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ARC_Team G25-e Conversion Review

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Brian Clancy, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. The latest Harware review is up on the front page, this time its ARC_Teams G25-e conversion

    Any questions, put em here! :)
  2. Excellent mod! Decided to move the fans to the front on mine though. Both for appearance, and that the warm air now escapes from the top :D
  3. Hi Ben.
    can you send me a pic of your modification?
  4. Hi Andrea. Will try to get something over by end of the week. Very happy with the performance gains!
  5. Thats a nice Idea, putting the fans on the front panel Ben

    Good tip :)
  6. Been trying to upload these images but keeps giving me an error 'invalid file'. Have resized down to 600k but no dice. I will persist given time...
  7. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Ben, we are no longer allowed to upload .jpg files. Post your image on a hosting site and put a link in your post. This will allow us to see the image and you will be able to manage your images better this way too. :)