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Are F1 Podium Ceremonies Working?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Jason Noble, Sep 13, 2013.

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    Are F1 Podium Ceremonies Working?

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  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    They only work if you have a well known media person (Like Martin Brundle or David Coulthard) conducting the interviews.

    Last years concept of having legend countrymen drivers of the race had some teething issues that half of the drivers couldn't speak English properly, and it was all very rigid and uncomfortable to watch.

    It's better than the press room interviews, as long as there's someone up there who can conduct an interview properly.
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  3. I don't like it. You get the feeling that the drivers need to try harder to interact with the crowd now, and let's be honest, if you're a sporting person, you are not always made for talking in front of many people - it's not what you do best.

    Post-race interviews are a more controlled environment, strictly one-on-one and they don't seem to be so much 'under pressure' in that situation.

    Nonetheless, I get why they tried it, and in the beginning it was quite nice, because it was new. Now, however, they are more awkward than they are special - Jean Alesi making Sterling Moss seem and feel redundant at Monza, for one example.

    That was because of the setting, location and the people involved - Moss the typical British gentleman, and Alesi, the fired up, emotional ex Ferrari man in the heartland of the Tifosi, being played out almost against each other - through no fault of either one's own, of course - I mean, everybody likes Alesi :)

    Time to revert to old methods, I believe.
  4. Dux


    Since i saw the topic i couldn't wait to say that "real flags" must be returned!
    That is only one thing that is already stupid, if i can name 2nd. However they had good idea and somewhere there must be the line, where it is good etc, but like you said everything further down of that line, like booing of people who just dislike Vettel cause of his sheer brilliance and mental stability or ability however you please, to succeed in that to win 3 titles in a row, they wanted or not but he is a true champion. Its true multi 21 in Malaysia brought him too much anti fans but it was clear what he is about to do, after all he is a champion not a follow-dog, most of all RB team shouldve known that, and that mistake goes to them.

    I am now more speaking about that matter rather than speaking for the subject with the podiums :) i agree basicly with everything the author said and for sure return of the real flags not that, as he also said, lifeless boards with the colors of the nations.

    Also, about the podium there is one thing i like very much, that dramatic music going in the background :)
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  5. Nox

    Staff Premium

    A live rendition of the national anthems, like in DTM, would be nice and add some atmosphere.

    Another problem with the podium interviews is the room for protests - A race or two ago, were the crowd booing Vettel vehemently or were they booing the Greenpeace protester coming down from above? Of course, protesters can find other places to do this though and it is a relatively rare event.

    Alesi's interview was atrocious, and when Coulthard was covered in Champagne by Hamilton it was also annoying. The interviews shouldn't be a joke, but about the race. The interviews now mostly seem to be the drivers thanking the crowd.
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  6. I think it's really good that they now allow fans on the track and can get closer to the drivers when they celebrate, I hope they keep that.

    However i think the winner should be given their flag to wave for the fans, and think the interview should be conducted somewhere quieter after the celebrations.

    All drivers want to do is enjoy the moment on the podium. Then give them a moment to calm down, dry off and conduct a proper and thorough interview where they have the time and no interruptions to say their part.
  7. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    Whole podium procedure is getting ridiculous. First, they lined up grid girls as if they are mindless x objects applauding the glorious male drivers. Then this strange interview style which must be something annoying for the drivers who are standing up after a long tiring race. I love the proper way of interviewing the drivers in a "quiet" environment, away from the crowds, on their seats comfortably. Podium interviews look much more artificial in my opinion. Personally, i could not even think what to say properly in such an environment.
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  8. so far I don't see many arguments FOR the podium interview.. perhaps we should create a poll and send it to Bernie :p
  9. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Does Bernie really care what the fans want? :-D If he did, F1 would be more about the actual racing.
  10. Moss? I think you'll find that was John Surtees on the podium in Monza. F1 World Champion 1964 and 1956, 1958, 1959 and 1960 Motorcycle World Champion. Stirling Moss was never a champion although he became runner up four times.

    Anyway I think they need to revert to the old podium ceremonies. Definitely. Bring back the winners wreath! Just like at Le Mans!


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  11. Thou speaketh the truth.
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  12. The short answer is no. They are not.
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  13. Gavin Hendley

    Gavin Hendley

    Agree, It's all a bit cheesy plus I'm not a fan of hearing the crowed booing drivers. It really needs to stop.
  14. Definitely agree with this. No matter what anyone thinks of Vettel or any other driver, it is downright rude to be booing the drivers, I thought F1 fans were better than that. If any of you booing fans are reading this - don't bother going to any more races, IT IS NOT a football match and you should learn to behave better. It spoils an otherwise good race event, and I do not look forward to seeing the podium celebrations if this is how fans will behave.
    Sorry that's slightly off topic, but the current interview format is also playing right into the hands of this behaviour, so maybe it needs to revert back to the old press interviews.
  15. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    I'm absolutely for them.
    Just as long as they're done correctly.
  16. I feel the "old" style interviews in quiet, comfortable surrounds somehow brought about a more incisive interview ie: the drivers spoke about their race (technical issues, on track battles, car behaviour, championship chances, rivals and more) in a more precise and informative way. Whenever there was a controversial moment, small or big, that bit of tension and obvious dodging of direct questions sometimes in the press conference always intrigued me and somehow added to the lure of F1. The "new" system is ok though.
  17. ...my heart goes out to John Surtees though. What a true true legend of our sport that was made to look a little foolish up there.
  18. It's not really a "new" system at all, other races around the world have been doing this kind of thing for donkeys years and it's been done well.

    The biggest problem is language, if it's actually done for the fans and not to look good on TV then it needs to be hosted by a prominent media pro from the host country and conducted exclusively in the local language. If none of the drivers in the top three can speak to the locals (getting a list ready each weekend shouldn't be hard) then you leave that bit out and go straight to the press conference inside.

    A good possibility would be to then have the local media pro stick around there, and have any home race drivers interviewed there for the crowd after the top three have disappeared inside regardless of where they placed.
  19. Sorry Dewald but just a little correction : The British Gentleman was not Sterling Moss, Was John Surtees am afraid.
  20. I'm afraid you'll notice you are not the first one to point this out.