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Arma 2

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rob Shillito, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. Anyone considering getting this? i pre ordered it today, had the first one but never really got into it as my computer sucked and it ran really slowly.
  2. I am. I play over at Tactical Gamer, I am a recruit for one of the IHS. They used to run these sunday events in ArmA they were so much fun. Hopefully they'll be back fro ArmA 2 :D

    Looks awesome. I read a review which said that the game was running on an average spec PC. Apparently, the engine is far better optimised, and runs equal to, if not better than, ArmA. When you get it, we should have a little Co-op game :)
  3. yeah that sounds cool, im also lookin forward to the release of America's Army 3 next week because Americas Army was one of the first ever first person shooters i played back in 2005 when i got a pc that was good enough to play descent games. This 3rd one looks awesome.
  4. Got AA3 preloaded on Steam mate, should be good. AA2 never pulled me in, a bit complicated, but the gameplay was simple... Hopefully, this will be more fun :)

    It will be a Week of War!
  5. Been reading reviews and it might be on my shopping list.
  6. I know Matt Alpeter said he played ArmA before, so he could be a potential ArmA2-er...

    I saw various gameplay and hear from people who are playing the German version, they say it is a big improvment over ArmA.
  7. just got my copy through the post, installing it now
  8. Pre-ordered, going to get it tomorrow...
  9. I tried it and was not to impressed with the gameplay.

    Few of my friends hyped it to me about it being the most realistic shooter as well as varoius other internet sources, but well i tried it and found the gameplay quite unrealistic compared to AA3. ( ArmaA original was unrealistic compared to AA2 also ) but am a sim geek!

    Good for a bit of fun though :)
  10. I am a hardcore Arma/OFP-er, and the ones I've talked to who've played Arma and nurtured it (we used to play Sunday events with ACE mod, was amazing) and they said ArmA2 was an improvement, hand down. If you can Improve Arma, and keep the modding community, I'm sold. The game will never suit everyone. It's an acquired taste. I know what you mean though, the gameplay is very robotic.
  11. The game is ok, pretty much just like ArmA 1. Same horrible voice acting, same robot animations, the same dumb AI, and the same script issues, only this time they all come with fancy blur 2.0 extreme edition. Mouse movement/aiming is... hmm weird and allot of bugs to very buggy, which I would not normally complain about but when your paying it's different.
  12. Played the demo. Good game, definately an improvement. Gameplay is more fluid, music is better, sounds are better, and looks better. But, I dunno hoe, but the voiceovers are WORSE than Arma1. They said in the GDC confrence when the original (Arma1) were used in the game, and the BIS guy laughed and said "don't worry, the voices will be much imporoved in the final version... I think not. BIS are seriously not delivering "The ultimate war sim". Ever since the breakaway from CM, they have been suffering, and it shows. Finance shows through the lack of engine optimisation. They actually had to release Arma1 before it was 100% because they needed money quick. Half the game has just gone to the dogs. Sure, CM are bringing OFP2 into a slightly different direction, but they have their act together. BIS should get with a well renowned publisher. They have tens of small time publishers for some reason...

    Hopefully, they pull the Arma1 card where they bring out a load of patches and eventually polish and optimise the game to an enjoyable level. Then the community can take over and make it the game it should be (just like what Acemod did to Arma1) but the community won't be there forever... Perhaps a brand new engine, with improved physics, gameplay, modability and better optimisation (they called the Arma2 engine brand new... see for yourself).

    Rant over. Sorry, just had to get that out.
  13. ArmA 2 Demo

    Has anyone else downloaded the ArmA2 demo from fileshack?,i got it lastnight all 2.84gb of it and its not a .exe installer as you would expect,if i double click on it i get the list of programs to choose from to open it box :noidea:,what the hell is this file and how do i work with it?... :(.

    Thank You
  14. Why dont you download it off steam sexy man?????
  15. Cheers.com i think i can cope with that method :D :good:

  16. Arma II anyone?

    50% off this weekend on Steam.

    Supposed to be a very good military sim. Anyone have any experience with it?
  17. I've had it for a while. Good game, but some patches need to optimise it a bit. My rig is pretty decent, yet texture issues plague you unless you have an SSD.
  18. I just bought it, curious how it will run on my system...
  19. Yeah i'm tempted to buy it Bert
  20. Neil Tennant

    Neil Tennant
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    for £12 it worth it if u like war games, but still quite buggy even after 4patches

    netcode is **** too