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Are simracers the biggest naysayers in the world?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Joco Gorenc, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. OK so I noticed so many topics, specially on AC forums about the sim having too much traction etc... For example a guy that drove a real xbow but at golf cart speed and on a damp track saying the AC xbow has too much traction when stepping on throttle. So he compares two very different conditions and you see all this discussion going on without anybody having actually tested the exact same car(from tires, setup etc...) and same track conditions. I have done many track days with a Rotax max kart and I tell you even if there are litlerally few drops of rain on track it changes traction dramatically(even more so in a car).

    Not trying to be a fanboy but netkar for me always was a different kind of sim, on another level from anything else(with some minor faults ofcourse in physics of some cars). AC I think is now really the peak of what they could achieve with their current knowledge and also computing capabilities of our PCs. The latter is important and extremely tricky as developers have to make simplifications of some physics coding for normal PCs to support.

    Im just saying we should enjoy what Kunos brought to us so far. Doubting is healthy ofcourse but too much is too much. If you do it, at least have some real experiances and proof before making a 10 page topic of how easy the sim is while youre several seconds off pace.;)

    My 0,02$:coffee:
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  2. I totally agree. If they would try to make a full real-time extra realistic physics engine, then it would probably require NASA's PC to run. I'm happy until the game is just as realistic as it can get, in courts of the households.
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  3. If real race cars were difficult to drive, you wouldn't see the existence of the Gentlemen's class in GT3 racing. Nor would you see Sony pulling guys from the Gran Turismo online leaderboards and strapping them in a $200,000 GT-Spec Nissan GTR and getting kicked out of their class for "being too fast."

    AC feels like the lovechild of LFS and Race 07. My ONLY complaint is the tank slapping that occurs in some of the race cars, but this can be avoided altogether by NOT hammering the kerbs like an idiot.
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  4. I drove a Ferrari about 10 years ago. I could spin the wheels in 2nd gear out of slow corners. I'm not 100% sure I can do that in AC.
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  5. Oh yes you can.
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  6. And again an absurd comparison. And yes you can spin the wheels easily in 458 with no tc or even low tc.
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  7. Well in 458 you can . I belive in other older ferraris in this game you will be able to do that aswell . I dont know but they admited that E30 for example has not final physics while going very slow or trying to burnout . :

    I have some driving on track experience and in my opinion tyre physics on medium and high speed is by far the best I have experienced in any sim I used ( basicly all of em ) .
    E92 is perfect imo , at any speed .

    Imo LFS and rF was way too "slippery" for me , I had many times "icy" feeling . ( both mentioned sims I love and I really think they are / were great . But its 2013 and AC is big step forward in phisics matter )
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  8. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    I disagree....
    And this video can show you that you can even spin the wheels in 3rd gear....
    Check your settings!!!

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  9. Q: "Are simracers the biggest naysayers in the world?"
    A: Nay

    (Sorry couldn't help it)
    Seriously though I don't think its possible to create the perfect sim. For me AC may be the perfect middle ground. At present iRacing has the better physics model but only by a little bit. PCars which I played for the 1st time last night has the best car modelling and menu system.

    For me big turn offs with both are the fact iRacing would charge you per km like a fecking taxi if they thought they could get away with it (give them a couple of months and they just might try as they're perfectly happy to sell unfinished tracks) and you lose everything when you stop paying up. Pcars requires much higher specs than I can afford to plough into it to reach AC's level of performance on triples and thats only at the 0.21 stage.

    I've never driven a Ferrari and the likelihood is I never will. Kunos have given me the opportunity to get as close as I ever will with more cars & tracks out of the box even this early in development than the competitors. They've been supportive and objective in listening to their early adopters, speedy with updates, outfitted AC with an excellent App structure and given a defined update release schedule. For 35 euro you can't even get a sparco gear knob. AC represents amazing value imho. Kudos to Kunos. Keep it coming guys.
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  10. I don't think AC is pushing what PC's are capable of wrt physics.

    The tyre model is very nice, but no 'open' system so far for custom systems to be implemented.

    No multi-body physics which limits some behaviours.

    Questionable bump-camber settings on the F458, but apparently real data?

    AC is indeed very good, but there are a LOT of question marks over a lot of the physics stuff for me. Just because it feels good doesn't mean it's correct, it just means people have chosen good settings.

  11. I'm at work and ive not raced the 458 in a while, i'll take a look when I get home.
  12. Do few laps @Magione with street tires in PRO mode and then try to push (too) early after 180* turn.
  13. Danm right. Just too many "talk like god but drive like ****" racer out there who often off pace but keep on critic how this or that game is wrong, funny :whistling:
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  14. You are clearly missing the point of a BETA or Early access game. There is a whole lot ahead until the game gets actually released, and as you see every 2 weeks it's more than a step forward to get it right.
  15. To be honest a good racing game should always try its best to find a balance between fun vs reality driving .. i mean a racing game which is 100% perfect reality sim actually harm sales, because game like that will be too difficult for 90% of player to play since 90% of player actually cant drive well (include me :D)
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  16. No, people are like that everywhere not just in sim racing.

    Speed alone does not matter, because if you miss braking points, drive (over)aggressively over curbs or even grass, accelerate too early you may lose some time, but the "difficulty" should still be realistic and accurate.

    Of course on the other hand, experience and proof helps making your point, as you said. The guy in the other thread drove an Opel Speedster and found the handling less conservative then the Lotus in the AC tech demo. As far as I can see the discussion definitely made sense initially. The Lotus did have not the most aggressive set-up, the most engine power, and also enough body movement / roll to aid in stability.
  17. The most important thing for me when racing sim games is to have FUN! If i go spinning out all the time, what fun is that? Maybe for these ice racers the developers can add a skate rink for them?!
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  18. Try not to crash at all while practicing or racing and you'll see you respect every racing simulator. Of course for me AC is gonna be the best simulator so far comparing to the others.
  19. A sim (simulation) should be something that aims to represent the reality as well as possible. Some posts here mention that reality should be compromised for fun, which to me is what simcade and arcade games are about. If the real car is "difficult" to drive, say a race car with low downforce & high torque output combination, then it should be difficult to drive in the sim. And the same other way, most street cars should be comparatively easy to drive. But of course all this speculation about "too easy" is pretty useless, not only because few has driven the exact same car IRL, but mainly because the sim experience and reality is completely different. For example Jenson Button said this about the 2014 F1 car a few weeks ago:

    In reality I think it will be easier than in the simulator. The initial oversteer is very difficult to feel in the simulator - that initial feeling that you get through your bum in a race car. I think it will be easier in reality but we're going to find it tough.
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  20. Good last point John, I do have at the moment a problem with AC FFB abit because of exactly what Button said, initial and small slides just cant be felt on the wheel. This was just epic in nKPro, it is so direct and instantly you feel whats going on witht he car. In nK you can make corrections like a ninja, in AC its always abit delayed, and as I said not enough feel of initial or little oversteer... :unsure:

    But AFAIK this is not the canned ffb yet in AC(simulating only real steering feedback at the moment), so I think were in for a big surprise regarding FFB soon. I hope they release canned, full FFB soon(trademark).:sneaky:
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