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Archive - FEC 2014

Discussion in 'PC | F1 2015 European Championship' started by Marko Nakić, Oct 6, 2014.

Will you attend?

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  1. PC


    Wednesday 20.30 GMT / 21.30 CET
    Sunday 20.30 GMT / 21.30 CET
    invite 10min earlier

    Sign up only if you can race at least once per week..

    + Prior to the race in the garage dont press "Go to race"...the host will do that after 1:30 min so everyone gets 2 min for setup/tyre strat.

    + Rage quiting will be penalised, every drivers can quit by retiring then exiting the lobby and explaining the reason to the host post-race

    + Race incidents can be reported after the race, video recording is highly advised!

    Disconnections and race restarts

    + If a disconnection occurs in the first 5min of Q...a new lobby will be made with a backup host...
    + If a disconnection occurs in the middle of Q..a new lobby will be made, but OSQ (one-shot Q) will be used and Parc Ferme will be switched OFF...
    + If a disconnection occurs while loading the race...the backup host will make a new lobby with Race only..and the first lap of the race will be a warm-up lap where everyone will take positions as they had in Q...the race starts on lap 2 with NO overtaking before lap 2 has started


    Participation: Qualification and Race
    Race Distance: 50%
    Car Assignment: By choice
    Weather Setting: Dynamic


    Rules and Flags: Realistic
    Tyre Wear: On
    Fuel Load Simulation: On
    Car Damage: On
    Car Performance: Equal cars
    Collisions: Full
    Parc Ferme Rules: On


    Braking Assist: Banned
    ABS: Banned
    Steering Assist: Banned
    Traction Control: Banned
    Dynamic Racing Line: Banned
    Gearbox: Allowed
    Pit Assists: Restrict to Manual

    Race calendar:

    5.11. - Germany
    9.11. - Russia
    12.11. - China
    16.11. - Hungary
    19.11. - Abu Dhabi
    23.11. - Italy
    26.11. - Belgium
    30.11. - Monaco
    3.12. - Brazil
    7.12. - Austria
    10.12. - Japan
    14.12. - Australia
    17.12. - Canada
    21.12. - Malaysia
    28.12. - Spain

    4.1. - Abu Dhabi (rerace)

    SIGN UP:
    name/steam name/car

    1. Kasper Van der Heyden / RideTheStorms / Williams
    2. James Early / bobert5 / Marussia
    3. Derk Popken / Derkie P / Red bull
    4. Kris Lawton / Kris P Bacon / McLaren
    5. Renor Kikas / miXXer / Williams
    6. Wouter van der Giessen / shaki12345 / Ferrari
    7. Lorenzo Claeys / lagunamov_ / Caterham
    8. Dion De Martines / DionCaesar / Caterham
    9. Emil Praga / Emil Praga / McLaren
    10. Jochan Liesert / DutchPride / Ferrari
    11. Roy Sutton / Cavalier Roy / Sauber
    12. Henri Sinik / Fåhlåren / Torro Rosso
    13. Andrea Isgrò / yagami93 / RedBull
    14. Guglielmo Filippi / Delgado / Mercedes
    15. Wouter Exel / Fuyjin / Torro Rosso
    16. Mark de Boer / DB_Mark / Mercedes

    Reserve (at least 2 per race needed)

    1. Michal Moravec / mischak007 /
    2. Marko Nakic / ghost995 /
  2. Dan Wootton / iloveengland / Ferrari
  3. Dexter

    Premium Member

    Catalin Sasu / [ro]_dexter / Force India
  4. Will the lines assists be discussable?
    For people, who still are good, and drive with no handling assists, it is sometimes nice to drive with lines, due to a busy personal life, and not having the time to train all braking points, especially two times a week.

    If i can have lines on, i am so ready for 2 races a week.
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  5. no lines sry...do you see alonso or rosberg training with colored lines ?
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  6. Bullshit argument. Do you see Alonso or Rosberg playing in this league you are creating? No.
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  7. what are you 12? do you really need those lines..if yes then look for a rookie-like league..and this isnt an argument..
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2014
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  8. What are you, blind? Read my first post, and then you have my answer. I have a life. A girlfriend, too many meetings and schedules at the university, i dont have time to practice lines. <snip>. No wonder you have the time in the world to practice on a game. Peace out.

    mod edit - Please mind your language, post edited
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 17, 2014
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  9. well you definitely act like your 12..peace out
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 17, 2014
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  10. It's "you're".
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  11. Kris Lawton / Kris P Bacon / McLaren
  12. Renor Kikas / miXXer / Williams
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  13. Wouter / shaki12345 / Ferrari
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  14. nice to see you again :D
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  15. Jack Harding / jackflashcfm / Mercedes
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  16. Hi Marko, seems in the end I will join, just bought the game from local store for 30 euro. The Steam is bloody expensive. However, I can do 1 race a week only, if it's ok.
    Michal Moravec/mischak007/not sure yet, need to see the cockpit view in the remaining cars
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 18, 2014
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  17. Emil Praga/Emil Praga/Mclaren
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  18. Car update: RedBull for me please.
  19. Jas Verstoppen

    Jas Verstoppen
    DNA Racing Premium Member


    I'm a teammate of Shaki and I obviously would like to join this League!
    Looking forward hearing from you guys!
    CU on track!

    Jochan Liesert//DutchPride//Lotus
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2014
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