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Discussion in 'PC | Saturday Night League' started by Andrea Isgrò, May 18, 2014.

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  1. Saturday Night League - Season 2.5

    Hey guys!

    Welcome to SNL 2.5, a short championship that will cover the summer period to fill some time in waiting for F1 2014. It’s all about having some fun, with some clean and exciting racing.

    Tunngle will be used, so it’s required for the drivers to have it installed and working. We will start with a roster of 16 drivers, but there might be some splitting in two categories based on the number of subscribers.

    The preference in terms of getting a spot will be given to the drivers that participated in SNL 2, but everyone can subscribe of course. Also those that would like to participate as Reserve drivers are welcome! :D

    Races will be on Saturday as usual, 18.45 GMT (GP1 time as reference for who participated in SNL 2). The calendar features of 13 races, with mixed lengths (between 50% and 100%), because we don’t want long and boring racing :)

    To sign up, just say your Name and your Steam ID

    Constructor Championship and custom liveries
    Yeah, why shouldn’t we keep that tradition of the custom liveries?

    For you subscribers would be perfect if you have in mind a teammate to subscribe with, because you are going to choose your team!

    If that’s the case, when you sign up, is enough that: 1. you say who is your teammate, 2. your teammate subscribes as well and confirms he’s gonna be your teammate, 3. say your preference on at least two liveries, (1. Which team you’d like to be in, 2. A ‘backup’ choice, etc), and we will do our best to give you one of your favourites.

    But if you are going to subscribe alone, is enough that you subscribe and you say your preference on the liveries as said just above here.

    For the first time, the teams will not have only custom liveries, but also custom wheels and custom boxes!!

    Race-day: Saturday at 18.45 GMT
    Length: Qualifying + Race at 50% or 100%, Parc ferme on.
    Cars: Equal performance
    Assists: All disabled, except for Autogears and Racing line.
    Points: default scale (25, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1) for 12/13 races. Last race will have double points.

    June 7th, Canada, 100%
    June 14th, Silverstone, 100%
    June 21st, Monaco, 50%
    June 28th, Japan, 100%
    July 5th, Melbourne, 100%
    ** 1-week break **
    July 19th, Germany, 100%
    July 26th, Hungary, 50%
    August 2nd, Abu Dhabi, 100%
    August 9th, Singapore, 50%
    ** 1-week break **
    August 23rd, Belgium, 100%
    August 30th, Brazil, 100%
    September 6th, United States, 50%
    September 13th, Jerez, 50%

    Ford Racing (Ford) - Mclaren: In-game pic | Cockpit view | All pics
    Advan Autosport (Honda) - Marussia: In-game pic | Cockpit view | All pics
    Panther Racing (Honda) - Mercedes: In-game pic | Cockpit view | All pics
    Schnitzer Motorsport (BMW) - Redbull: In-game pic | All pics
    Drayson Racing (Cosworth) – Toro Rosso: In-game pic | All pics
    Yellow Hat Racing (Ferrari) - Ferrari: In-game pic | Cockpit view | All pics
    Prospeed Competition (Mercedes) – Force India: In-game pic | T-cam view | All pics
    Delta-ADR (Renault) - Lotus: In-game pic | Cockpit view | All pics

    Cockpit view pictures are intended to show you the custom wheels

    Check out the pictures so that you can see how the teams looks and give your preference

    - Length rule: If there are no more than 6 people, the races at 100% will be scaled to 50%, the races at 50% will stay at 50%.
    - Disconnections during quali: If someone gets disconnected within the first half of the quali session, the session will be restarted. If there is a disconnection again still within the first half, there will be another last restart, but with 1-shot quali.
    - 75% rule: If someone gets disconnected after doing at least the 75% of the race, will be considered the position of the driver at that point and will be added a +10 secs penalty
    - 90% rule: If someone gets disconnected after doing at least the 90% of the race (roughly last 5 laps), will be considered the position of the driver at that point and will get full amount of points.
    Note: if the driver implied was leading, will get: (1) full amount of points if the driver was dominating (more than +15 secs of gap), (2) otherwise will be added a +10 secs of penalty.

    - No points rule: If someone gets disconnected after doing less than 75% of the race, the driver will not get any point.

    - Name | 1st preference
    - Andrea Isgrò | Yellow Hat Racing
    - Dion de Martines | Yellow Hat Racing
    - Henri Sinik | Shnitzer Motorsport
    - Dave Elysium | Panther Racing
    - Guglielmo Filippi | Panther Racing
    - Jamie Fluke | Advan Autosport
    - Emil Praga | Advan Autosport
    - Thales Castro | Prospeed Competition
    - Liam Mangan | Prospeed Competition

    - Evan Rice
    - Manolis Sigoulakis
    - Lorenzo Claeys
    - Agent Smith

    - Ben Utzer
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2014
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  2. Instructions to install the skinmod
    1- Download the skinmod here:
    (the .rmpk file is for the Ryder Mod Manager)
    2- If you use the Ryder Mod Manager: File > Profile > New Profile > select the main folder of the game. Then: File > Add > Folder > select the main folder of the mod. Click on the mod and then click Install and follow the wizard.
    3- If you don’t use any Mod Manager: go in the main folder of the game and do a backup of the folders cars, interiors and garages. After that, paste the mod in the main folder of the game. To remove it, just paste back the original folders.

    Instructions to install Tunngle
    1- Go to tunngle.net, register on it (top-right button on the website)
    2- After registration you'll receive an e-mail to validate your account, after that download and install Tunngle.
    3- After logging into the program, make sure you have at least the yellow face on bottom-right of the window (port forwarding):
    4- To join a Tunngle private network: Community -> Networks -> Private Network
    5- Scroll all the way down into the form, set Network type to Basic, and write down ID and password, then Join



    Race 3
    75% rule applied for Jamie Fluke (7th) and Thales Castro (6th)

    Race 4
    90% rule applied for David La Saint

    Race 5
    90% rule (2) applied for Guglielmo Filippi. He was ahead of Yagami by 10.5 secs of gap at that point, so +10 secs of penalty. Dion de Martines overtook Yagami, so Guglielmo got 2nd place.

    Race 7
    90% rule applied for Lorenzo Claeys
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2014
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  3. Jamie Fluke - Dysania
    Team Mate - Emil Praga
    Team: Advan Autosport/Yellow Hat (If Emil has a problem then let me know :p )
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  4. Henri Sinik - Starplayer[EST]
    Team - Schnitzer Motorsport
    Teammate - Lorenzo Claeys
    Last edited: May 19, 2014
  5. David Le Saint

    David Le Saint
    Yare yare daze...

    Steam : Dave Elysium
    Tunggle : Dave Elysium
    Real Name : David Le Saint
    Requested Team : Panther Racing
    Backup Team : Yellow Hat Racing
    Teammate : No matter
  6. Steam : bagug
    Real Name : Guglielmo Filippi
    Requested Team : Panther Racing
    Backup Team : Schnitzer Motorsport
  7. the_sigman

    Sim racer, F1 news editor... Racing is in my blood Premium

    Amazing job at the skins!!

    Can I be in as a reserve? I don't want to take someone's place, while I won't be able to participate in all the races :)
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  8. Andrea, you outdid yourself (and every other skinner I know!) with these liveries!
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  9. David Le Saint

    David Le Saint
    Yare yare daze...

    Yeah, you did an astonishing job with those skins mate !
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  10. mate, you read my mind perfect, was about to post exactly same team same teammate, cheers:thumbsup:
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  11. Lorenzo Claeys - lagunamov_
    Team: Schnitzer Motorsport (BMW)
    Teammate: Henri Sinik

    btw, I love the bmw skin, if we could have chosen a skin ourselves, this one would have been it!
    Last edited: May 19, 2014
  12. Thales Castro
    Steam: ThCastro
    Team: Prospeed Competition
    Backup Team: Drayson Racing
  13. Interested if there will be a Gp2 session. I stay in touch
  14. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    If reserve drivers are possible, ill be one. Cause i am in one league which races on every second Saturday at 19:30.

    So i dont have enough time for a full driver job, but maybe when ive got time and someone is missing.... Id be happy to race :D


    Steam: -FoneF- MSC69
  15. Steam : Agent Smith
    Tunggle : Agent Smith
    Real Name : Audrius Aitla
    Team : Not decided
    Teammate : Anyone plz, maybe prefer again "HotShot" :)
  16. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Staff Premium

    Disabling TC and ABS alienates us GP2 drivers who just cannot race without them :thumbsdown:

    Just a point I was making, I can't make any of the races, so won't join.
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  17. Sadly I'll barely make any of the races, so pls put me as reserve :(
  18. Liam Mangan - Insomnia
    Team Mate - Thales Castro
    Team: Prospeed Competition
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  19. Prepare to get destroyed bud, these guys are quick ;)
  20. YAY! Finally a teammate :D
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