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Anyone using Occulus RIFT?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Apatride, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. Apatride


    Hi guys,

    I am looking for something to replace my 2 screens, the Occulus is quite interesting since it is light weight and not bulky but I have a problem: My right eye does not really work (1/20 vision). So if anyone here has an Occulus Rift, I would like to get some information including:
    1) Is it possible to deactivate one of the screens? My right eye does not see much but I expect the video on the right eye side to be disturbing
    2) Is there a proper separation or is there a risk my right eye can spot the left screen?
    3) Is it OK to wear for several hours or do you get a headache after an hour?
    4) I obviously have no interest in 3D options, can the Occulus be used as a 2D screen in most games (including but not limited to simracing)?
    5) Can it be used with glasses or can you adjust the focus to compensate?

    I might have other questions but these are the potential deal breakers. Anyone can help me with that?


  2. Hey Sam,

    There is an app for the Oculus called Virtual Desktop, this basically mirrors your desktop to the rift, you can magnify the image to something like sitting up close to an iMax screen. The DK2 has one screen split into two so I am not sure how that would work for you? But if you can look at a monitor with your eyes the way they are now then in theory this should work for you. The resolution won't be the same as a stand alone monitor so be prepared for the trade off.

    Glasses should work as you can move the screen further away from your face, not sure because I don't wear them. I can race for hours without any fatigue.

    Hope this helps, cheers AussieStig
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  3. Apatride


    Thanks for the info. So I might have to use something to cover my right eye but it should not be much of a problem. Would you know if it is possible to resize and align the screen? The purpose would be to have the entire content of the screen in front of my left eye
  4. Hey mate, if I understand it correctly, the virtual desktop is a 2d projection of your desktop, but I don't know if you can do what you are asking as the lenses give each eye the same view. I can only recommend that if you know someone who has one, ask them to let you have a go and you are the best judge of if it will work for you.

    Cheers mate, AussieStig
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  5. Apatride hi ,
    I also have a redused sight on my right eye. I do strongly advice you not to hide the picture from the weak eye because you can only harm further your sight. If you rely only on your good eye the other one will stop gradually working , even in the degree that it now does. So the result will be complete loss of sight and the eye start looking in a different direction.

    Of course if you have an optical history you probably could already know what I told you and your situation is different than mine . But I ought to warn you in case you didnt know.

    Greetings ,
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  6. Apatride



    Thanks for your concern and advice. My condition is the result of an accident 20 years ago so the situation is now stable but your advice was worth mentioning anyway. In my case, due to a scar on the cornea and missing "parts" in the eye (I don't know the exact names in English), the situation is unlikely to get worse. But once again, a concerned advice is always valuable.
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