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Arduino TM1638

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by steelking, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. Find a old android phone or small tablet and just run DashmeterPro.
    I found a mint condition phone for 25,-
    Runs great.
  2. fortyfivekev

    Premium Member

    I have done a lot of Arduino projects and unless you already have all the hardware lying around then I agree with Richard. I bought an 8 inch Android tablet for £20 on Ebay and use that with DashmeterPro with AC/RF1/RF2/SCE/AMS and it works great and is very customisable.
  3. I already have arduino nano + TM1638 + 3d printed "plate" to mount on a wheel
  4. fortyfivekev

    Premium Member

    Never tried it myself but what about http://www.x-sim.de
  5. I have quite a nice Arduino project at home. Works great in iRacing and with some available info on the other racingsims. But After i started to play around with Dashmeter i though what the heck. The LED are there also on Dashmeter. Real led's is ok for daylight outdoor operation, but us sitting at home you want to turn the brightness down so much that the fake led's from Dashmeter are more than bright enough. Not even talking about the great customization you can do making your own screens.