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Are the bugs and glitches really problems

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Anthony Lucas, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. I am curious as to how many people think the bugs and glitches on this game are as serious as people are going on about.

    Personally i dont find them to much of a problem the only one that gets under my skin is the penalties.

    Most times its my fault but 7 times out of 10 its not like cars rear ending me and i get a 10 sec penalty because of it thats kinda silly in my eyes.

    Or cutting corners sometimes all i have to do is set 1 wheel on the grass and i get an infraction i mean cmon or if i take a corner to wide and ride up onto the grass penalty the judges are really strict.

    But bugs like the pit stop are not so bad my strategy to avoid it is to pit in early or try build a slight lead from the rest of the pack which doesnt always work.

    But surely in real F1 If several cars pit in the car out first has priority and another car can not pull out and impede the driver.

    Other ones ive heard of are punctures but thats part of the fun sooner or later everyone gets a puncture unless they are driving with damage off.

    Another is the fact that people have been saying cars dont pit in i have never seen this and ive been lookin since being told of it the only time it doesnt happen is when its wet but they are fully entitled not to pit in when its wet but its the rules in a dry race to use 2 sets of tyres.

    Also generated laptimes in qualys is a big issuse IMO i dont find this bad because the laps arent outrageous they are 2 secs ahead maybe and with a good bit of solid driving that is easy to make up or some custom setups.

    As for the fact that the AI are able to drive like they have no fuel in the race it is slightly annoying but not something that would ruin the game for me.

    Basically i just want other peoples feed back on these issues to see how others are reacting and how they are coping with them?


    P.S I know that was a bit dragged out and if i didnt cover any other bugs feel free to point them out :cool:
  2. Well to be honest , i didn't had real problems..until just a few minutes ago...
    I restarted my career , because i wanted to do better.
    Qualified 6 th in the first race and thought this was going to be a pretty cool race...but!
    within 7 laps i got 4 punctures and eventually rage quited because i had enough of it , that said though , that's about the only bug/problem i've had so far.
    Since it's a full-lap race i've started i don't want to go for another 2h of punctures today .
    I'm going to restart it tommorrow and if it still occurs i'll probably go with 'no damage' for now .
    I'm also pretty convinced it has something to do with going all out in the first rounds..i'll try it out tommorrow if it still occurs when starting slower and trying not to slide through the corners.
    Besides that issue , i'm really happy with the game ;-)
  3. 4 flats in one race i havent even got 4 flats in one season its odd though and i well believe u ive heard off some of my friends that it is a consistent problem for them im confused as to why though
  4. yes, but this works in a more agressive and borderline way, they try to take advantage of any little space to get back as fast as they can, no way a crew is letting all the field overtake their driver after all the pit work is done.

    punctures are pretty rare in real f1, and they happen waaaay too often in the game, this is so serious that imo playing with damage on is not a possibility if you don't want to completely frustrate yourself.

    i've seen this happening over and over. in almost any race, usually one or two random drivers don't pit in at all. this is in dry weather races.

    i don't feel the generated laps are too far from reality, but it's weird anyway. today i was playing the start of a practice session and i was chasing two cars for three entire laps. despite of this, the only registered times in the session so far were mine. immersion killer, imo.

    it only doesn't ruin mine because i run with fuel sim off. this definitely should be fixed, it kills the race flow with bizarre fluctuations in your pace in comparison with the opponents. either you're way too slow in the start or way too fast in the end (or both). completely unrealistic.

    this game is a bug fest. i love it, it is addicting, visually beautiful, very funny to play. but it has a insanely large number of pretty serious bugs that shall not be overlooked.

    i hate the penalty system too.
  5. Bugs that annoy me are on the online play, that stop you from playing with your mates.

    I can deal with the penalties as its the same for all, over time, but yes a bit severe.

    The real problem is the same old problem of taking a clan of racers into a room.
    Takes sometimes 10 attempts to get everyone in, it put the host of the party in a room a good few seconds before the others, which then goes into the game and they never make it.

    The other is a party of 4 will go into a room with only 1 or 2 spaces and loose people again.

    This is the same problem on COD when they are released, and nearly always patched in time, but extremely annoying and waste of time.

    Some bugs with winning times, and one big bug was a online room i was hosting we had about 5 friends and thought we would have some AI drivers, 3 of us were 1st 2nd and 3rd, and one AI driver was lapped, but because he was lapped the usual DNF did not come up and as we were waiting for others to finish, he came in only have done 2 laps, the AI time for 2 laps instead of the 3 we did, was less time and the AI was promoted to first.

    Thats a series code error...
  6. well , i've been testing just now..couldn't believe it was 'a bug'..well it wasn't !
    playing it at hard expertlevel , the tire heats up very quickly and i apparently just didn't count that in regard...

    so ..i've been riding the 'Virgin-cosworth' and i indeed got plenty of flats in the previous race .
    Now i just did it more calmly..qualifying just enough to get to q2 ..and set a 11th time in there..leaving me with 89% of my option-tires , which i started the race with . now i'm in the middle of the race , done 1 pit (again option-tires) and am now in my 25th round.
    But now instead of running in 6th place , i'm running more calmly and patiently in 15th place..so far no tire-problems.
    Also i keep the tire-check up so i can watch more closely in what rounds my tires are getting 'yellow' .
    Fact is indeed , this car can run way faster , but the tires can't cope with it . So keeping in on the throttle, faster shifts ( no redlining) and no spinning the back in the corners so far is doing the trick.

    So yes , it's very tempting to go over the limit . And as i also at first thought it was a bug , it seems that after a fair bit of testing with the setup and drive-style the tires and the car are holding great in the race.
    I even got 3 times the pit-message 'tires and brakes in optimal temperature' ..so that's something to count in for sure!

    Well that said, this game is more and more falling into the 'simulation'-cathegory for me !

    ps : so you can scrap the previous post , it just isn't a bug, it's all about drivingstyle and tactics !
    though the fact is there is no warning of the tires being worn or running too hot..maybe something that would be nice as pit-message in an upcoming patch?!

  7. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    I think you've actually asked two separate questions in this thread, which have different answers in my case.

    For me, yes they are. They're frustrating, they break immersion, and they ruin the experience. I don't want any of those things when playing racing games, so I'm waiting for an extensive patch before playing this game again.

    No, I do not think they're as serious as some people are going on about. Some people are saying the game is completely broken and unplayable, which is simply not true. But that's the nature of the beast... there will always be a few people that blow things out of all proportion.
  8. It pretty much as rFactor too me, in terms of playing a championship in single player mode. Here and in ISIs game the AI is so annoying and stupid you almost cant play, cant immerse into game. AI in F12010 is better because when they are in your sights and you are able to match their pace and take the fight to them - the fight itself can be very entertaining, but thats about it, the rest about AI in this game is a fail; the whole concept of faking AI lap times is some big misunderstanding that came probably from Codemasters "experience" with arcade racing games, like GRID or DIRT where such "cheating" wasnt even noticed by most of gamers :/ Second big problem are punctures, that happen too often; maybe if we knew what are the rules the game is using to "give" punctures, we would be able to counteract them somehow... Third: theres some weird difference between race day and practice sessions (in career mode); how we suppose to prepare a setup for race when car is behaving totally different in race than it was in practice sessions with the same setup and max fuel amount onboard; maybe the game has a problem with simulating fuel load in practice? And finally, much less of an issue, but still annoying is hud, osd or whatever you called it. It was a mistake bringing it to f1 game right from GRID and DIRT, because in arcade racing games you dont need information you need in F1 game (that wants to be serious), and taking an osd from arcade game, an osd that cant display vital information (and is taking a lot of screen space for no reason) is another stupid thing that makes racing unnecessarily difficult; I could live with that if my engineer was giving me this missing information, but he - for some reason - wont do that... and here is the most disturbing flaw of the game: even if we had this information (like gaps between drivers on screen or from engineer, it would be pointless, as the AI is still cheating, the game is cheating with lap times. So, to fix one thing, CM need to fix the other - I hope they will.
    Of course I am telling all this from a point of view of a person, who takes it seriously, who like to immerse into games world, and needs all the basics of F1 world in place. But, if someone is playing with gamepad or keyboard, with all driving assists on, and realism options off (fuel, tires), and want just to make fun like in some NFS (except Shift) then this game is more playable Id guess.

    (Oh, and pitstops bugs also need to be fixed asap)
  9. AI lap times in practice and qualy are not faked, a model is used based on driver, car and track to compute a time.
    Since the time can be accelerated x30, simulating 23 cars on track seems not possible... too much CPU power would be needed.
  10. And thats the problem. The game is calculating results, and when youre going to race you find yourself in completely different world. Even if its not really faked by the game, you end up with feeling of being cheated all the time.
  11. some very good points there guys and i think they are all very valid.

    @ gonira i didnt realise the pit stops were more competitive i watch F1 myself but not as often as i like usually im looking at vid clips on youtube or online but i understand what you mean and it makes good sense that it would becompetitive and realise no that spending 15 secs trying to leave the pit lane is ridiculous.

    punctures i still havent had too many and i hope it doesnt change but it does seem to be a very consistent problem as ive heard on this post does anybody know when codies are putting out this patch and keep the feedback coming
  12. There has been over 200 views on this and 11 comments come on guys you should reply if you have a problem no one will bite
  13. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I am not too 'bugged' with the bugs to be honest. I enjoy it for now knowing that CM is working on a patch that will fix them in the near future. No game is bug free at release day.
  14. I'm glad you did that test because it answers two questions for me. I always wondered if peoples driving style had anything to do with all the flats and I guess you need tire sim on before the tire-check will go from green to yellow. Can you tell us if they start blue and if you've seen them go to red?
  15. A truer word could not be said all games have bugs on release date i bought Fifa 11 there a couple of days ago and there are a few bugs on that too and several other games i have bought in my lifetime of gaming have been buggy lol
  16. There would be no pitstop bug if we were allowed to act as the lollypop man. Simply allow us to look behind and flash a green circle on the screen when crew work is finished. Then YOU (meaning us) can then release the car and if we release into traffic, so be it and you incur the penalty associated with sucking as a lollypop man. Case solved, immersion continued! As a matter of fact, they should bring back the button sequencing in the pits so you can have some control over how longs you pit takes too.
  17. yeah thats a pretty good plan i wish i could just knock the guy down and drive out it is sooooo annoying when that happens and i feel like crying when it does lol

    but the main track it seems to happen on for me all the time is catalunya bad enough that the AI are soooo fast but i get stuck in the pits till last place madness then im playing catch up for the whole race i played spain earlier finished in pole due to heavy rain finished race in tenth due to pit delay and could not keep up with the last nine the whole grid pit in behind me on the stop and the whole grid got out ahead of me because my pit lane is at the very end co-incidence i think not more like conspiracy ha
  18. I've read CMs response on this and AProst is right. The cheating, scripting, or whatever you wanna call it is only used when 1) in practice and 2) accelerate time 6x 30x. I can completely understand their point. How in the world can you simulate how a car will function at 2,000+MPH. Speed and acceleration is based on time. So it seems like it would be extremely hard to add AI mistakes into a lap that's going 30x faster than time AND actually draw that on the track. I think the fact that they don't actually put the car on the track when time is accelerated is the biggest issue with everyone, but I could be wrong. I'm no expert in racing or physics nor am I trying to seem like one, but I do know and understand that if I don't need to practice for 1.5hrs and want to speed up time, then there's a little give and take I have to deal with. They specifically said this was NOT done for the racing portion. You don't have to take my word for it as I believe it was posted in CMs forums or on TRG4's twitter. I would search it out and post it but if it's really that important to you, you'll look for yourself.
  19. The biggest difference between most games and this one (IMO) is that most times bugs are turned into exploits that people use to cheat. Am I wrong?
  20. not wrong at all very true and that is a good thing in a way on the other topic i will search that myself but really its not too much of a problem i kinda like fighting my way back from bottom of the grid as i can practice my overtaking lol