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Anyone using SLI set up

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by Ian Anderson, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. Is anyone running the sim with SLI set up?

    I'm using a GTX 690 and see that only one GPU is being used.
  2. Change SLI Rendering mode to Force alternate frame rendering 2 for Formula Truck in the Nvidia 3D settings menu.
  3. Thanks Blkout although I have managed to get the game to use both GPU's by changing the Antialiasing - Setting to Multi-GPU.

    Do you reckon I should still Force alternate frame rendering 2?
  4. If you're talking about the Nvidia control panel under antialising, I wouldn't do that. By doing that, you're giving up the extra performance of SLI in order to use your second GPU to assist with antialiasing. I only use that if you have a game that absolutely has no SLI support. This game however will use both GPU's if you force alternate frame rendering 2.

    I actually prefer to use Nvidia Inspector to force 4xMSAA and 4xSGSSAA which looks a lot better than any standard antialising you can choose through the Nvidia control panel, however you will likely need to use SLI by forcing alternate frame rendering 2 because 4xSGSSAA has a performance hit. After setting Nvidia Inspector to 4xSGSSAA don't touch the Nvidia antialising settings since you'll be forcing a custom setting through Nvidia Inspector.
  5. Right I see.

    I did download Nvidia Inspector but wasn't sure what to change and what settings to have in the Nvidia control panel.
  6. I've just tried Force alternate frame rendering 2 but at the start at Buenos Aires both GPU's are showing as only 20% usage and framerate takes a big hit.
  7. Choose the Formula Truck profile from the drop down box at the top and change the settings to make it look just like this.

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  8. I have my FPS capped at 120 but along the pit straight at Buenos Aires this goes down to 60 but returns to 120 when I've gone passed.
  9. You might need to dial down your graphic settings then. This game at max settings depending on your resolution can be tough on the GPU. GPU usage will fluctuate depending on load so its not always going to be 100% on both. If you watch a race replay, it will likely max both GPU's at 100% usage.
  10. Thanks for posting the screen shot I will download the Inspector asap.

    So do i not do anything in the Nvidia control panel?

    Thing is when only one GPU is used FPS stay at 120 even along BA pit straight.

    My resolution is 1920 x 1080
  11. It doesn't scale 100% with dual GPU's, that much I can say for sure, but I get about 30-40fps more with alternate frame rendering 2 compared to a single GPU. With the settings I posted above, I go from about 140fps to 170-180fps on average at 2560x1600 resolution.
  12. Well thanks for everything I can go have a play around with it.

    Without FPS locked at 120 it goes to 200+
  13. Well just tried with Force alternate frame rendering at Santa Cruz Do Sul and got a constant locked 120fps all way round but no more than 20% usage on both GPU's.

    Again around Buenos Aires fps halfed going along the pit straight.

    At moment for me it seems to bve better working off one GPU but I will have a go with Nvidia Inspector again.

    Most useage using single GPU is about 70%
  14. It shouldn't matter that my SLI GPU's are more powerful but I can only assume I'm getting more benefit because my GPU demand is much higher due to higher resolution and 4xSGSSAA.
  15. Well I turned Vysnc off and both GPU"s hit around 70% useage each and was upto 300fos on the back straight at Buenos Aires.

    What cards have you got in SLI if you don't mind me asking.
  16. GTX 980's.
  17. Very nice.
  18. Esox71

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  19. How do you know only one GPU is being used? IS there a plugin / program for that?
  20. MSI Afterburner.

    There's options to monitor all sorts of things. I have it runing in top left hand corner to monitor my GPU's useage, temp and fan speed. Also my CPU temp plus framerates.
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