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Discussion in 'PC | Saturday Night League' started by George Tracy-Adams, Nov 11, 2012.

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  1. Sign up to the 1st season of the Saturday Championship here!

    To sign up, enter your name, Steam ID and car preference into this template below.

    Car Preference:


    Name: George Tracy-Adams
    Steam: WOWfan1996
    Car Preference: Ferrari

    1. Xavier de Carvalho (xdec72)
    2. Luke Herring (lherring)
    3. Giancarlo Pigati (Johnny Wraith)
    5. Daniel Winter (UK_Skater)
    6. Arjen Boerdijk (Arjen Boerdijk)
    7. George Tracy-Adams (WOWfan1996)
    8. Marcus Wohlmuth (_blacktiger07_)
    9. Arvind Kasale (arvindkasale08)
    10. Carl Hughes (888Cougar888)
    11. Trevor Carter (159th_Raiden)
    12. Ramiro Hernandez (idloco)
    14. Jose Navarro (Meteoro)
    15. Andrea Poglio (ameno2603)
    16. Piet Dekimpe (pietrofantastic)
    17. Kevin McDonald (scooterboykev)
  2. Please check this thread regularly for updates

    Hello and welcome to the Saturday Championship. This is an F1 2012 championship, anyone of any ability with any driving style is welcome. Fast or slow, smooth or aggressive this is the place for you to race!

    Series Founder - George Tracy-Adams

    Series Host - George Tracy-Adams

    General racing Rules

    Article 1.1: You expected to compete in a fair and honest manner. With fair and honest is meant according to the racing rules, not according to your own interpretation of fair and honest.

    Article 1.2: The position of other drivers must always be respected.

    Article 1.3: No careless driving. Always show respect for your fellow racers. Be careful. Show some patience. Understand the limitations of your car and yourself and drive accordingly. Driving online in a racing game is NOT exactly the same as real life racing in every respect.


    Car Contact

    Article 2.1: Contact, crashes and collisions must be avoided at all costs.

    Article 2.2: Pushing or running in to other cars in turns or pushing them off the track is strictly prohibited.

    Article 2.3: Leaning on other cars is strictly prohibited in any situation.


    Running in to the car ahead of you

    Article 3.1: The behind driver must take all necessary care and responsibility not to run into an ahead driver.

    Article 3.2: In case you brake too late for a corner or partially lose control of your car, but can prevent an accident by steering into the dirt, grass or a wall, you are expected to do so.

    Article 3.3: The ahead driver must not do any malicious or inappropriate braking or slowing. Leading cars MUST NOT EVER 'brake check' the car(s) behind them because they are following too closely. The ahead driver IS entitled to be slower or use longer and earlier braking zones than others. They are also entitled to turn in earlier or later and/or apex earlier or later.

    Contact Concessions

    Article 4.1: If there’s contact between drivers that results in the guilty driver making up places on the innocent driver, the guilty driver should immediately allow the innocent driver to pass freely to re-establish their position. This rule should be observed, even if it means the guilty driver has to allow drivers not involved in the incident to pass while waiting for the driver they contacted.

    Article 4.2: If the appropriate contact concession is carried out by the guilty driver then they may avoid or reduce the severity of any penalties that might otherwise apply.

    Article 4.3: If the appropriate contact concession is not carried out by the guilty party then the usual penalties would apply.

    Article 4.4: When you have to slow down to let the other player through, move out of the racing line first before you slow down. Coming to a full stop is not allowed, just continue at a lower pace until the other driver passes you again.


    Illegal overtakes

    Article 5.1: Drivers are not allowed to go off the track to overtake

    Article 5.2: No major contact while overtaking. (Love taps sometimes unavoidable happen so that I can live with)

    Article 5.3: If you make an illegal overtake you have to give the position gained in the incident, back to the innocent driver as noted more thoroughly in Article 4.1.


    Defensive Driving

    Article 6.1: Leading cars have the right to choose their own line down a straight. They can change their racing line once while driving down a straight (Move from the outside line to the inside, or vice versa). As they approach the next corner, they can return to the racing line of their choice However, they're not allowed to change their line when the behind driver is directly behind and changes his line to try and make a pass. If your movement causes an accident, you're responsible.

    Article 6.2: Drivers that are about to get lapped have to make sure not to interfere with the lapping cars. Slow down on the straights on either side of the track or maintain the outside line during cornering. If for whatever reason you happen to be on the inside line when being overtaken, stay on the inside line until all drivers that were about to lap you have passed. You are not allowed to deliberately block the lapping cars.

    Re-entering the track after an off

    Article 7.1: If you make a mistake and go off the track, it is your responsibility to get back on the track carefully and safely. If another car is coming down the track give them right of way and don't come back on to the track in front of them, when they are at racing speed.

    Article 7.2: If you spin and are stuck facing the wrong way in the middle of the track after an incident, let traffic come through before attempting to spin the car back around to recover.


    Pit entry and exit

    Article 8.1: When entering and exiting the pits stay inside the white line. Some tracks get very tight coming out the pit lane. Any driver spotted going over the white line will get drive through time delta added to there end of race time

    Complaints and penalty reporting

    Article 9.1: If you have been involved in an incident in the race that you weren't happy with you can report it to the series stewards. They as a group will decide an outcome on the matter from the description of both drivers and video evidence if it's available. The penalty can be anything such as adding a drive through delta on to the time of a driver, grid drop for next race or it could just be classed as a racing incident and no action may be taken. If one of the stewards is under investigation I will take their place for that race only as the third steward.


    Points System

    Points will follow the official 2012 Formula 1 season. Just incase anyone forgets:

    1st - 25
    2nd - 18
    3rd - 15
    4th - 12
    5th - 10
    6th - 8
    7th - 6
    8th - 4
    9th - 2
    10th - 1

    Disconnections score no points. Nor does parking at the side of the track and then finishing the race 10 laps down for example.

    Driving assists

    Braking assist - Banned
    ABS - Banned
    Traction Control - Banned
    Dynamic racing line - Allowed
    Transmission - Allowed

    Date and format

    Races will be 50% on Saturdays at 8:30 pm GMT and will last roughly 45 minutes to an hour. The lobby will open at 8:15 for people to join and the qualifying session will commence at 8:30 on the dot, meaning the race starts at 8:45.

    Look forward to racing! :)
  3. Name: Daniel Winter
    Steam: UK_Skater
    Team: Lotus
  4. Hi George,

    I'd like to sign up in the Lotus please, thanks!
  5. Name: Marcus Wohlmuth
    Steam: _blacktiger07_
    Car Preference: Ferrari
  6. Name: Arvind Kasale
    Steam: arvindkasale08
    Car Preference: Mercedes
  7. Name: Giancarlo Pigati
    Steam: Johnny Wraith
    Car Preference: McLaren

    Could you post the rules, assists, as well as the tracks we'll be racing?

    Thank you!
  8. Hi Giancarlo, the rules and assists are in the rules thread, and we will be racing the full F1 season :)
  9. Marko Nakić / ghostkiller9951 / McLaren ..
  10. We will be voting whether or not to keep it this way
  11. Hi guys, I'm in and hopefully I can keep my McLaren seat :D
  12. equal cars?
  13. IMPORTANT: Because of the poll, TC will now be DISABLED!
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  14. Yeah equal cars OFC
  15. can you also vote for Dynamic racing line?
  16. we arent voting on that mate because it doesnt give any speed advantage, and neither does auto gears so they will be permitted
  17. it tells you your best braking point..
  18. it doesnt actually, only a recomendation. its rarely perfect
  19. Gotcha, George. Looking forward to the first race!
  20. Hello George. Sorry if I missed it, but what date does the series start and how many races will be in the first season?

    I'm glad I found your post - I live in California and it's tough to find a league that works for my time zone. Speaking of times, can you verify for me whether your start times are BST or UTC? I am in the Pacific time zone (UTC -8 during the winter months), and my understanding is that BST is only active during the summer and is UTC +1. So, for me, during the winter, does 8:30 pm BST mean 12:30 pm Pacific time or 11:30 am Pacific time?

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