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Are Team ORSM going to make a 2011 Fujitsu Series Mod?

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Jayden Aben, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Dear Team ORSM,

    Now i love your mod, V8Factor Unleashed 2010 but i am wondering if you are going to make a 2011 Fujitsu Series Mod. I hear that FVRFactor are and to be honest the V8Factor cars are alot more Life Like so yeah. Please get back 2 me wen u can thanks.
  2. ok thanks
  3. So no 2011 that was a promise at the start of the year boohooo who cares about the past what about this year :-(
  4. Read the post next time...
  5. You can't expect him to actually CONCENTRATE for a full 10 seconds and READ Jase, he can barely type.
  6. Dear dear me. Every time I look in the ORSM forums of late someone is having a moan. Can you not stop having ago at ORSM all the time guys we have had it for years now. Oh when is the mod coming out its a joke 4 years is taking the pee I wont get it to show them who is boss crap get a life, and the funny thing most of you who said you was not getting it have got and cant stop kissing arse now.

    Team ORSM have done one hell of a job with this mod I cant get of it :) They are working like made to give us all what we want most sites have asked for the old skins that is why they are making them.

    But here is the thing if you want the 2011 cars so bad why not do it your self and give back to the sim world and not take and moan all the time.

    Sorry for the rant staff but it gets my back up how out of line some people really are
  7. Hi guys -

    Yes Prozac32 (Mute on RD) and I are working on a skinpack for the 2011 Fujitsu series. It is time consuming but after chatting to Bacon last night we are on top of everything. As Alex0987 posted the link to the Addon on rFc.

    Stay tuned for more updates.

  8. how did alex087 post the link?????? because i cant find it???????????
  9. Some one needs glasses. The link is on post 2 and repeated on post 3 of this page.
  10. oh silly me shouldve thought that
  11. any one have highres images for the cars in this series?

    If you got em post em please so we can finish off the series :)
  12. Check your msn, goombah!

  13. Have checked mate...Nothing there
  14. Some rear shots of the cars would be fantastic if anyone has any?
  15. Any particular teams or do you need the whole feild?
  16. Well the whole field would be great but for a start McLaughlins car in particular i can't finish as the only picture of the rear of that car i have seen is only about 150x200 pixels.
  17. Thanks mate, dont know why i didn't think of facebook before!