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Anyone using the xUI and not seeing latest content?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Greg Latty, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. On my modded install of the game (I have multiple installs of the game to keep modded content separate)Im using the xUI interface. On my vanilla install of the game, I can see all content fine. But with the xUI, I cant see the Superkarts or Kansai. Any idea if theres any file in the "uidata" folder that would prevent the modded UI from seeing just that content? Everything else works just fine.
  2. Not that I have an answer, but rather to also comment that I've experienced this too and been waiting for feedback, as I've asked about this too before (including to content provider using a modified xUI), but haven't gotten any firm feedback. It's still mysterious to me too. In my case, sometimes is new mod tracks, or mod cars.
  3. Hmm i think the problem is that not a lot of stock car extreme people use this UI. I would love it if someone with the know how would update xUI to be 100% compatible with this game. O well. One can dream lol
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