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Anyone using nVidia Inspecter with RBR?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by bDAWg, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. hey hi
    this morning at about 1am I decided to install nHancer and try out the AA no lines profile I had downloaded from somewhere....have used nHancer before but since I recently done a fresh install of windows the program needed to be reinstalled

    thinking ok this will take 10 minutes or so and I'll be back in the game...ha right

    go to install and remember oh yeah I need the NET framework ver 3.5 thingy ...so I find a source for that and see there's a newer ver 4. so I think might as well get that instead...20 minutes later it's installed only to find that nHancer's installer is still refusing to do it's thing because I don't have the 3.5 ver of the NET framework....christ so I have to remove the 4. ver go and get the 3.5 ver and start all over again

    so about an hour later I finally have nHancer installed...but guess what?...it's not nHancer any more but is now called the nVidia Inspecter.....and after another hour of fighting with my firewall to allow the damned thing to open and discovering through trial and error that I had to open the .exe by right clicking and choosing administrator rights I finally had it up and running...only to realize of course that the profile I wanted to check out won't work because it was from the older version of nHancer....arrrggghhh!:mad:

    allright to my question

    If you're running this same program what are the settings you recommend?...I've experimented with the different super sampling settings but I'm unsure about the best way of going about this
    ..I'm especially confused about the proper antialiasing mode....do I choose
    1.the application controlled
    2.over ride any application setting
    3.enhance the application setting

    any help will be appreciated
  2. I found a really good tut that explains how to properly set up nVidia Inspector...I don't know how to link an addy but the site is giantbomb.com and the tut is called nVidia inspector -driver tweaking for fun and profit...well written and easy to follow....google and find it...could someone maybe set up a link to it?...or better yet tell me how to cause once in awhile it's something I wish I knew

    BTW I think was wrong about nHancer now being called nVidia Inspector...they're separate programs...I had forgotten that after I installed nHanacer it would'nt open and that's when I searched and found out that it only worked up to a certain driver release....and I needed to grab nVidia Inspector and then install it.

    and now I'm wondering if I even had to install the NET framework and nHancer in the first place?
  3. just copy paste the url or tag it with [url.] the url here [/url] without the . next to url
  4. Thanks for sharing this bDAWg!
  5. If you leave AA and AF to "application controlled" there will be no change in RBR whatsoever. If you force more AA and AF you'll get classic "visible lines" bug in RBR (the "joints" between some surfaces will be visible). No idea what they mean by enhancing.

    All this nV-stuff just confirms my "theory" that it's best to keep away from any soft beginning with "nV" apart from ForceWare or however it's called nowadays ;).
  6. hey Łukasz

    think you're missing the point here...I understand what those settings are and do when dealing with "normal" AA and other games..but this is "super sampling " and RBR

    this has been abit of a hassle but the results have been nothing short of remarkable

    with the AA mode set to "override any application setting" and a AA setting of 2x2 SS and AA transparency set to 8x Sparse Grid SS the game "looks" so much better...honestly it really cleans up the image

    the interior of the 307 now has nice clean lines[gone are the jagged edges of the wind shield]
    the scenery has more depth and the far distance is much more defined
    the shimmering on the surface of the gravel roads is gone
    the shadows are smoother with way less flickering[hardly any actually]
    and get this...the yellow tape set up around the corners is a solid and completely straight edged image with no flickering at all....now that's impressive !

    but the most impressive thing of all is that despite all of the improvements there's NO lines crossing the road etc.

    this is with an old 27" LCD 720p HDTV hooked up via a component cable to 9800 GT with a gig of vram and the resolution is set at 1200 x 676 ...hardly top tier stuff so if I can do this chances are it'll work for you

    so you may want to work on your "theory" a little bit and check this out for yourself:D
  7. some more info in case you're interested in trying this out... got this from nHancer's info on SS

    Supersampling modes are named after the size of the internally used resolution. I.e. the mode 2x1 means that the internal resoltion has twice the horizontal resolution and the same vertical resolution. The result is, that each final pixel is made from the average of 2 pixels. With the 4x4 supersampling mode, each final pixel is created from the average of 16 pixels.

    Heavy performance hit. 2x1 already demands doubled computational effort. 2x2 stresses quadruple and 4x4 sixteenfold computing power.
    * Limitations on the target resolution. The maximum internal resolution is 4096 in both directions. So the 4x4 mode can only be used with 1024x768 or less. (The limit for GeForce8 is 2048*1536.)

    so as you can see there's an advantage to be using a lower resolution...with 1200x676 I think I can actually go as high as 3xSS ...but for now I'll keep it at 2XSS
  8. With the monitor with native resolution of 1920x1200 the supersampling would not give as amazing results as you mentioned. Your main problem is that with 720p on 27 inches there's bound to be a rather poor image quality without the enhancers. Nice way to improve the lower resolution's quality though :).

    On the other hand you got me interested and after looking at some screenshots I might look around for a way to force some basic SS on my HD4830 :].
  9. I have a dual monitor setup...the other screen is a 19" LCD with DVI at 1280x1024 native and just about any game looks pretty good but I prefer using the TV just for the 'scale'...I have it sitting on a custom platform I built and the immersion level is way up there if you know what I mean....but yeah the old HDTV is not the greatest when it comes to image quality...that's why I'm really pleased about this SS I've learned how to apply

    before using Inspector I had the TV set up at 1920x1080 and it was'nt all that bad....but there was abit of sparkle and flickering here and there and some of the screens did'nt fit the screen properly...and the jagged edges were evident...what used to bug me was the way the top of the road looked when blasting up a hill...and of course you have to concentrate really hard on the road in order to stay on the road so it was kind of hard to ignore
  10. I don't know if this screenshot is more enhance using photoshop but I want my game to look like this lol, 6e66o said himself that he uses the nHancer too

  11. Must be a dab of photoshop (radial blur on wheels, depth of field), but probably not overwhelming. Fabulous graphics, I admit.
  12. man I have to learn how to curb my enthusiasm....what I find amazing you guys with better hardware probably find amusing...but that's ok:D

    I was wondering if any of you would know how I could arrange having RSRBR.the cam hack and my track ir open with one command.....keep forgetting sometime to open up the hack and trackir and then having to start over once I'm in the game menu...could it be done through the RSRBR short cut target window?

    one more thing...what's a good temp for my 9800....it's running abit hotter with the SS applied ...is 45 degrees considered fine?
  13. 45 degrees is ice-cold for the GPU, don't worry :) (barely over room temperature really). When you start reaching high 80 the card will be warmed up, my older one started to show artifacts @120 (fan got stopped by a loose cable). You want to keep it as cool as possible, but below 70-80 you're more than fine.
  14. mmm ...we are talking celsius right?...120 C sounds smoking hot

    this is abit off topic but Łukasz did you make the gauge mod that is talked about in the GT gauge thread in the RBR mod section?....Senad Subasic posted a pic of one of his skins and the gauge I'm talking about is shown in it...I would like very much to try it out.

    I'm referring to this previewge.jpg (JPEG Image, 1280x1368 pixels) - Scaled (42%)
  15. Yep, we're talking Celsius. As I said 120 degrees meant the card pretty much crashed, but it's no uncommon for them to reach even 80s. They're usually designed to handle higher temperatures than CPUs (for those 70s are very high already).

    Also I was asked about the dash before - I got from BH, but since it's down I've uploaded it so everyone can try it out:


    Sometimes it requires some minor moving around to achieve the desired effect if it's different than the default positioning.
  16. thanks...I realize now that I had already downloaded it before...and when I tried it out only the gear # showed up .....must of done something wrong or there was a conflict with another mod....I will try again.

    you seem to be in the know about alot rbr stuff....any chance you know of or could point me towards finding a solution to this problem I'm having with the Ford Escort MkII...everything is good except the windshield...I understand it's supposed to be dark tinted but I get a kind of flashing or shimmering effect...most annoying....cool car and sure handles differently from the all wheel drive ones ..any ideas on how to fix?
  17. Can you post a screenshot or something? Doesn't sound familiar described like that.