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Applied for racing license

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Mark Tustain, Sep 29, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    Maybe it's me but i've applied for a change in my account for a racing license, i've even sent an email to the forum 'contact us' section and i've heard nothing.

    Am i missing something or do i need to do something else but i would like to start racing?

  2. Application numbers have soared since the release of f1 2011. They are dealt with in order of application. Sending emails and starting threads will not make it happen any quicker.

    Race Department is run by volunteers, and as such some staff are not available all of the time, including application processing. It is not a short process for the staff, they have to do it in their free time, meaning they also can't be racing with others.

    I'm afraid you will have to wait your turn, you are not the only person waiting. A couple of day is not long to wait for joining a racing club which can provid you with years worth of fun clean racing.
  3. Maybe that sort of statement could be part of the process? A reply from anyone and I wouldn't have posted a thread! I was not trying to make it go quicker I just wanted to know that I'd done everything and it was being processed..
  4. How is he to know you guys are swamped, you guys need an email autoresponder telling ppl it will take time, giving no info isn't very professional and giving a rude reply is even worse.
  5. The above reply was not intended to be rude, and in actual fact, the things I have said above appear inb the Applications forum as an announcement at the top of the page entitled "read this before submitting your application". Link here.

    As mentioned in the above - it is not an automated process as each application is individual.
  6. Sorry didn't know the info was out there, my bad. The response just looked rude, you could have just pointed him to that thread.

    Have a good one, Ill keep my nose out :)
  7. Well no that actually wasn't part of my application at all, I even went back and looked for it. I tried to reply to a racing club thread, it told me I need to apply for a racing license so I did and that was it. I think badabing was right and just setup an auto email with some details!
  8. Well you are all licenced up now dude, gonna close this one.
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