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Discussion in 'WRC 4 The Game' started by mesa, Nov 7, 2013.

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  1. mesa submitted a new resource:

    Mesa's FFB for WRC 4 - Force feedback mod wrc 4 (Multiplayer compatible)

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  2. Hi mate !

    I was waiting so much for either a patch or a mod to actually bring FFB to WRC4, as it's simply not working on my G27 :((

    Can you explain how to install this, I went on the website you mentionned and downloaded mixfile but I don't know how to use it..

    Thanks in advance !

    EDIT : I figured it out that it was the DATA.MIX to edit but when I edit it and repack I can't launch the game - I have the following error : File not found : Data\loc_e.dat

    Can you help me please ?
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  3. mesa submitted a new resource:

    Andreas Mikkelsen Custom Fan livery - Special livery made just for Andreas Mikkelsen for Rally Wales 2013

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  4. loc_e.dat error means that you did not selected the right folder before mix the files back.
    I upload a video about the process you can check it out
  5. I downloaded the program to modify the livery of the machines mixfile_remixer but after I selected the extracted file tells me unhandled exception in the application .. What does it mean
  6. in fact they are already gone at that site, but after following the directions, I jump out the message
  7. Tilen Lipušček submitted a new resource:

    Ken Block 2013 skin - my first skin!

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  8. sorry, I just tried, I have no clue on HOW to install your WRC 4 FFB-Mod.

    First of all WHERE is the correct pc folder to copy your folder "data" to?

    On my PC I got 2 locations:

    D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\WRC 4

    in the above mentioned USERS location in the folder WRC4 there is only one subfolder named "saves" plus a config.ini and a settings.dat

    in the STEAM location I mentioned above there are only 3 subfolders MOVIES; MUSIC and Tracks plus some files, but none of those that are in your DATA downloaded folder

    NO "Data" subfolder anywhere in those two WRC4 pc locations!

    I TRIED in just copying your complete DATA folder into those two locations but ingame I did not notice any stronger or better FFB.

    WHAT am I doing wrong?

    WHERE do I have to copy your DATA folder to on my hard drive in order to get the better FFB effects ingame of WRC4?

    Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi!
    You have to use Mixfile Remixer, which is a kind of WinRAR or similar first to extract files from DATA.MIX.
    Then overwrite files, then use Mixfile Remixer to make a new archive.
    There are already two versions about FFB mod, you can select between "Normal" and "Stronger"
    and here is a tutorial with video demonstartion, and Mixfile Remixer application on usage:
  10. mesa submitted a new resource:

    Valentino Rossi Rally Show Monza 2013 livery 0.9 - Rossi "The Doctor" Rally Show Monza 2013 livery for WRC 4 PC Game

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  11. mesa submitted a new resource:

    Mesa's Audio Mod for WRC 4 1.2 - Realistic Exhaust, Engine and Environment Sounds for WRC 4 PC Game

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  12. Just installed it, It made my FFB horrible :( I use G27, after installing the mod, it feels so much weird, the wheel makes weird noises and has an strange behavior

    I have to say my FFB (with no mods, I mean) DOES work, but there is a bug. If I go to options and change "AI force" or "Damage level" (one of these, I dont remember) then FFB goes off. But It works If not doing any changes
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  13. Without this mod you are not able to feel forces generated by wheels.
    You just feel the resistance of 'spring' if you steer the wheel to left or right.
    May the G27 working noisy with this mod because there are two motor inside.

    You have to set your G27 in your Logitech Profiler to use less Rumble effect (set to zero) if you don't wanna feel the environments effect on your steering wheel.
  14. Hello the skin Rossi puts itself on quite the Ford Fiesta or the just man on our in career(quarry) thank you
  15. Hello how we make to put the skin and on which transports that goes thank you
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