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Are mods considered cheating/exploiting/unfair?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by John Robertson, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Just wanted to know, obviously a camera mod that gives either a better field of view or looks to the apex would be a huge advantage over the static cockpit cam that you get, but since you can assign "look left" to "steer left" in the action map is that even considered an exploit? All these questions really only matter in competitive areas online.

    I've played a lot of FPSs, counter-strike 1.6 and source, cod4,5,6,7,(and soon 8) competitively online and they are SUPER strict with altering button maps, a big thing in cod was to assign "fire" to "mouse wheel down" or assigning mouse macros which would allow single shots in rapid fire, a big no no in comp. I was just wondering if the competitive arenas in F12011 are going to have similarly strict rules (and why wouldn't they) before I accidentally go get banned for something I didn't know I was exploiting.
  2. I dont believe so unless they alter the games memory or try inject lag into the game or mess about with times or track grip. If moving cameras adding mods or moving controls around would be classed as cheating then anyone with a better computer than the next person would be cheating. If someone was on a 17' screen compared to a larger screen size or better graphics then is that fair aswell? no its not though there isnt anything you can do about it apart from upgrading. ssd vs hdd? gtx580 vs 9600gt 2gb ram vs 24gb ram?
  3. I'm mean as long as you agree on the rules before you race then I don't think it's exploiting. I mean, if we do a race here on RD and we say that camera mods are allowed, then it's the same for everyone, right?
  4. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Well, a cockpit camera mod which has a different FOV or look to apex ( which I like, but others may hate ), is no more of an advantage than a player that uses the standard T-Cam view, or even a chase cam view. In fact the cockpit cam will still have a low visual perspective of the track, so it's still a challenge.

    One other thing, this game supports TrackIR (head tracking device), which I use in this game, so I don't need the 'look to apex' mod any more. So the developer in a sense already supports look to apex. Really they should have made it an option the game, for those that want it. Other racing games have this as an option, Dirt 3 and Race 07 comes to mind immediately.
  5. I would say that a "mod" is not cheating unless it alters gameplay from a performance standpoint, anything to mess with grip levels/downforce or obviously anything that would add speed/handling is cheating but graphical mods of any kind I wouldnt worry about. Though I have been banned from servers on Bad Company 2 when they realized I had eyefinity, so opinions obviously differ.
  6. thanks guys, and yea there was a big problem in black ops where people with low end machines were turning off shrubs and brush textures for performance. But then taking advantage of the fact that they could see clear through to areas where people were covered by these textures, so it cause a big line of site advantage with the "I see you before you see me" thing. I guess that doesn't make any sense in this context though but I was just making sure, thanks for the replies guys!