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Are 1.01 and 1.02 patches to be installed before RSRBR 2011 ?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Ton van Rijn, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. I am thinking about installing RSRBR 2011 but I am not sure about how to do that. In the Sticky above I read that after installing RBR, both 1.01 and 1.02 patches must be installed and then all the RSRBR 2011 files. However I thought that I also read somewhere that the patches are already included in RSRBR.
    Because I have already RBR with both patches, I wonder what I have to do. Do I have to uninstall RBR and then start all over again, by reinstalling RBR without the patches and then install RSRBR 2011 ? Or can I just install RSRBR 2011 without uninstalling first ?
  2. Just install RSRBR 2011.
  3. Yep, you can do it either way. The Patches are included in RSRBR2011, but if you install them first, it won't harm anything.
    The reason I suggested installing the Patches first in my Tutorial is simple:

    Some people run into problems after installing RSRBR2011. If you jump straight into it over a clean install of RBR, it makes diagnosing problems a bit more difficult. So, I like to make sure that my base RBR is installed and running correctly, before installing RSRBR2011. To do this best, I always install the base RBR, then the Patches, then test that the base game is running smoothly.
    THEN, I go and install RSRBR2011. If I have any problems with RSRBR2011, I know that it was the addon causing the problem, not the base RBR.

    It's up to each individual how they want to do it, either way is ok. :wink:

    In your case, you have RBR (and Patches) working ok, so just install RSRBR2011 over the top. :good:
  4. Thanks for the replies. Meanwhile I installed RSRBR 2011 and all went well, except for one thing.
    Although I still have to practice a lot before going online, I already registered via "RegistrationRSRBR20011" and I succeeded, got a confirmation etc. To try it out, I clicked on Public Sessions and also tried Championships, but in both cases RSCenter crashed with the message "RSCenter 2011 has stopped working".
    What could I have done wrong ?

    And I have a question about RSCenter. When I click on Play Alone, subsequently I can choose to launch RSRBR 2011, RBR SSE etc, but I also see a box with GO in it. What is the meaning/use of that ? Is that another option to launch RSRBR 2011 ?
  5. Assuming it's not installed in Program Files, try setting the compatibility to XP SP3.

    GO launches the current stage and car, and when you finish it, you're brought back to RSCenter. Like in an online rally.

    The rest launch the regular game.
  6. It is not installed in Program Files, but directly in C.
    Compatibility mode (tried different modes) doesn't help unfortunately.(I assume that you meant to set compatibility mode for RSCenter.exe ?).

    Meanwhile I found this thread:
    Don't know if it is the same as for me. Unfortunately the link on page 2 to the RSCenter.zip is dead, so I cannot try it.
  7. A couple of things to try?

    1. Did you re-enter your registration details in the first RSCenter screen. I think you have to type your username, password, and number in the top left hand section after getting your registration confirmation. You usually only have to do this once, it will remember it after that. make sure you type everything exactly though, it is case sensitive.
    2. The Main Rallyesim server may have been down at the time you tried, I have had that message occasionally, but it works again when I try a bit later.
    3. It is possible that your antivirus or firewall is blocking the Server, try disabling it or creating exceptions to allow it.
    4. If all else fails, post a message at the Rallyesim website. Refer to this part of my Sticky Post (http://www.racedepartment.com/richard-burns-rally/31470-rsrbr2011-installing-using-guidelines.html):

    Some people have problems getting registered on the RSRBR Live Server after they have an initial problem.
    If that happens, it seems the only way to resolve it is to go to the Rallyesim website/forum and to request a manual registration. They seem to be regularly doing manual registrations for people lately.

    Here is the website: http://forum.rallyesim.fr/index.php
    Post a problem help request here: http://forum.rallyesim.fr/viewforum.php?f=434

    Better still, send a PM to bluesky74 advising your problem, give him your Username, Password, etc, and he should fix it for you.

    Fingers crossed that may help get you going.

    EDIT: For the "fix file" linked elsewhere,
    We need Eddie to post it again, the link seems to have expired.
    May be worthwhile to send Eddie a PM and ask him for it.

    EDIT2: I found my copy of the "fix" file and uploaded it to RD Downloads here:
  8. Yes, Go is basically another way to launch RSRBR2011, but I don't use it. It doesn't give access to the Setup options, just launches the Stage.
    I always use Launch RSRBR2011 as this gives access to a couple more options before Running the Stage.

    RBR SSE launches the default RBR, BUT, it includes some mods ie. Access to all stages (you don't need to unlock them).
    RBR.dll is almost the same, except it includes the RBR.dll options, mainly used for editing replays etc.
  9. Thanks again for the help.
    The fixed RSCenter.exe didn't help. I got an error message about RSCenter not being up to date or something like that.
    But with the original file in place again, I clicked on RSRBRLive2011 Web Profile and saw a message: "You lost your identifiers". My username and password were there however. I closed the page and tried Public Session again and then it worked. After quitting, restarting RSCenter and trying it again, I got the crash to desktop again. I tried it a few times and every time the same. After going to my Profile it works and after trying again the crash.
    So it has something to do with the server and probably the "lost identifiers" ?
  10. It sounds like your details are not being saved somewhere.
    I would suggest contacting Rallyesim and letting them know.

    What is your Username and number, I can check to see if it is registered ok?
  11. This is what the confirmation mail said:
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Your race number : 3699
    Your login name : Rijnton
    Btw, although I could register and got a confirmation mail, I don't know if I did it correctly. When I clicked on Registration, there was already a race number on the form (I think it was 42), but when I continued it said that that number was already in use or reserved. Then I tried various other numbers until, with 3699, I succeeded.

    However it is not so important. The fact that I already tried to register was more out of curiosity. For the moment I only play single player (or play alone) and I will not go online within short time.

    I appreciate your help very much btw.
  12. You are definitely registered ok. I checked your number in the registered drivers list and it confirmed you with Rijnton as Username.
  13. Really stuck here...I've installed everything accordingly and tried this multiple ways multiple times but every time I attempt to play I will select my car pack, map, weather, etc. and when I click "Lauch RSRBR 2011, nothing happens. It simply shows my selected packs in the times table and remains at that screen except I am unable to click anything except for the "File" ect. buttons at the top of the screen. Any idea as to what is preventing the game from launching? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Driver Number: 1139
    Login ID: fishtaco
  14. After clicking "Launch" do you see the green progress bar slowly filling to the right? It should be just below the main menu section, this indicates that the game is loading data, and can take a little while to load.
    If you do see it start, does it finally stop at some point and not proceed any further?

    Is this for Off-line (Play alone) mode or On-Line (Public Sessions)?
    Have you tried launching from the "launch Richard Burns rally SSE" button?
  15. Yes the green loading bar fills completely. Sorry I was a little unclear about that but after it fills it adds all of my info to the "times table" and nothing happens from there. My only option is to return to the index or close the window and try again. This is for off-line play and yes I've tried launching from the "Richard Burns Rally SSE" button and again the green bar will load completely and promptly but from there nothing will happen. Again just in case there was any sort of confusion the green bar will always load completely to the right, and with both the "Go" button and the "Launch RSRBR 2011" buttons my pack info will be added to the times table and from the "Launch Richard Burns Rally SSE" button the bar will load all the way then there is no further action. I appreciate the help.
  16. Hmmmnnnn!!! This is a strange one. :confused:
    It sounds to me like the base RBR game is not loading, even though RSRBR is launching it.

    Have you tried running the default RBR (excluding RSRBR)? You should be able to test this by launching the game from your default RBR desktop icon (not the RSCentre one).
    Did you test that you had the base RBR running ok before installing RSRBR?

    If the base RBR is not running, we need to check some other things, maybe post your Richard Burns Rally.ini file contents.
    If the base RBR is running ok, then it may be something blocking it to RSRBR eg. anti-virus or similar.
    Which version of Windows are you using? If Win 7 or Vista, what installation path have you used?

    We need to confirm if your base RBR is working first though.
  17. Yep this ones a tricky one...but to the point; I tested my RBR after the fresh install prior to installing RSRBR and created the "Mulligatawny" file, ensured everything was unlocked and tested it at the rally school. Nothing was saved except that profile. But as soon as RSRBR is installed, the game cannot be launched either from "RSCentre" or from the desktop icon. When I click the desktop icon it will show the loading symbol that comes up next to the cursor for a brief moment then when that clears and you would expect the game to launch nothing happens...

    I'm running Windows 7 64bit and I used the Windows 7 Installation guide provided by RallyeSim.

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean by listing the Richard Burns Rally.ini file contents but I'm assuming its simply a file that I open and list the packages inside? I'll do so as soon as I'm back on my desktop. And again I really appreciate the help.

    EDIT: Alright I just realized that I have all the files installed under "C: \Users\.....\Desktop\Richard Burns Rally"... Can they not be installed under "C: \Users"? After re-reading the Windows 7 install guide I don't believe they can......go easy on me here.....
  18. have you got a 2nd partition on your hard drive? i always install my games to D: then when i reinstall windows my games are still there.
  19. Alright I just got it working for the first time and ran a test stage, everything works great! I had the DEP enabled before but I was missing the RBR Startup executable file. Thanks again for all the help I'm glad to have gotten this working finally.