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Are motorbikes supported?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Bram, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    With NetBike not really getting off the ground in the past will AC offer support for motorbike simulation?

    Here is an old Kunos Netbike vid with some nice music lol. kunos what mood were you in that day :D

    Pole Vault physics are supported I think :laugh:

    Apart from the engine sounds this looked rather tasty
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  2. I never knew Kunos tried making a bike sim before. :O_o:
    I doubt AC can have bikes as of now even if through modding, but who knows, down the road they could add bike physics to it, that would be awesome.
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Well netbike was a test inside Netkar Pro if i am right so hopefully the same can be achieved in AC.
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  4. This would be a dream come true for me.

    GPbikes by Piboso is awesome, but it lacks modding support. If AC has even the basics of Netbike inside it that modders can work with I feel something really special would happen there. I've played Netbike, it felt like it only needed a bit more tweaking to have something really special already.

    Makes me wonder how mod-able AC really will be now :geek: probably to the point of distraction, thanks bram, thanks a lot lol

    Signed, a HUGE bike fan
  5. You guys seen motogp 2013? Looks like it could be a good substitute whilst KS get on it! It's not out yet but sometime in 2013
  6. Let´s not forget Tourist Trophy by Polyphony Digital.
    Obviously not a hard core sim but looks awesome imo.
    Great sense of speed running on Nords.

    And that was from the Playstation 2 era :)
  7. I recall Aris saying that the native physics engine and the tire model in AC don't support bikes.

    I believe he explained you need to rewrite the ohysics engine quite a bit, because it is such a different thing.
  8. Yeah, that's in the "Must Buy" list. Looking forward to seeing what milestone do with the licence and their new engine. But that game is missing something most recent bike games have over the last, what.. ten years(?) and that thing is road bikes. Something that the above game, tourist trophy, didn't miss. That was an outstanding game for what it was, the details made me :) Loved that you could change the riders riding style and the weird, odd ball, classic and just generally wide selection of bikes you could choose from.

    In this day and age I think the only way is see that kinda game happening again is through modding, If polyphony digital can only sell barely 680,000 copies, (they poop gold bricks and high sales) other developers probably wouldn't bother taking the effort with the expensive process of building such a game.
  9. Oh yes, I was waiting for this thread for a long time.
    The motorcycle simulations on PC are more than rare, for now, we only have GPbikes that is done by only 2 people behind their computer working on nights and week ends and you can juste admire the result :

    But as people said in the upper posts, we are missing road bikes and tourist trophy was the only game that give us a huge range of bikes that we can ride in the little roads of france or italia.
    Netbikes is really impressive and I really hope Kunos will put their motorcycle physics engine in a future update in AC (without slowing down the work on cars, I am a car lover too but I want everybody to be happy with their favorite motorsport) :)
    Anyway Kunos, if you hear me, we have 3d models, sounds and people ready to work on motorcycle, so just give us a physics engine and modding support and we will give you some free candy
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  10. 2CV SUPER GT

    Bad Modder FACA

    And one important point is to have cars and bikes able to run together. I am not a biker but I want bikes for my friends then run free together on the nordschleife, me with my favorite car, and my friends on the bike or car they want .
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  11. I think one big problems with all bike games is.. there is not realy a good input device for it...
    for cars we have steering wheels which became quite good - very good nowadays.... and are easy to use.. just clamp it on the table for example...

    but for bikes.. to have the controllability like we have with cars.. you would need a thing to sit on which you can lean and steer and so on...
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  12. Small off top.
    I'm sure that couple months ago PiBoSo said he quit his job to concentrate on game development. Also this is mostly 1 man team. With someone else making only models and tracks.

    I'm not into bike games but one thing is clear. There is not many proper simulations because there is no proper steering device. There is no proper steering device because there is not enough bike sim games. And circle closes. I think even now GPBikes is alive only because relative success of Kart Racing Pro brought some money for development.
  13. Yeah I was thinking about this same issue, what I think is that there isn't a proper steering device for bike sims because they depend too much on body movement and balance which simply can't be translated on a controller, that's my guess.
  14. Well bikes/2 wheels vehicles turn thanks to using counter-steering. Body movement isn't THAT important. But still i agree controller could get a bit complicated in the end. But who knows KRP can now use kinect and it may find use in bike games (although that would be expensive).
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  15. Oh really? Didn't know that, I've been thinking that kind of hardware implementation would be perfect since it was rumoured GT5 would use the PSeye for weight shifting in the karts. What's stopping us from using TrackIR as a cheap foot in the door in that sense?

    I find strapping a short stick (like a half a broom) to a racing wheel helps leaps and bounds in controlling a bike sim, I felt all I really needed to add to make it 95% more playable was more controls at my fingertips. Shifting with paddles and using pedals for throttle and brake (which I had to do :roflmao: ) mostly could be moved/added to a detachable USB controller bar-set, I.E clamp on to our logitech/fanatec/thrustmaster wheels. Something like this in conjunction with a Kinect/TrackIR would be more than enough for most of us to have fun with I think.

    I want to build the above bar set, but not knowing what pots are compatible with a USB-controller like DSD sells is the biggest stumbling block atm, the rest I could do, Maybe I should ask for advice in the RD hardware section
  16. It's not a problem of steering device, people play fps with a joystick and there are a lot of fps, no need to get a gun device to enjoy that kind of game, Gpbikes is really enjoyable with an XBOX 360 pad, if the physics engine and the controller seetings are good, you can made a really accurate and playable simulation...
  17. Hey, if you've got some controllers lying around, you could try sticking them on. It seems like if you turn the grips sideways they work ok for thumb controls.
    With a more elaborate mount, you could maybe attach a grip brake to the analog triggers...
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  18. 2CV SUPER GT

    Bad Modder FACA

    I thought same like you in looking about that hardware video seen on Race Departement few months ago.


    Something like a second hardware that you can couple in fixing/unfix easily on every steering wheels (DFP, G25, CSR or T500 and more) then game can apply both using steering wheel for turn and FFB, game reduce automatically the steering angle of course. then real looking and working gas command, brake, clutch. Another parts of the hardware is fixed on the chair with the right commands for foot.
  19. Why not use one of these?

    Back to bikes & sims though for a moment rather than controllers....
    I had Tourist Trophy & while it looked good, I was truly disappointed by the physics & game play.
    It wasn't long & I consigned it to the shelf forever...
    TT Superbikes was much better in that regard, PLUS you got to race on the IOM (after all, it was partly funded by the IOM Government!)
    The later ones were of an even more limited release but had other classic road circuits.
    It was a shame they never combined that games great handling with the looks of Tourist Trophy!
    Until there's an A-C with bikes I'll keep trying to master GPBikes with a PS controller unless I win the lottery for one of the above linked controllers...
  20. LoL! 2CV Super GT beat me by seconds!
    You know what they say, "Great minds think alike....."
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