory
    • DX11
    • 4gb RAM
    • 20gb free HDD space
    • DirectX compatible sound card
    • Internet and steam account to activate
    So looking at the information you can either get invited for free by someone or you can buy the Alpha for 25 Euro and by doing that you get full access to the Beta and you get the full game when released.
    And you get invites to hand out.
    The free Alpha (invitation) does not include various things, you can see here.

    Edit: looks like 4 different versions of the Alpha, but three of them you essentially buy the full game when it comes.

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  2. Simon Bacon

    Simon Bacon

    Well that's my week taken care of:D
  3. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

    That does look absolutely fine! Hopefully they worked on the voice overs...
  4. Trying to get a hold of an invite (which allows me to invite anyone of you) but the Arma 3 site is extremely slow atm.

    If you get a hold of an invite, PM anyone of us so we get one, that will give us the ability to invite a person so its like a train if you will.
    We just need one to start with :)
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  6. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    I have some questions as I'm still relatively new to pc gaming.

    If you buy the alpha for £19.99 on steam, is that a one off payment or will it cost more for dlc etc?

    Is this a game you play with the mouse and keyboard or can gamepads be used?

    Is this a game you can learn quickly and move around or do you have to learn to juggle the controls and learn epic amounts of information? I love simulation but with racing being a priority, I don't know if I could have time to learn it all if its too in depth.

    Looks great though!
  7. If you buy Arma 3 (any of the options) you get the BETA and Full game later when they are released according to the links shown in first post.

    mouse and keyboard is the best. Superior in fact. Unless you want to be really good at Heli´s and Jets, then a joystick is best.
    Controller only retards the whole point of the game.

    It´s probably similar to simracing sims in learning cycle.
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  8. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    better watch out in case I'm on your squad and shoot you then...no good with the mouse ;):thumbsup:
  9. The map you see in the video....looks quite big right?
    Here´s a scaled version of that map (in yellow borders) vs Altis, the one we will first see in the full game.

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  10. Unless you are diagnosed with alien hand syndrome i think you will be fine :thumbsup:
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  11. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    lol I think you've sold it to me. Will download it tomorrow :)
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  12. Simon Bacon

    Simon Bacon

    I've got 3 invites 'pending' if anyone is interested, all I can say is 'wow!!' This could well ween me off Arma 1. For an alpha release it is very impressive and it can only get better:)
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  13. what do you mean 3 invites? im looking to buy ARMA , but not 100% sure just yet :)
  14. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    just bought it yesterday but taking an absolute age to download!
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  15. I'd love to know how the controls feel compared to Arma1/Arma2 - they always felt "klunky" and awkward to me compared to other FPS.
  16. Simon Bacon

    Simon Bacon

    Scott Webber - you get 3 invite codes with the Alpha to give away for multiplayer.
    RaceNut - infantry movement has 'evolved.' It feels more fluid in transition between stances. There are still a lot of inputs to learn but if you're used to Arma then not a lot has changed. Vehicle movement is more polished, especially flight, but still a lot of improvements to be made - but looking promising at this early stage,
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  17. I´d love to get an invite if possible,

    For people with an invite, March 14th i believe we can have a go.
  18. Simon Bacon

    Simon Bacon

    As soon as they come through I'll PM you Hampus:thumbsup:
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  19. would love to have one yo simon to check it out, really interested :)

    Cheers bud.