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Are there hacks/cheats for the Xbox version?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by AgentMulder, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. I ask because I recently ran into a room that, for two races, had some very odd stuff happen.

    The first race was on Yeongam. On the start line, I was the only car on the grid. The other six racers were all way back, pointed perpendicular to the track. For me the race went as normal, but all of them were balled up spazzing back and forth.

    I thought this might have just been some odd lag or glitch, or that I might have been lagging bad (few people trying to boot me after I won made me think it could have been me).

    Nevertheless I stayed around since the next race was on Hockenhiem, my strongest track. Things started normal enough, I got into second by dodging the first corner mayhem, and all seemed well. That was until I got passed by somebody I'll call "Bob". Now Bob was absolutely flying, got round me and worked up about a four second gap. He had insane levels of grip, taking corners at speeds I could not. I ran about a 1:15:1, so that would place him at ~1:11.

    Fast forward to the final lap, and somehow I caught Bob after he had a massive off in the hairpin. I get passed, and he's immediately right on my rear. We come up to turn 8 and I'm starting to think he's just got some insanely good setup. Predictably he slams into me as I slow for the corner, and we both go into the gravel.

    I get slowed to a crawl, and am about to start yelling very naughty things, but what happened next floored me. Instead of slowing down with me and/or spinning like mad, Bob keeps going at full speed through the gravel, and back onto the track as if nothing happened. He literally lost no speed at all, never bounced, never slid, just took the gravel at track pace/

    Any of these on their own I would just chalk up to lag or a glitch. I'm not the world's best driver in this game, but unless I screw up badly, I'm always on top or on pace with the top on Hockenhiem. Has anyone else encountered this? Am I just being paranoid, or has anyone else run into a guy like Bob before?
  2. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Haven't come across exactly that issue but was in a Montreal race last week where some of the drivers weren't bothering with corners and were just straight lining everywhere without any speed penalty... Thought it was very strange but just assumed it was the fact that perhaps no penalties were being used in that session.... Does seem very odd though!!
  3. Lookin at your TTs I thought you knew all the haxx Peter :D
  4. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    *lol* yeah I've got the going slow at every corner hack running the whole time ;)
    You putting a time in for this week?