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Discussion in 'PS3 | Sunday Night Championship' started by Sandy Smith, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. 3/5 lap championship

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  2. Classic Cars and Track events

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  3. Mini Championship : 50% races

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  4. Mini Championship : 25% races

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  5. King of the rain : wrong tyres championship

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  6. Just meet up and race a random track

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  7. Any other ideas : please state below

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  1. Welcome racers to our new home feel free to use it as you wish.
    sign up for races will be the same as always over in the club racing thread, just thought this might be a good idea for all other discussions regarding our wednesday races.
    I will add new members as they sign up for races or are recomended by people who are already members to the group. Enjoy
  2. I'm here.....

    Looking at you in your pic Sandy I'll have to find the one taken with me at the wheel of my GT and wheel stand pro with my furry slippers on
  3. lol took that way before xmas for a laugh, will have to get my gear out again and take more seeing as now have a gaming chair i use as well instead of the sofa lol
  4. [​IMG]
    decided to give you all a laugh and post the original montage i put together which i took my avatar pic from
    and yes lots of people say im completely mad and should be locked in a room with padded walls and a canvas jacket :tongue:
  5. You look like your on my gaming sofa using my setup mate.... nice pics :pill:
  6. i might have broken in and stole it you better check mate, thats my front room i now sit in front of that sofa on my gaming chair with the same wheel set up just adjusted down a bit lol
  7. I'm always curious to know what setup people are using to compete in Formula 1 2010 and other driving games.

    I'm using the following -

    Format - PS3
    Screen - Panasonic Viera 42" Plasma
    Control System - Logitech GT wheel and pedal set
    Mount - Wheel Stand Pro
    Seat - Sofa

    What is your setup and be honest no matter how bizarre.....
  8. well youve seen some of mine but dont usually wear the helmet and gloves (though would be a good exscuse for me being last:tongue:)

    my set up is:

    format :pS3
    screen: sony bravia 32" 720p
    control system:logitech dfgt
    mount: wheelstandpro
    seat:pyromat pm420 rocker
  9. I suddenly feel I was under-dressed for the race , loving the commitment :)
  10. That picture made me laugh. Looks great (and a little bit crazy) with the helmet ;-)
  11. Okay, time for me to reveal my super secret home-made racing setup ;-)

    Format - PS3 obviously
    Screen - Toshiba 37" TV
    Control System - Logitech Driving Force GT and Pedals
    Mount - An ironing-board (no, I am not kidding)
    Seat - PoƤng chair by IKEA

    The wheel fits right onto the long end of my ironing board and I can easily adjust the height so that it is pretty low (like a real F1 car). Pedals are underneath the board. Looks pretty funny from the outside, but feels great to race.
  12. well if u watch the italian gp last year wen bbc did an interview with lewis hamilton he told that sutil puts on his f1 racing gloves and boots before he plays online racing games with his wheel/pedals setup LOL

    nice pics
  13. i love the ironing board idea, u think redbul use that int heir simulator :) that shud be sent to bernie for cost cutting ideas for F1.

    heres my setup:
    Format PS3
    Screen 32" LG lcd 1080p tv
    Control System Logitech G25 Wheel/pedals with Shifter
    Mount WheelStand Pro
    Seat High back Office chair with the wheels removed so i have no movement while playing
  14. Format: PS3
    Screen: 24" Bush LED 1080p TV
    Control System: Logitech driving force GT wheel and pedals
    Mount: Desk
    Chair: Office chair
  15. Whos planning on getting F1 2011. would be good to know seing as its less than 2 months away. when the majority of us have got it i will probably move our races onto it as it will allow us grids of 16 rather than 12 which we could do with now lol.
    i have it on preorder and cant wait.
  16. On pre order with gameplay so hopefully it will turn up a day or two early...
  17. ive got mine ordered off Shopto.net been using them for a few years now always comes 1 day early so i should have mine on the thrusday before the release :D

    cant wait to get my hands on it.
  18. Format: PS3
    Screen: 42" Sony Bravia
    Control System: Fanatec GT3 RS w/Clubsport Pedals
    Mount: Fanatec wheel stand
    Chair: XRocker Chair
  19. Pre-ordered :)
  20. Im the same as you Justin, had a few games on preorder from shopto and always get them early(and always a very good price as well:doublethumb:)
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