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Are Team ORSM going to make a 2011 Fujitsu Series Mod?

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Jayden Aben, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. cheers mate..PM on its way
  2. yeah RF2 may be the go...
  3. MUTE...you out there buddy????????
  4. I'm still working away on the few (about 16) cars that are still to be done....

    MUTE has 26 cars in various stages of completion but has gone missing due to PC issues

    It seems that everyone else has gone missing..... :(
  5. Own sorry to hear that, that must be divassing
  6. yeah it sucks but what can you do
  7. I have heard nothing back from the other guys so I might just release what I have as standalone cars :(

    I could not be stuffed making all the other cars that the other guys are working on or have done :(
  8. Really sorry to hear that. I wouldn't be to quick on releasing them as stand alone though. Give the guy's a bit longer to get back to you. You'll have a better response from the community if you can keep them set up in a season release. Don't worry about them being 2011 cars, That's just the way it is and if people want the Fujitsu series they'll still get it no matter want the year.
  9. Oh man, It's catch 22 really. Release an unfinished project and you'll get **** about it, put the project on hold and you'll get **** about it. Just do what you think is best ESP.
  10. In all honesty, if you don't have the full field, get them together.. If it is just a few skins from a team, then release it. Depends on the size of the blocker.
  11. all up there are 37 cars to finish...

    that consists of the following
    21 are currently WIP (Mostly Mute's cars as I have no idea what stage he is it)
    12 Are still be be skinned
    3 we are trying to find pictures to see if they changed between rounds.

    I will keep working on the ones that still needed to be done and pray that Mute gets on some time and updates me..

    The cars Mute has done I will leave until last if I have to make them all...
  12. I'm still working away
  13. its much appreciated ESP=EWE=
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Looking great mate ;D
  16. great stuff mate :O
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Nice skin
  19. We need your help to finish

    these are the cars that are still left to do

    R1 92 Fastaz Motorsport Taz Douglas Commodore VZ
    R3 67 The Love Machine Paul Morris Commodore VE
    R3 20 Flexi Hire Racing Andrew Jones Commodore VE
    R4 20 Team BOC Andrew Jones Commodore VE
    R4 38 Eggleston Motorsport Cameron McConville Commodore VE
    R5 38 Eggleston Motorsport Cameron McConville Commodore VE
    R5 50 Voight Constructing Steve Voight Commodore VE
    R6 71 Action Racing Marcus Zukanovic Commodore VE
    R6 93 Fujitsu Scott McLaughlin Falcon FG
    R7 20 Team BOC Andrew Jones Commodore VE
    R7 71 STR Truck Bodies Marcus Zukanovic Commodore VE
    R7 100 TEAM NAVY Chaz Mostert Falcon FG

    If you can help then let us know what you are doing and we will include your skin in the mod :)
  20. Ill do the McConville Cars for Round 4/5 if u want :) also Mostert's FPR Falcon from Round 7