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ARC Team Carbon Shifter Review

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Barry Rowland, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. Been using the ARC Team Carbon Sequential shifter for over a year now. Finally finished up the review.

    See below for links to different parts of the review if you don't want to watch in it's entirety.

    In The Box/Overview:


    A Look Inside:

    Upgrading Shifter Knob:

    Mounting Bracket: http://youtu.be/xelmc3KwhYA?t=19m35s

    Mounting to the Rig: http://youtu.be/xelmc3KwhYA?t=26m38s

    Driving the Shifter: http://youtu.be/xelmc3KwhYA?t=30m31s

    Final Thoughts: http://youtu.be/xelmc3KwhYA?t=34m18s
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  2. like your reviews A LOT!!! :D
  3. Thank you! Comments like yours make it all worth while!
  4. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

    Watched your review you great pleasure! Thinking about buying the ARC as a comparison next to the already owned DSD.
  5. Barry,

    I only discovered your reviews last night and I have to say I find them the most complete, open and honest I've seen yet. A true pleasure watching them.. (I watched everyone of them last night before bed)

    I see in your video clip at the start of your reviews a Fanatec Club sport but couldn't find a review of it.. As a CSW owner, I'd love to see such a review so I can gauge just how much better Leo's wheel is.. :)

    Keep up the great reviews..!!

    Paul (aka Hoopstar)
  6. Barry doesn't know how to do a half-ass review of a product. He could probably do a 10 minute review of a toothbrush and make you want that toothbrush more than anything you've ever wanted in your life.

    Barry is the man.
  7. Lucky I have no teeth :)